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  1. $4,100. Yeah. It hurts. I'm still not paid in full.
  2. Chunk of Wine Dark as heard from behind the trumpets:https://www.instagram.com/p/BE7Tn65we2e/
  3. Cadets move into ONU in ADA on June 5th or 6th for the second half of spring training.
  4. WHOA. I'm glad I'm not doing that audition.
  5. It is an interesting illusion. It almost looks like the dates of these vids are reversed. White:https://youtu.be/8cTvoiuDNxg Black:https://youtu.be/GlP7ZcJ9Lvg Now I'm really hoping for a white stripe. I have good technique and I want to show it off ######! In their defence, everyone but the cadets had falls that night.
  6. I don't really think anyone knows even internally. Hop told us there was a meeting with Demoulin last week, but he didn't really go into details, which was probably no accident. My prediction is they'll brighten up the black uniform kind of like how Bluecoats did after '13 to better highlight their movement. Maybe a white plume, white visor and accents on the shako, white gloves and a brighter cummerbund+dropsash. I remember thinking to myself the cummerbunds might as well have not been there from a distance last year because they blended in so much. A white stripe down the pantlegs could also bring back some of the lost motion from a distance. I can't imagine anyone would mess with the traditional formula, though. Now THAT'D be disappointing. Otherwise meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The black jackets are still unmistakeable and quite good looking.
  7. I think Hop mentioned it being a work in progress in the last update video but I can't imagine it having any drastic changes.
  8. I have a pretty cool crowdfunding site set up, it's just lost momentum over time. You guys are certainly welcome to check it out and share it in your circles though : http://www.youcaring.com/SponsoraCadet I will keep pushing, though! I just sent out 50 letters earlier in the week and I've got a good feeling about some of the recipients.
  9. Hornline member here. How would a member go about finding a sponsor? Because this tuition is reeeeally expensive, even as drum corps tuitions go. I'm trying mass letter-sending at the moment, but from the looks of it, it isn't really working.
  10. I personally wouldn't mind a wearing black jacket if it came with a silver dropsash and cummerbund, and maybe white accents on the shako instead of all black, but whatever happens happens
  11. Adding onto this, I was in your position last year! I got a 1 in music but they couldn't take me because of a low visual score. I went and marched with another corps, and taking what I learned, got a spot at the first camp this year. Do this for yourself, or you'll always wonder what could've been. There are plenty of spots to be filled in other corps.
  12. You guys are reading way too much into things. None of that was show music.