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  1. 5 hours ago, 2muchcoffeeman said:

    Pour one out for Nate. Just as DCI finally has a promising partnership innovation to announce . . . the rug gets pulled. Here's hoping he has a Plan B in his pocket. Sometimes it seems this activity can't win for losing.

    From the Walmart press release: "the challenging reimbursement environment and escalating operating costs create a lack of profitability." Health care represents $1 of every $5.88 of U.S. GDP. Says a lot about the wretchedly warped economics of American medicine that even Walmart, which is big enough to blot out the Sun, can't find a way to get a piece of that action.

    It also says something about the impressive amount of information control in Bentonville. DCI made a deal and announced it to the world a mere 19 days before WM said nah. Did no one tell Nate to maybe sit on it for a month before going public? Did his corporate contacts not have any words of caution for him? Not that it's his fault, but he must feel chagrined to be blindsided like this.



    Almost no one was told. They hired someone four weeks ago from google in New York and told him he had to move to Arkansas or lose his job.

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  2. On 5/1/2024 at 7:14 PM, Jeff Ream said:

    yeah i hope Mike is ok

    Thank you. I am good.

    On Monday they dropped an even bigger bomb on the whole design team, over 300 strong. Including the product team. Everyone was mandated to move to Arkansas. It has rocked the entire company. It’s hard to process. Being honest.

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  3. Hey all, Mike here. Been learning about and processing what has transpired at Walmart Health.

    Basically Walmart has decided to close the entire Walmart Health division. This includes telehealth, on which I was the principal designer. I will be working on the details of this today.

    I don’t know about timelines yet.

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  4. On 12/4/2023 at 3:18 PM, waliman4444 said:

    I'm just happy that the poster introduced me to an artist that BLEW ME AWAY..I am obviously late to the game as regards Mr. Collier but his arrangements, along with the TAKE SIX vocals on these two songs, soulfully moved me emotionally...If a corps could reproduce his work that would be fantastic..But if that never happens, I'd just like to thank the poster for a few minutes of bliss..peace

    Thanks for saying this; it means a lot to me to share a uniquely UN common musical passion. So glad it made your day.

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  5. On 12/3/2023 at 5:25 PM, garfield said:

    There's only one corps that could pull off the brilliance of Jacob Collier, The Blue Devils.

    "Savant" is the perfect word for this guy.  Perfect pitch, nearly perfect arrangements.  BD can handle the close harmonies and "500 line" demands of Collier; few others can only hope to do bubble-gum "fun stuff".  Colliers brilliance is that he makes the incredibly difficult stuff seem like the fun stuff, exactly BD's style.

    Of course, for 40 years I've hoped that Phantom would do the entire 12 min Brahms Academic Festival Overture on the field, start to finish.  The full chord volume of PR's richness would make hair stand on end.


    Nah I think any of the top five could do it.

  6. Yep he is a true savant who also innately loves arranging. He said he maxed out the number of layers in Logic, and when Logic heard about it they upped the max to 1,000!

    I bet he would see arranging for a drum corps as a life milestone. If he ever heard Babylon I bet he would beg for the opportunity. And how cool would that be for DCI?

    Jacob is playing Nashville in June at the Opry House, I am going to pay for the best tix in the house. His shows are on or a kind. He will probably have Take 6 show up, and other artists whom he has worked with here in Music City.

    I believe Moon River for Blue Devils was based on his now epic arrangement of the song, which is one of the things that put him on the world stage.


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  7. 20 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

    In the past:

    Railmen (Omaha(?)) were sponsored by Union Pacific railroad; had patches on uniform & logo on bass drums.  
    Spirit of Atlanta was originally sponsored by an Atlanta TV station.  
    Hamm’s Indians (Sr) were sponsored by Hamms brewery. 
    Pioneer was sponsored by Pioneer packaging co.

    I’m sure there were others.  Today, with national membership you would likely need sponsors with a national presence.  

    The NHL has sponsors for their practice/warmup jersies. And now helmet stickers and small uniform emblems. 

    I get it, it’s not the best thing for the aesthetics. But it’s survival time.

  8. It may be time to think more seriously about what donors get for their dime. Yes if you are an equipment manufacturer that’s one thing; your stuff is on the field. But what if you are a bank, or a grocery store chain? It may be time to look at things pro sports are now doing…like uniform patches. Or sponsorship mentions: Carolina Crown, sponsored by Truist Bank.

  9. In a weird way I find this whole thing reason for optimism. Folks if corps simply run standard issue businesses with standard issue business and accounting practices—they will be fine.

    Its absurd that SCV—with all the access in the world to the best of the best minds, accountants, strategists and business leaders—could find a way to make your local Girl Scout troop look like Warren Buffet.

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  10. On 9/18/2023 at 1:10 PM, lifeisaround said:

    So what youre saying is we should have a CEO/ED who runs the business growth of DCI as an entity and a Director of Programs ,  Drum Corps  --  who helps run the drum corps side of what the entire DCI office does ? 

    Because I also agree that institutional knowledge is important, but it’s also time to get in there and grow the entity. There's so many things DCI can offer but yet I am not ssure why they don't, so let someone take care of the corps and their director and the CLevel suite of DCI grow the business -- thats in my honest opinion .... 

    I get what you are saying but not sure I agree.

    Right now the last thing DCI needs is someone coming in and blowing up things that work. Usually I am all for innovation but with two of the most successful corps of all time not financially able to compete, DCI needs a come to Jesus with the powers that be for a solution.

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