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  1. No never heard of them. Are they in Nashville?
  2. This is a group of Nashville’s best session players. One of them played in my wedding, another co wrote a #1 song with me. The brass players are lights out. You can see the Smoking Section in Nashville about once a month. Amazing people, too.
  3. I had not heard of this band before now. What they are doing is pretty ground breaking.
  4. Insanely stupid. If you are going to point to science for policy then do what science seems to indicate. To limit capacity with clear herd immunity is maddening.
  5. My hope is that Spielberg creates an amazing experience. There are at least two generations that have largely never seen the original. If it’s awesome and true to the story, it will succeed. The commitment to every single aspect of the film, or the show, will almost certainly fail. You cannot successfully reproduce the original of anything. War of the Worlds succeeded to be true to the original while creating a relatively new story line that made for a great movie.
  6. Well it makes me sad. Won’t be the same without them.
  7. Right. That’s sort of my point. Why is this different for Mandarins and Crest? Do they simply have lower overhead and/or other non-bingo sources of support?
  8. I have to read between the lines here and surmise that the ongoing California state restrictions made it fiscally impossible for the two biggest California corps to raise money, perform close to home, and travel across country. How can Crest and Mandarins pull it off, but BD and SCV cannot? Anyone know? This is super sad.
  9. Wow. No Bd, SCV or Crown? No Nashville show, either. Surprised and saddened.
  10. We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April Covid cases have dropped 77% in six weeks. Experts should level with the public about the good news. By Marty Makary Feb. 18, 2021 12:35 pm ET SHARE TEXT
  11. Bluecoats’ Down Side Up opens with Heat of the Day by Pat Metheny. Session 44 is essentially about a jazz singer. But do the programs allow improv jazz as an idiom? No, because it is impossible to do improv on a strict BPM visual cycle.