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  1. I guess I say this every year, and BD still wins—but this show feels so same ole same ole. Just not inspiring in the least.
  2. Perhaps someone here can relay the info: 1. These new BD costumes are really cool, but… 2. The caped unis look really hot, and I mean heat hot. Black velvet in 90+ degree weather… ugh!
  3. Almost no one was told. They hired someone four weeks ago from google in New York and told him he had to move to Arkansas or lose his job.
  4. Thank you. I am good. On Monday they dropped an even bigger bomb on the whole design team, over 300 strong. Including the product team. Everyone was mandated to move to Arkansas. It has rocked the entire company. It’s hard to process. Being honest.
  5. Hey all, Mike here. Been learning about and processing what has transpired at Walmart Health. Basically Walmart has decided to close the entire Walmart Health division. This includes telehealth, on which I was the principal designer. I will be working on the details of this today. I don’t know about timelines yet.
  6. I’m actually the designer of Walmart Health virtual care! No kidding! Telehealth does not include any store-centered services, including pharmacy, vision or store products. It does include on demand doctor visits, on phone or computer. It’s a really good service and I am really proud that somehow I am connected to DCI.
  7. Angels and Demons is the only right answer. Top 10 all time DCI.
  8. I worked with Omar in Nashville around the time he produced Aja. This makes me feel even more strongly that someone should do a Steely Dan program.
  9. A Steely Dan show…dang. It would be the ultimate cool groove.
  10. He is only the second artist in history to win a Grammy for each of his first four albums.
  11. Thanks for saying this; it means a lot to me to share a uniquely UN common musical passion. So glad it made your day.
  12. Nah I think any of the top five could do it.
  13. Wow really? A full one song Jacob Collier arrangement would be so Bloo!
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