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  1. If we weren’t scoring shows, fine. But you have no realistic way to pit one show against another without a boundary of some sorts.
  2. Don’t know about that related to Cadets, pretty much everyone knew what a wrecking ball he was on and off the field.
  3. MikeRapp

    Old Man DCI was cool...

    This is true in athletics as well. Today’s middle school football players—especially in large metro areas—are bigger and at times better than the high schoolers were just 20 years ago. Look at the NFL today. It’s insane how much bigger, stronger and faster those guys are now. i loved DCI 20 years ago but realistically the depth of athleticism and playing ability in the lower half of DCI today would roll over most all of the corps from that era. I’ve at times been critical of some of the corps for the shows they chose to put on the field. But I was critical of shows 20 years ago. If you are honest, though, if 2018 SCV were dropped onto the finals field 20 years ago, the entire stadium would stand with their mouths agape. It would truly shock every single person in attendance. The playing, marching, complexity of the book, production and staging would blow away the field.
  4. Was it not Spirit that performed a drum line in the Maroon 5 show?
  5. MikeRapp

    The Cadets 2019

    I hate the DCI offseason.
  6. MikeRapp

    Carolina Crown 2019

    The expectations have changed for a medalist show. It can’t just be a technical exposition. It has to communicate a coherent message, be technically unique and incredibly challenging, and at the same time be technically (nearly) perfect. In the past, the last two things were enough to win a medal, but with the arrival of Bluecoats, the equation has changed, and I think for the better. What I hope is that, while it is becoming harder to win a medal, the shows are more fun to watch. Crown has taken risks in places they didn’t have to to continue to compete, and I hope that spirit continues. Pretty much everyone cheers for Crown because they have continued to believe that accessible concepts can succeed without doing less than incredible technical work. I look at Mandarins and Academy as two corps that don’t have the top tier’s depth of talent, but are finding momentum by putting interesting cohesive concepts on the field. It’s opening up the field for corps to create a niche for themselves, and the activity is better for it. I’m experienced enough to see holes in shows, but I can still really applaud risk taking, because leaders innovate. It’s in their genetic structure.
  7. MikeRapp

    Pacific Crest 2019

    Love this. I’ve heard that PC wasn’t marching full lines in some brass captions anyway. It’s a great way to add some extremely experienced members and perhaps do something unique.
  8. Anyone know who he marched with?
  9. MikeRapp

    The Cadets 2019

    Btw I just learned that Cadets’ 2018 drum major is from Franklin, Tn High School, right in my back yard. They have a terrific band, led by a former Phantom Regiment member. https://amp.tennessean.com/amp/1132719002
  10. MikeRapp

    Relative Newbie

    Would love to see the SCV Phantom of the Opera/disappearing corps show again.
  11. MikeRapp

    Best Reprise Closer?

    Bluecoats Session 44.
  12. Gotta admit though they know their moment and their audience. Kudos to those who go out and do great things for others.
  13. https://www.lostandfoundtobe.com/have-you-ever-heard-brass-techno-watch-meute-creating-history/