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  1. Wondering where Cavaliers’ “Machine” would place today. Not a single prop on the field.
  2. To say nothing of the fact that almost all of the talking heads are old enough to be great grandparents to the current corps membership. No offense, I am that age as well, but when is it time to pass the torch?
  3. Some of the shows you are referring to were poorly designed and conceived overall. Props can be fun and interesting, when they are world into a good idea.
  4. Agree. To pay to see shows that I’ve already seen, what’s the point? Also, behind the scenes with kids who aren’t even marching anymore…uh ok. I guess your plan is to draw only people who marched years earlier. Nah, sorry. I get it. Regardless of who fronts the cost, there is a tremendous up front cost to producing a live event on a football field. At this point would they even be able to get a promoter for the ticketed event itself? Could they pay to get a half dozen headline corps to that site in a month from now? Unfortunately, it takes a lot of planning to pull of a live event of any kind. Hundreds of people are involved behind the scenes, to say nothing of the talent on the field. DCI would have had to assume the risk the event being cancelled due to Covid had they begun planning this far enough in advance to make it happen. And around that time, Blue Devils, Crown and SCV were announcing they weren’t going to perform this fall. Huge risk that DCI clearly wasn’t able to take.
  5. This is one of my all time favorite shows. Not only is it a really cool idea, the score is an entire score. The middle selection is one of my top DCI pieces ever, very reminiscent of early Blue Devils when horn lines were ripping through very elite jazz-like arrangements. This was the heyday for the Cavaliers, and this show could be considered the precursor for what was to come for all of DCI. One of the best designed DCI shows ever.
  6. One of the things we will see is to what degree competition actually plays into the enjoyment of and engagement in the shows. I know we have always wondered what if…now we get to see it.
  7. I felt this way when they announced last years show, so I should have learned my lesson. That said, yes, it probably isn’t the show they would do were it not for these unique circumstances. But, that’s okay. The time and financial parameters of 2021 dictate a different approach.
  8. No never heard of them. Are they in Nashville?
  9. This is a group of Nashville’s best session players. One of them played in my wedding, another co wrote a #1 song with me. The brass players are lights out. You can see the Smoking Section in Nashville about once a month. Amazing people, too.
  10. I had not heard of this band before now. What they are doing is pretty ground breaking.
  11. Insanely stupid. If you are going to point to science for policy then do what science seems to indicate. To limit capacity with clear herd immunity is maddening.
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