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  1. Jersey Turf In a bold and innovative marketing move, the corps changed its name to Jersey Turf for the second half of the season, to coincide with their Surf & Turf show concept that was sponsored by Red Lobster. Their commemorative Surf & Turf dribble bib with disposable wipes were a surprise disappointment at the merch table.
  2. Shouts Again, lasted but one show. Corps members surprised onlookers when they dropped their instruments and began to randomly shout obscenities at the judges and fans. Oddly, Shouts registered a record high opening show GE score, but a perfect 0.0 in all other captions.
  3. Carolina Clown Only played one show: they violated corps participation rules when, as their opener, they featured over 1000 members coming out of car.
  4. The mello sustain alone might be enough to get me through a decade of isolation.
  5. One rule we should enforce: if you have to name the corps and/or the year, it shouldn’t count: That One Second Session 44 As Dreams are Made On
  6. Sure, I get it. I’m against woodwinds, btw.
  7. It’s an interesting compromise of sorts. I could see how that idea would work to some degree.
  8. Okay but if 55 isn’t the line, what is? You have to draw a line somewhere. 55 is a single full bus. If you can’t fill one bus, can you honestly make it on a tour? Seems like the more important question is, did someone make a mistake by approving them to move up from Soundsport? It looks like they missed some pretty important factors in their evaluation.
  9. I loved Band. I still love band. Drum Corps is not band. If or when it becomes band, I’m most definitely out. I have zero interest in a marching band circuit.
  10. I get it, but if I were the head of marketing for Mulan 2, how awesome would it be to have a World Class corps play a show that promotes the movie all summer long? Imagine Mandarins doing this show. Or Phantom. Or even SCV.
  11. 1. You know you’re a hopeless drum corps fan when you watch the trailer for a movie and all you can think about is how awesome it would be if Santa Clara Vanguard played the theme song in their 2020 show... Mulan 2 trailer 2. I have recently wondered if it might be both marketing genius and a financial windfall if a corps did a show about new movie or play that was either upcoming or just recently released. Phantom doing Mulan 2 would be infinitely better than the tired rehash stuff they’ve done of late.
  12. I guess I counted 840 since I live a mile from it. Technically I am right, I suppose, as it is a (significant) interstate in Tennessee and connects 40, 65 and 24.
  13. Nashville. It’s completely obvious. Nashville is America is it city right now and for good reason. So many things to see and do, world-class venues, tons of hotels, and a city that knows how to host major entertainment events. And perhaps just as important, the newest world class corps that hosts what is already one of the largest drum Corps shows of the tour. Nashville is also centrally located, with four major interstates intersecting the city. It would be a great partner for Indianapolis, the tour could easily organize itself to land in Nashville at the end. There is a new major league soccer stadium being built right now, it would be the perfect destinations for the tour. If you wanted to go bigger, Nissan Stadium would also be available, which hosts the Tennessee Titans. Of course the only major downside is that none of these are indoor facilities, which probably would be a nonstarter for obvious reasons.