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  1. MikeRapp

    2019 Show Ideas

    I showed this video here a year ago in the show ideas thread. Bloo would be the most obvious corps to do this but someone like Music City or Scouts would be logical as well.
  2. MikeRapp

    2019 Show Ideas

    I’m surprised a corps hasn’t done something where the crowd participates in the show.
  3. I love their uniforms. Almost bought a retro jersey a few years ago.
  4. Their stadium is gonna be amazing. DCI should consider playing there.
  5. True but I don’t think it will impact the popularity of the Predators.
  6. I can assure you that almost no one in Nashville gave a rats ### about hockey 20 years ago. Now there is no doubt that the Predators are more popular than the Titans.
  7. I think there is a lot of wisdom in Jeff’s thoughts here. I do think the chance of breaking through the glass ceiling called Band is possibly here with shows like the ones Bluecoats designs. It’s less band and more Broadway or Vegas. Is Blue Man Group a musical act or a dramatic act? Still, the members are kids who are paying for the experience, not being paid. As such the core will continue to be band and those connnected with family. Iow, I am the rare exception to the rule:
  8. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    Life isn’t fair. That said, we should at least attempt to make it fairer. Right now it seems revenue sharing isn’t fair enough. JMO
  9. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    Absolutely NOT the case. Quite the contrary. I wish that all World Class corps had the same share of revenues, but when Pioneer can be world class that isn’t realistic or fair:
  10. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    It can only be equitable if all world class corps are making the same or similar commitments to deliver world class entertainment.
  11. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    I was, and still am, steadfastly against the G7 concept.
  12. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    If anything, I think it should be harder to become world-class rather than easier. Because right now you have groups and world-class that have no chance of actually competing to even make finals, let alone win a medal. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in order to develop a more equitable revenue-sharing model, you can’t have everybody in world-class. Yeah somehow the quotes got jacked.
  13. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    Well you have zero research to prove this. My suspicion is we had about 3000 people in Murfreesboro to cheer on Music City and everyone else was there to see BD, Crown, Bluecoats and SCV.
  14. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    If you want to share in world-class revenues, then become a world-class corps.
  15. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    Credit does not equal money.
  16. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    Exactly. Being world-class is a lot more than how high can you score. It means you’re making a financial commitment and a creative commitment to perform at that level. As an organization. As a performing arts group. Just because someone finishes in the top 15 doesn’t mean there’s more money to distribute. It means everybody makes less. I understand the concept and I think it sounds great in theory, but in practice it’s just not fair or realistic.
  17. MikeRapp

    Putting it all in context

    Pioneer was grandfathered in to world class just like Vanderbilt was grandfathered into the Southeastern conference. Just because you are in the Southeastern conference does not mean you can compete in that conference, and that even includes getting millions and millions of dollars a year in media rights revenues . There’s nothing wrong with open class anymore then there is anything wrong with the mid-American conference. It may not be where you want to be, but it may be where you need to be.
  18. MikeRapp

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    If you can’t tell the difference, doesn’t matter?
  19. MikeRapp

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    I get the impression that DCI has long known that pioneer was not a legitimate world-class corps. I mean really they made virtually no effort to be competitive at the world-class level and there are many open class organizations that tried harder, did more, and frankly just performed better year in and year out. Everyone knew what Romans real agenda was which was to keep going and collecting appearance money at put as little of that money onto the field as possible. This just became a very convenient way for DCI to do what they should’ve done along time ago which was to end the charade and MoveOn.This just became a very convenient way for DCI to do what they should’ve done along time ago which was to end the charade and MoveOn.
  20. We seem to be ridding ourselves of these sorts of people recently. Good riddance.
  21. If Roman wanted to kill Pioneer, this is a pretty effective way to do it.
  22. MikeRapp

    best corps names

    Phantom Regiment is the runaway winner. But Santa Clara Vanguard is pretty bad ###. I would also suggest The Batallion has a good name.
  23. MikeRapp

    Pioneer What Next?

    Just not sure that it’s accurate to claim that DCI member corps can be a fully accountable extension of DCI the organization.