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  1. Corpsband, obviously you're more knowledgeable on the subject than me, that's why I was asking. I just don't understand how they have been historically bad when the only two shows the design staff haven't done well with, in my opinion, are the two most RECENT seasons. Obviously it's all opinion, I was just interested in your take.
  2. Could you explain to me how the staff has been historically bad with show design? I really loved the depth of 2013, and the classic power of 2012. These past two years have been lacking.
  3. I agree. Maybe they could use the Time in between the triple tounging section right after the ballad and Ode to Joy. That'd give them just enough time, so instead of the quick and momentum crushing chord change, the corps can start soft and transition from dark to light while the guard runs with white flags through the corps as they crescendo. Then maybe some bells and percussion/pit real quick as the corps leads to the big Ode to Joy hit and the guard have their golden flags. It's possible for it to be a smooth transition in that 40 second time slot. TBH the drill and music after the Ode to J
  4. Personally, I think the crown shape will help out. The drill will change in the closer, but it also needs to change musically if Crown wants a shot at 3rd place for finals.
  5. Something is telling me Crown is gonna take back the guard caption tonight and possibly brass if they have a good run. The closer needs to change visually AND musically if Crown wants a shot at 3rd place this season.