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  1. Leadership is hard sometimes. Being a public figure is as well. I’ve always preferred to be in the background, working the magic behind the curtains, muscling through problems, and climbing the insurmountable mountain. But the view from the top is why we do it, right? Well leading isn’t that hard if you treat those around you with simple respect. Respect for what they do, respect for who they are, respect for their own trials and tribulations. There was an opportunity in those 72 hours, in those 654 words; an opportunity to turn the focus upward, to the top of the mountain, to set the goal, and to enlist support from unknown others. And it all would have been a bit easier if these 5 simple words were before those 654 others. Thank you, Gino and Colin. Now they probably were spoken somewhere through the conversations that have been going on. But their absence in probably the most anticipated statement of this activity in 15 years is an utter failure to lead, inspire, and rally in the face of adversity. It is perhaps the clearest display of what is broken in one of the most legendary, storied, respected organizations this activity has ever had. So on behalf of former and current YEA! employees, USBands staff, Cadets and Cadets2 staff, parents, volunteers, Cadets and Cadets2 members and alumni, and countless fans: THANK YOU Gino Cipriani and Colin McNutt! Thank you for your passion, your art, your inspiration, your motivation. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for the tears. You have influenced countless people both directly and indirectly. And we ALL can’t wait to see you perform your “Magic” and “Inspire” a whole new crop of kids. FHNSAB LSTTV #NoMoping