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  1. I think for marching members it will be 100% at the corps discretion. I know some corps will be trying to give full refunds, and some corps will just be aiming to give some sort of refund. I would assume some things have already been paid for in advance of the season, so maybe they will take some money off as a credit for next season? It will be interesting to see.
  2. "Congratulations! You didn't say it was your age-out so I'll presume that you're not 21 yet." This is true. "Pretty much..." is not a sound basis on which to cancel a $20million activity with thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of fans. I'm sorry the people you talk to wish something like this to end; in my (apparently much-longer) experience, finding a way to make things work will take you much farther in life than demonstrating your enthusiastic willingness to give up the effort." I would say "pretty much" is just fine with the precedent set by the many other events that have been cancelled. Not to mention the Olympics, which are worth far more than DCI's $20 million, is currently considering postponing their season and it starts at the end of July. Even with your "much longer" experience, how naive are you to think I want one of my season's to be cancelled? The situation we are faced with is much larger than drum corps. "And since when have the band kids ever chosen to do what the jocks say, anyway?" You're kidding right? "...that the season cannot go on under these circumstances. It just is what it is." I don't think anyone even KNOWS what the circumstances will be under which a season could be salvaged." Probably because it would be near impossible to salvage. You still need three weeks to teach the show, and then some form of a tour. That would probably require booking large venues (that may or not be available to be booked given the current circumstances). Not to mention schools that probably don't want to house 154 gross humans. Drum corps is a cesspool for the virus no matter how long the tour. "Once again, "member experience" is revealing that you're approaching this from a very personal standpoint. Sorry about your missing a season of competitive band, but this learning experience, that may take more than you think you can give (sound familiar?), can also teach valuable lessons to young people who listen to adults telling them what to do. The only difference this time is that, if you succeed, it will likely be your corps' survival that your fans are applauding. THAT performance may take a different kind of effort than you thought you'd expend this season." I don't know what you're insinuating here. Yeah my opinion is based on having a strong member experience. And yeah, there will be new lessons to come out of this season, like any other season. "Worse show quality." I don't think anyone expects a show that is practiced for three months to be as "good" in our judged activity as one practiced for six months. But, so what? And, do you mean to imply that members' experience is only good when the season is full-length? That "good" can't be as enjoyable as Box-5? Funny, I've been hearing for years that lower-ranking corps provide a great experience for fans and MMs. Hmm... but you're probably right being on the inside and all." You put together a show that you perfectly aim to be able to have championship ready in three months. Then the season gets cut down to, at best, a month in a half. At that point you aren't judging quality of show design or what the artistry of the activity anymore, you're judging who recovered from the virus the best. It would be like putting an asterisk next to whoever marched this season. "Build contingency plans for corps' survival, get a refund out to everyone, and extend eligibility..." No, no, and no. DCI won't save drum corps - drum corps will save drum corps. DCI knows its job really well, and it's not drum corps survival beyond providing a tour on which they can perform. Refunds? Pfft, forget it. Force majeur. How does DCI do ANYTHING to help if they refund all the ticket money and Friends membership fees? Individual corps should provide refunds, especially if the season hasn't happened yet. I'm sorry I should have clarified, I meant individual members. Even if it's 50% it is something. "I would hope that most members will find a way to donate some or all of that to the corp's survival, but maybe I'm still thinking decades ago when the activity (and its young members?) weren't so narcissistic." Lol. "If you can't tell that there's plenty of snark in my reply then perhaps, with a few years' more experience under your belt (any maybe not going on another DCP hiatus), your perception will improve. The older you get, the smarter the older generations get. You'll see." Yeah, I sure feel educated. "If you trusted your corps director (and the others, too) enough to build this whole thing for you to pay to do, I think you'd go a long way in trusting those same leaders to make a sound and reasonable decision about their programs, and by being ready, willing, and able to raise your hands up to help instead of raising them in exasperation that the adults aren't listening to you." I think you forget, most of us are adults ourselves. Outside of a few select corps, drum corps isn't exactly the most financially responsible activity. I know many people that have had full seasons where everything looked great and they've gone poorly (to say the least), I would be skeptical, about how a tremendously adjusted season is handled. Especially when some corps have issues with proper care on good years. "Be ready to help. They're going to need you. We all hope you learned in drum corps what it takes to achieve a very difficult goal." I am ready for whatever my corps needs me to do. I signed a contract. I just cannot help but think any attempts to salvage this season will be a mistake.
  3. Contracted for my third season of World Class, pretty much everyone I have talked to wishes for the cancellation of the season. I am fine with reevaluating another week or so, but they need to act. Everyone understands the situation, that the season cannot go on under these circumstances. It just is what it is. The Olympics, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS- all have changed their schedules. Any sort of a move to shorten tour will only provide worse show quality, and more importantly, a worse member experience. Build contingency plans for corps' survival, get a refund out to everyone, and extend eligibility another year. This needs to be done as quickly as they can to work out logistics. No matter what they do now, we already know that attendance at DCI events will be down. I'm open for discussion, it's been a while since I've been on here.
  4. from a current mm: most important comment in this whole thread, something that people should pay more attention to before immediately assuming better staff=better placement.
  5. hi. marched 18 and 19. ive had a great experience, my corps is amazing.
  6. 205 Pages in the Cadets thread already...looking to break the record before the summer?
  7. I recently had Cascades 2017 show pop up in my feed. That was a semis show. How it didnt make it is beyond me, just unbelievably clean.
  8. Thanks! You may ask, but Im probably gonna wait to reveal that until I ageout in a few years:)
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