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  1. I think for marching members it will be 100% at the corps discretion. I know some corps will be trying to give full refunds, and some corps will just be aiming to give some sort of refund. I would assume some things have already been paid for in advance of the season, so maybe they will take some money off as a credit for next season? It will be interesting to see.
  2. "Congratulations! You didn't say it was your age-out so I'll presume that you're not 21 yet." This is true. "Pretty much..." is not a sound basis on which to cancel a $20million activity with thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of fans. I'm sorry the people you talk to wish something like this to end; in my (apparently much-longer) experience, finding a way to make things work will take you much farther in life than demonstrating your enthusiastic willingness to give up the effort." I would say "pretty much" is just fine with the precedent set by the many other ev
  3. Contracted for my third season of World Class, pretty much everyone I have talked to wishes for the cancellation of the season. I am fine with reevaluating another week or so, but they need to act. Everyone understands the situation, that the season cannot go on under these circumstances. It just is what it is. The Olympics, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS- all have changed their schedules. Any sort of a move to shorten tour will only provide worse show quality, and more importantly, a worse member experience. Build contingency plans for corps' survival, get a refund out to everyone, and extend e
  4. from a current mm: most important comment in this whole thread, something that people should pay more attention to before immediately assuming better staff=better placement.
  5. hi. marched 18 and 19. ive had a great experience, my corps is amazing.
  6. 205 Pages in the Cadets thread already...looking to break the record before the summer?
  7. I recently had Cascades 2017 show pop up in my feed. That was a semis show. How it didnt make it is beyond me, just unbelievably clean.
  8. Thanks! You may ask, but Im probably gonna wait to reveal that until I ageout in a few years:)