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  1. Frank was after my time believe he was there in the 70's
  2. Tom I think Frank was after my time 1966 but I have heard he did some awesome book in 72 and 73
  3. our instructors were Joe Buncie and Dick Robelatto Joe Wormworth drum line my mind leaves me about M&M it was a combination of serveral guys
  4. yes we had a good horn line up until 66 and then most of us got drafted lol I think the corps kind of slipped away after that... it was a shame we didn't have a feeder corps to keep it going. Lots of talent Mike Dimaeo..... Carmen Purtrello,,,,Marty Ishia,,,,,John Grotevant.....some of these guys have gone on to be professionals really fun 6 years of my life
  5. I believe we beat St Joes 4 times in 64-65 and they beat us several times as far as the Kingsmen I believe we met them twice and beat them both times...... 64 was the peak year AL champs NY-Canadian champs and Hudson Berkshire champs was a fun year but I would definitely give the top dog in NY to St Joes they were a pretty tight corps
  6. I marched with the MY from 1960-1966 French horn line...I read somewhere that the baritone solo was done by someone else it was Marty Ishia who did the triple G he was an awesome player