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  1. I just looked at the video and I was right!!!!
  2. Yeh I got off DCP FB page as it was bad!
  3. I remember at an indoor show someone from RAMD wanted to find me and kick my "butt." I told the person I am here and I'll wait. I was available after the show and he (I forgot who he was) never showed. I was by myself too since a crowd would scare him away! Now back then I was 296 pounds and still fast!
  4. I remember him. He was something else!
  5. Will the rise in fuel costs be a factor this summer? Doesn't look like it will come down.
  6. I've seen very good small corps, i.e. Charioteers for one. The musicians could play. Some of those corps BITD were not very good. Brass players honking away to make them sound big instead of using the size of the corps to their advantage. They get a brass book written for 50 horns when they have 12. Percussion parts written for an experience line and the drummers can't handle the book. That is really on their management to find a design team to design for the REALISTIC size of the corps. I worked with a small junior corps one summer and saw the brass score and thought it was to much for the 14 horn players.
  7. Is DCP dying off? I left DCP on FB because of the nastiness. Here, though, no one really responds anymore. I guess most are afraid to say anything for fear of retribution! Hopefully no one was hurt by the above.
  8. I read through the posts and then thought.....what was this thread about again? I went back and sure enough, after the first few replies....BAM! It changed. BUT, did I insult anyone?
  9. Was it a rant? Well anyways, I thought I would be like others on DCP and change the direction of the OP. How many times do you read an OP about one thing and within 5 replies the whole post changed direction!!!
  10. Yep, we live in the, "Let's not offend anyone," "Here's a safe place for you," "Let's find an 20 year old RAMD post so we can ruin your life!" time. Life as we knew it has become pathetic! Now look at where drum corps is today and look where we were 45 years ago. We have maybe a 10th of the corps (MAYBE). It's the same top 12 corps every year. The smaller corps fade away. Eventually it will be top 5 corps because all the rest will cease to exist. But maybe this summer corps won't be able to travel because of fuel costs! Another pandemic will hit and DCI and DCA will be virtual.
  11. DCI North, DCI Mid-West, DCI Canada, DCI East, DCI West Which one was the best and WHY?
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