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  1. Supporting is always good HOWEVER....and I'll use my school as an example....we don't know if we can have in person, social distance concerts. Band director won't because bands are to big. I am awaiting word on a concert for my choirs, but if we can I have to have them with face shields and keep audience numbers low. So, 2 to 3 concerts in an evening spread out. So if my 1st year chorus sings at 6:30 pm, only 40 people will be in the audience (maybe). Now what will a drum corps contest look like this summer IF there is a competitive season? If a show used to have 2,000 audience mem
  2. I hate to see what the end of this school year has for teachers if we are in the same mode we are in now. Will teachers (especially arts teachers) be laid off or let go because schools will not be able to pay teachers? Think of all the music teachers who teach corps!
  3. So when I said "expert" I didn't mean the real ones
  4. So then, maybe, this would be an opportunity to take corps back to (let's say) early 1970's model. Local/regional shows and then the last two weeks all the major shows. I don't see Marion, Butler or Lynn shows returning but possibly DCI East, North, Midwest and South. West would have to be done earlier. All corps meet at DCI Championship. Would this allow for growth in the activity again? I'm not the expert but many of you are, or so you say LOL
  5. Just my 3 cents.... Any individual working with a youth group should be thoroughly checked! GH got off lightly but that doesn't mean he'll walk around safe. He should be banned from all DCI and DCA events to include ALL High School marching band events! He let young people down by his actions! His actions were ONLY for him! Only thinking about himself and what "power" he may have over young women. Reminds me of all the other people who had some "power" and took advantage of young people in the past. The same people that walked around protected for years. Karma gets those
  6. .....doesn't happen, is that it for Drum Corps? 2 years without competitions has got to be rough for the corps in DCI and DCA to stay in business.
  7. November 4th should see a change. Maybe One party will stop what they're doing because they won or they'll stop because they lost.....LOL Yeh right!
  8. July 17, 1971 NY Legion State Rochester NY 1 St. Joseph's of Batavia 80.450 2 Magnificent Yankees 79.200 3 Purple Lancers 73.800 4 Marauders 71.400 5 Appleknockers 69.500 6 Mello-Dears 68.100 7 OLPH Ridgemen 65.100 8 Mark Twain Cadets 62.350
  9. I was there in 1971 but I don't remember the DQed from State.
  10. Decades ago I overheard some former St. Joe's (Batavia) members blaming DCI for their demise. As I marched through the 1970's I was lucky to compete against a lot of NY corps (Greece cadets, Squires, Black Knights, Gauchos, Mighty Liberators, Mark Twain Cadets, Marauders, Magnificent Yankees, Mello Dears, Lakeview Shoreliners/Imperial Regiment to name a few). Also going into Ontario, Canada, PA and OH. When corps disbanded or folded, most of the things you heard was management. I knew of an Upstate NY corps director that took money from the corps bingo games and once he was caught the corps, e
  11. yep I think it makes sense! More so today than ever before. Some may not want "regionalization" BUT it makes sense in growing the activity, and corps to save money