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  1. Who do you think was the Greatest Corps Director and WHY?
  2. I had a t-shirt Blue Devils sold in the 80's Jazz....Music of the 80's! So Jazz was only good in the 1980's says BD LOL
  3. Like to add..... Charioteers...although small, they held their own back in the early DCI days. Precisionaires.... OSAGE!!! Geneseo Knights Pembroke Imperials St. Francis Sancians Beverly Cardinals Polish Falcon Cadets Blue Rock Toronto Optimists....Yes Seneca made top 12 but I'm talking the original Marquis Argonauts Greece Cadets
  4. Saves on travel but the excitement of a live competition is gone.
  5. MAYBE (and I'm not sure it was an ego thing. DCI starts up and we lose how many corps? I know St. Joe's of Batavia folded and probably because most of the members aged out (my guess). What about others?
  6. So V !ERY true!!!! I do 2 jobs at once now. When I was home teaching from March to May, I taught theory and history because we didn't have the technology to do Virtual Choir which takes a lot more time to put together besides class time
  7. I am 60, been teaching for 21 years. I am not depressed but seem to be stressed! I can't do a concert so I have to video a concert. The kids are not learning as quickly, we can't do a live Music Performance Assessment. So we just learn sight reading, some theory and sing as much as possible. It's not going to school's going to work! Teaching face to face and also distance learning. It sucks! I hate it!!! Nothing I can do but my best!!!
  8. Bridgemen 1976 was a gutsy move to go from traditional uni's to their hip banana coats and wide brim hats. Also the style of show was so very different than any one ever saw. Add Velvet Knights with their "Cool" look and shows.
  9. Rochester Patriots did 6 sets one year in the 1980's. I think during St. Louis Blues March
  10. St. Joe's wasn't involved in DCI as the folded after the 1971 season.
  11. So many to choose from. For me I like the Squires (Watkins Glen).
  12. In an effort to not jab, here's my thought..... Drum corps as a whole is in a "not so good" place! With some not so nice news stories the past few years and the canceling of 2020 (and probably 2021) I don't think that many corps can sustain. Kids today find other avenues and if drum corps isn't available to them, they will find other things. Maybe finding a job (if possible). The whole concept of drum corps is to rehearse and learn a show in the winter months to take on tour to compete against other corps and end up at DCI Championships (run on sentence but you get it rig
  13. Can corps continue to fundraise when there is no marching season again? If a corps was using Bingo that is done. How can any corps sustain?