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  1. danielwdunn

    Sign the Petition

    The law isn't the end-all-be-all for ethics. The law doesn't outline exactly how we ought to conduct ourselves. For example, there's an inordinate amount of reprehensible, but legal things a person can do. DCI and its member corps should hold members, staff, and the audience to a higher standard than just whatever is legally required. Luckily most corps do.
  2. danielwdunn

    Sign the Petition

    No. Absolutely not. Nobody is suggesting that. If there were specific standards outlined for background checks and staff hires for member corps beyond what is legally required (which DCI may not have the power to do yet, according to you) then that may at least offer a formal protection against this sort of thing.
  3. danielwdunn

    Sign the Petition

    The fact that there exist multiple corps who have hired either sexual offenders, people who have become sexual offenders while under the employment of the corps or a person convicted of peeping Tom law against a minor. That makes me think either the protections in place aren't sufficient, or aren't being employed properly.
  4. danielwdunn

    Sign the Petition

    Do corps need to follow the law? Yes. Can they do better than simply follow the law by ensuring higher standards for staff? Absolutely. I read your posts on this thread, garfield, and I don't think I understand where you're coming from.
  5. danielwdunn

    Sign the Petition

    This issue is far greater than any one corps. When it comes to the safety of the marching members, there should be no concessions. That applies to things obvious things like props and hydration. And also to the ethics and behavior of the staff. That should be incontrovertible, no? I don't understand the disagreement on this issue.
  6. danielwdunn

    DVDs for sale (moved to Ebay)

    Can you post a link to the eBay listing or PM me? Is that allowed here?
  7. danielwdunn

    Sign the Petition

    Can someone summarize the argument against signing this petition? From what I gathered, it seems people don't want this issue brought up because it reflects poorly on DCI and particular corps. But the point of the petition is to avoid that in the future, isn't it? That is, the petition requests higher standards to ensure protection of the marching members. Am I missing something here? What is the material objection to this petition?