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  1. I thought that performing any Bernstein music required approval from the Bernstein Foundation? It's not like they are going to start approving the playing of his music when a nice big check is potentially coming from a film from Spielberg. Look at what the Cadets committed to just to play Mass.
  2. No. I saw WotW. Is it possible to just enjoy a movie anymore without it having to be some sort of an analysis? Does every nook and cranny require analysis? In fact, after I saw the movie with a friend, I bought a new blender. Every time I think about that blender I think of WotW. It's not a tripod blender. Maybe it should have been.
  3. I didn't think enough about it to see it that way. I just enjoyed what I saw - enough to want to buy a copy. The tripod effect was worth the price of admission. I also loved the 50's version. It freaked me out when I saw it as a child. The 60's version of WSS is so right in so many ways. Every time I see that film someone in the room is cutting onions or filling the room with dust. I don't care about the dubs or any other flaws it may have. It was It still is. Why does a shining star need to be relit? I wish Spielberg would remake a few science fiction films. Day of the Triffids or Colossus: The Forbin Project are ripe for updating. Thing is, with Colossus, I think Will Smith currently has the rights to do a film although it has been in limbo for years.
  4. I liked the remake. Enough to buy a copy.
  5. Invictus

    Cadets 2018

    Really? You went there? Not my impression at all from the user you are talking about. He's kind of no shiat sherlock.
  6. I sincerely hope Jlo has nothing to do with this. "Maria from the block!"
  7. A wonderful, wholesome show about the Rapture would have generated much more positive reviews.
  8. Phantom had really hard drill and didn't seem to suffer that night........
  9. I'm a bit surprised that '81 isn't making any of the above top picks. That was a great show!
  10. Invictus

    Video edits 2017

    Is Captain Obvious a DC or Marvel comics super hero?
  11. And yet nothing has been done about this? Is this perhaps because the moderators are still arguing whether "The Orville" is better than "Star Trek Discovery?" - and cannot see the forest for the trees? STD is better but a comparison is not quite fair.
  12. Not overheard from audience members during the Brubaker and initial Gaines years at The Cavaliers.... "This drill is nice but you know it would be more effective if there were more people!"