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  1. Cascades: Meh. 65.0 as a baseline score for the day. Some flow and form, but very little substance. Approach was Bloo lite. Very lite. No singable melody. Didn't do anything for me.
  2. Yes, Kilties were one of the first corps to take advantage of the 1978 grounding rule, and had some excellent musical/visual staging moments. Optimists had the parachute, and one year, marched a complete line of conga drums instead of tenors. That would get killed today. And Canzona is a great piece of wind band literature, far more melodic in its line and flow that what we hear today. But, at least in that era, I do feel that innovations were more elsewhere in the rankings, especially SCV, 27th, Bayonne, and Madison, as one of the original "power/blow your socks off" corps.
  3. Fran, Absolutely! I put them way up there, on the list.
  4. Yes, that's why I put Troopers a bit ahead -- the business model. I did see some '75 video a few months back, for first time ever, because I didn't start following the activity until 1976. It impressed me, how far the corps had come in 3 years, and how the new creative freedom of DCI had unleashed lots of ideas. I had really only been aware of programs like SCV, 27th and Madison. Had forgotten about the Bobby Hoffman connection. But even the mid-level Finalists back in '75, like Blue Stars, Oakland and Royal Crusaders were quite solid and entertaining.
  5. OK, I'll go . . . Blue Stars. Always solid, but not innovators. No disrespect intended. During the old LP era, I always enjoyed listening to their music. But the entire package didn't do as much for me.
  6. Here is one that might stir up some controversy: Among the "Multi-finalists" (defined 5+) of DCI's "Classic" era (defined 1972 - 80), which corps contributed the LEAST toward overall growth and creative innovation in our activity, during that era? That is, maybe "played it safe". Consider advancement in all aspects -- design, teaching, performance, and administration. Brass, Percussion, Visual (drill, guard, body movement etc.), management, equipment inventions and the like. I have always had a firm idea (hint: The group continues today), even going way back to my thoughts during this actual era. SCV 9 Blue Stars 8 27th 8 Madison 8 Bayonne 7 Devils 7 Cavaliers 7 Phantom 7 Kilts 6 Troopers 5