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  1. The Cadets are still shown as a link on YEA's website (even though it redirects to the new Hopefully that will change soon. Also, just to clarify, YEA technically still exists, as they still run the USBands circuits, among other activities. The Cadets are the only organization separating from YEA, to my knowledge. USBands may have to change their logo, though, now that they and the Cadets are no longer affiliated. Otherwise, this is great news for the Cadets. Here's hoping for their comeback in the 2020s.
  2. Looks like the Blue Stars will have to go back to the drawing board, as their working show title was "Still Life 20/20."
  3. On a less somber note, I'd like to know whether FloMarching will be re-broadcasting any shows from their (or DCI's) archives at any point this summer, especially on some of the bigger days of the tour. I know they're already planning something similar for WGI championships. If there's anything that would really help to keep interest in DCI afloat through the cancelled tour, it's Flo.
  4. The Cavaliers in their statement said that members contracted for 2020 will have their spots guaranteed for 2021, including 2020 age-outs. I imagine they are not the only ones taking this approach.
  5. So after DCI published its most recent statement on COVID-19 and how it will affect the season, multiple corps have announced that their April camps will be conducted digitally, or “in the cloud,” thanks to the power of technology and conference calling. Several corps did the same when March camps were cancelled as well. That said, as drum corps remains as expensive of an activity as ever, would it be possible/acceptable for corps to start doing this more often under “normal” circumstances to curb travel costs for MMs attending camps from afar, especially as video auditions remain common? Or would it be too much of an inconvenience for the staff members who want to see the members live? I’d be interested to hear your takes.
  6. But then every corps would have to play it because nobody else could perform. "In a 36-way tie for 1st place, your 2020 Drum Corps International World Champions, with a score of 4.33... four point three three... EVERYONE!"
  7. I'd rather wait and see whether the DCI season will go on as planned before seeing any new program info from the big-name corps. Yes, this is what the world has come to as of now.
  8. I assume OC is gone, as they are not listed in the "Corps" section on DCI's website. Crazier things have happened (see: Southwind's return a few years ago), but I don't expect OC to be back anytime soon, if ever.
  9. Here's hoping the Billie Eilish song is either "when the party's over" or "ocean eyes," both of which I think would sound great on the field. At the same time, however, I don't want to see a repeat of what they did to "715-CREEKS" last year. That ballad deserved a better arrangement, IMO.
  10. DP mentioned in the announcement of the proposal results that a steering committee will come up with guidelines for that particular proposal by the start of April given the variety of different types and sizes of venues.
  11. Probably withdrawn along with the one Steve Vento made.
  12. Were both amplification proposals withdrawn? Neither were mentioned in the video.
  13. Instructors/Designers vote is at 4pm ET today. The Voting Membership will probably vote on the proposals that pass the first caucus tomorrow.