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  1. I assume OC is gone, as they are not listed in the "Corps" section on DCI's website. Crazier things have happened (see: Southwind's return a few years ago), but I don't expect OC to be back anytime soon, if ever.
  2. Here's hoping the Billie Eilish song is either "when the party's over" or "ocean eyes," both of which I think would sound great on the field. At the same time, however, I don't want to see a repeat of what they did to "715-CREEKS" last year. That ballad deserved a better arrangement, IMO.
  3. DP mentioned in the announcement of the proposal results that a steering committee will come up with guidelines for that particular proposal by the start of April given the variety of different types and sizes of venues.
  4. Probably withdrawn along with the one Steve Vento made.
  5. Were both amplification proposals withdrawn? Neither were mentioned in the video.
  6. Instructors/Designers vote is at 4pm ET today. The Voting Membership will probably vote on the proposals that pass the first caucus tomorrow.
  7. The YouTube video of that interview has a roughly 1:6 ratio of likes to dislikes. Just saying.
  8. Time to give my obligatory thoughts on all these proposals. #1 (Brass Amplification Limitations): Yes! Hopefully the voting membership will finally see the light on this issue that has been apparent for a few seasons now. #2 (Evaluation Structure Innovation): Interesting idea, although I would prefer if there were still adjudicators for the Monday-Tuesday shows, but only a small (5-member) panel of judges with no scores. Also, the DCI Tour Premiere should still be scored as a regular weekend competition, IMO, even though it's on a Thursday. #3 (Guard Sheet Reinforcement): Not my area of expertise, although I will add that Michael Cesario said back in 2016 that colorguards should not be judged by their "effect," for whatever that's worth. But I see where they're coming from; it's a different age, even from just 4 years ago. #4 (Any Instrument Policy): NOPE. They will lose me as a fan if this happens. The only way I can see this working for me at all is if they limit the number of non-brass/percussion players at any one time. It will be even more egregious if they decide to go ahead with this full-stop for 2020, unless they can get a corps or two to "trial" this proposal. #5 (Live Sampling): As long as it's used primarily by soloists/small ensembles only and not by the whole ensemble (see #1), I'm down. After all, I loved when the Bluecoats got away with their "looping" effect in 2015. #6 (RSTF Voted On Every 3 Years): Probably a good idea for the organization, although it doesn't matter to me (or any of the fans, for that matter). #7 (Scoring System Update): To be honest, I could see this passing if DCI goes ahead with #4, or if they're OK with limiting the panels for weekday shows in #2. But as it is, it's OK; it reminds me of a similar proposal that a former SCV director presented a few years back. Also, I'd prefer this system be trialed at early-season or smaller shows. #8 (Sound Reinforcement): ####, totally forgot about this one before posting! Well, I get where he's coming from. I still would absolutely prefer #1, though. TL;DR I like #1 and #5, dislike #4 (unless there's a way to make it work without sacrificing the essence of DCI), and am neutral on all the others.
  9. Speaking of choral composers, I'm still waiting to hear Ola Gjeilo on the field. I've heard several high school marching bands play his stuff, but no drum corps have touched anything by him. Daniel Elder and Eriks Esenvalds are two other great choral composers whose styles would translate really well to the field.
  10. Just realized that the Cadets got placed on Friday night of Allentown. Weird, but OK...