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  1. Jay Bocook will also be remaining in Denver with BK, along with Keith Tye.
  2. Sad to see JD go, but I'm excited to see what EVD has in store for SCV's brass book. He's one of the big up-and-coming arrangers in the Texas marching scene.
  3. Well, that came the #### out of nowhere for me.
  4. I’m a bit surprised at how relatively little love there is for Crown 2012. It’s one of the most ambitious shows I’ve ever seen, and in any other year where BD wasn’t quite as strong, it would have won. Also, it’s my favorite Crown brass book (and Crown hornline) ever. Anyway, For the Common Good gets my vote. Tilt is a close second for its lasting impact on show design today.
  5. It was a close one between Bloo’s 2015 and 2018 shows, but I chose Kinetic Noise because I don’t think we’ll ever see another show quite like that one again. Session 44’s music book is my favorite that Bloo has ever done, though.
  6. Force of Nature gets my vote, as it's my favorite SCV show of the decade. Yes, I like it more than Babylon.
  7. I am very, very torn between Into the Light, Because and Wicked Games. All fantastic shows.
  8. Three of these are great, and the other seven are at best forgettable and at worst........just not good. I ended up choosing BK 2019 for how refreshingly gorgeous it was. Boston 2012 and Cadets 2018 are my honorable mentions.
  9. BK 2014 by a mile. A very memorable show that placed them on the map. Loved Blue Stars 2010 and Scouts 2015 as well. If it were not for BK 2014 finishing in 8th at Finals after placing in 7th most of the season, my final decision would have been a tough one between those two.
  10. Blue Stars 2014 takes the title for me. One of their best-designed shows of the decade, even if not their highest-placing. Honorable mentions: Both of the Madison shows were also very well done and emotional, although not quite reaching the overall emotional heights of their 2011 show, IMO.
  11. End of Phantom’s FOEG ballad when I saw it live. Just wish the rest of the show gave me chills in the same way, but I digress.
  12. Scouts 2011 takes it for me. One of the most emotionally heavy bottom-half-of-Finals shows I’ve ever seen. And while I’ll forever be mad about the ESOM sync rights, just listening to it is enough for me to say that it’s one of the best, if not the best Scouts closer this decade. Honorable mention: BK 2012, the one that established their more esoteric identity that we’ve come to know them for this decade.
  13. They did his “Fratres” in 2016, but there’s plenty of other works by him that haven’t been touched by anyone at all.
  14. All solid shows, but I chose Crossmen 2012 because it marked the start of their series of Finals appearances this decade while also being just a great show from start to finish.
  15. I’m surprised I haven’t seen that many, if any, threads reflecting on the end of this decade of drum corps, the 2010s. I know one poster said he would make something like that, but I haven’t heard much from him since then. With that said, who would like to be among the first?