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  1. Cadevilina Crown

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    He flat-out said he is remaining with Pioneer. Proof that their DCI days are finished.
  2. That makes sense. Don't shoot the messenger, as they say.
  3. While we're at it... What about Dave Eddleman, the Open Class Coordinator mentioned in Spenser Lotz's timeline post? Is he equally culpable for not allowing Arsenal to apply to Open Class for a relatively minor problem? I'm not necessarily saying Eddleman is guilty, I'm just wondering why we aren't speaking as much about him as we are Dan Acheson.
  4. Would you (or anyone) mind posting the full article here? I got the article limit message and I'm cheap.
  5. Here's the scoop: DCI Annual Meetings were this past weekend, January 10-12, in Indianapolis. One of the first things that happened at the Annual Meetings was the voting membership's decision to ban Pioneer from DCI participation, although they may be allowed to return as an Open Class corps as early as 2020 if they meet DCI standards. On Sunday, not long after the Annual Meetings ended, the Oregon Crusaders announced they would be inactive for the 2019 season. The same day as OC's announcement, Arsenal (SoundSport corps from Albuquerque, NM) announced via the r/drumcorps Reddit page that they would give special tuition discounts to veterans of OC and Pioneer so that they could have a chance to march this summer. Two days later, news breaks via Arsenal director Spenser Lotz's Facebook page that because of that Reddit post, which apparently violated DCI's Ethics Guidelines, Arsenal's application to Open Class for 2019 was suspended, although they could still perform in SoundSport this year and reapply for Open Class next year. Lotz also announced his resignation as Arsenal's director. Today, Lotz sent another Facebook post, a timeline of his interactions with Dan Acheson and Open Class Coordinator Dave Eddleman between Monday and today. Screenshots of two emails from both are also included. DCI also released a statement regarding Arsenal's suspended Open Class application, not adding much more to what has already been said. Tricia Nadolny of the Inquirer also announced will be penning another article on her investigations into DCI's handling of the Arsenal situation. It is because of all this that many fans are angry with DCI, calling for Dan Acheson to step down and threatening to boycott DCI shows.
  6. Here's a petition to reinstate Arsenal's Open Class evaluation and to remove Dan Acheson as DCI CEO & ED:
  7. For clarification's sake, because Arsenal is in New Mexico, all times are MT.
  8. Official DCI statement: Official statement from OC's Facebook:
  9. Something that hasn't been discussed yet is how this change will affect the positioning of the pit/front ensemble. I bet we're going to see more and more front ensembles like the Bluecoats' of the last 3 seasons, positioned in a way that "opens up" the front of the field so that the judges can more clearly see and hear the performers.
  10. Cadevilina Crown

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    Yes, I noticed that this morning.
  11. Cadevilina Crown

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    This at least seems marginally more professional than the drivel that was their response to the Inquirer article last August.
  12. Cadevilina Crown

    Show About Time...

    This may seem like an incredibly cliche musical idea for a show about time, but I would love it if a band or corps did a show that uses "Time" by Hans Zimmer (or the chord progression that runs throughout the piece) as an overarching musical theme throughout.
  13. Cadevilina Crown

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    Unofficial statement from Pioneer, via their Tumblr website:
  14. Cadevilina Crown

    Pioneer's DCI Membership Has Been Revoked

    While Pio has been removed from DCI, their name & bio continue to be shown on DCI's website: