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  1. Absolutely agreed. In hindsight, unless some special record is set, I don't need to see scores for shows where only 5-6 corps with wildly different skillsets and ability levels get judged, especially if it's one of those early-season 6-judge panels. It makes more sense to leave scores and judging to the weekend shows with more competitive stakes. I'm sure the people who take on the thankless task of judging all these shows will appreciate having a few more nights off. Plus, it makes it more fun for us die-hard fans by keeping us in suspense and waiting for the weekends when scores will show up. Side note: The upcoming DCI winter conference for 2022 is a rules congress year, right? If so, I have a feeling at least one director or instructor will try to push a similar rule change given how this past season went. (Though that's a messy topic I'd rather save for another thread entirely.)
  2. I haven't posted here in months, but since this is the start of the new DCI season, I might as well get a word in here. It feels so weird to me that today is the first show day of 2021. Normally around this time of year is the Atlanta or Allentown regional and we're talking about what corps have major changes to their shows on the horizon, close races for various positions, favorite shows/moments of the season, etc. But thanks to the pandemic and a shortened season with no formal scores, as well as fewer corps attending Indy this year, it's going to feel a lot different. (I'm also in a new location for the summer, and the closest show to me is in Centerville, which unfortunately is the same day as a personal commitment for me, so I can't go. I'll try to tune into one of the Indy shows on Flo, though) Regardless, I'm sure everyone involved in the activity is looking forward to what this season has to offer, just as I am as a fan.
  3. Technically not competing on tour, but worth mentioning here. Carolina Crown 2021: "In My Mind..." "Carolina On My Mind" by James Taylor "Long Time Traveler" by The Wailin' Jennys "Seize the Day" by Peter Graham "Gravity" by Sarah Bareilles "Toccata Andromeda" by Paul Halley Source: https://carolinacrown.org/index.php/news/item/70-project21
  4. All I will say is that most healthy, young-ish people (i.e. the average DCI participant) aren’t expecting to get the vaccine before the summer. If that holds true, then the pandemic definitely isn’t ending in April like the article says.
  5. https://www.troopersdrumcorps.org/single-post/troopers-response-to-recent-allegations?fbclid=IwAR2pRazlsTwqwZyN6BlJw7etApuR8yNweszijYGzME40DE-866r_bML-5V4
  6. Jersey Surf: "Local Operations Are The Focus of 2021 Season Plan" "With stringent COVID-19 protocols in our state and the neighboring states in which the preponderance of our members, staff and volunteers reside, the Jersey Surf Board of Directors will focus all 2021 programming on local activities exclusively. As such, the organization will not produce a traditional touring World Class Drum Corps for the 2021 season. "'We have a number of exciting programs ready to deploy once the environment allows,' said Jersey Surf CEO Bob Jacobs. 'Our priority for 2021 is to get the greatest possible number of people involved in performing opportunities at the lowest possible cost… if and only if it is unquestionably safe to do so.' "Additional information will be available in the new year." https://jerseysurf.org/news/local-operations-are-the-focus-of-2021-season-plan/
  7. Heard this arrangement in the Canadian Brass concert from the virtual Midwest Clinic today. Expanded to drum corps, this would be a really cool opener or closer. For reference, here's the original:
  8. They and INT were the only active corps this past season, as they're the only ones with the ability to isolate and/or social distance.
  9. RIP. I always looked forward to the articles on certain corps’ shows he’d post every Monday on the DCI website, as well as his live commentary during each season’s biggest shows.
  10. As a horn player myself, Vince DeRosa is absolutely one of our unsung heroes of the instrument. What an incredible player with an incredible career. And he shares a birthday month with me!
  11. Italian composer Ennio Morricone passed away today in Rome at the age of 91. He is best known for his legendary movie and TV scores ranging from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns to his Oscar-winning score for The Hateful Eight and a host of others in between, and even the theme to the 1978 FIFA World Cup. And drum corps is no stranger to his excellent compositions, dating back to the Queensmen using music from For a Few Dollars More in 1968, and as recently as Carolina Crown and Jersey Surf just last year. Here’s a complete listing of all of Ennio Morricone’s works that have been heard in drum corps: http://dcxmuseum.org/index.cfm?view=search&Composer=Morricone%2C Ennio I hope to hear more of his works on the field in the future. RIP.
  12. Don't know if this was posted anywhere else, but DCI will be continuing its annual I&E Performers' Showcase in a virtual setting this year. https://www.dci.org/news/dci-performers-showcase-individual-and-ensemble-competition-goes-virtual Some notable points: - DCI has loosened its eligibility requirements to include participants over the age of 22 (in their own separate category), as well as those who otherwise were not planning on marching this year, so long as they participate in an established marching circuit and/or attend a credible education/performing arts program, such as high school, college, conservatory, etc. - By extension, MMs that normally would not get a chance to attend this event because their corps would be polishing their show for World Championships can participate as well. - There's also a new Multitrack Soloist category with several subcategories for the more multi-talented participants.
  13. The Cadets are still shown as a link on YEA's website (even though it redirects to the new cadets.org). Hopefully that will change soon. Also, just to clarify, YEA technically still exists, as they still run the USBands circuits, among other activities. The Cadets are the only organization separating from YEA, to my knowledge. USBands may have to change their logo, though, now that they and the Cadets are no longer affiliated. Otherwise, this is great news for the Cadets. Here's hoping for their comeback in the 2020s.
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