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  1. So I guess we can all breathe for another year.
  2. Mike, I never said they don’t care about the activity. In fact, I believe just the opposite. But I do believe they are poised to move on, regardless of what a large portion of the fan base and alumni feel because they think the evolution of the activity is more important(As is revenue). And honestly, their reaction to this, especially by Ms. Black (in my opinion, respectfully) has been rather “if you don’t like it, tough. This is what we’re doing”. Businesses make tough decisions every day, and this was years in the making. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, it is what it is. But to say this will have little affect on the fan base and cause an immediate increase in the fan base is asinine.
  3. Here’s the bottom line - for those of us not happy about this and threatening to leave, management doesn’t care. The writing is on the wall and they feel they need to evolve to continue. They’ll miss us for a brief moment, but won’t shed a tear or look in the rear view mirror because they feel this is the direction the activity is moving. To them this is a passing thing, just like adding concert brass instruments and electronics. To some of us, it’s the line in the sand that many of us drew 50 years ago and said “cross this, and we’re done”. THIS IS HUGE! Harsh reality, they don’t care nearly as much as you do, and they know you’ll be to replaced by new fans and members. Yeah it’s harsh, but it is what it is.
  4. I’ve tired to keep a very open mind about this as it’s been unfolding over the past couple of weeks, and was interested in hearing Ms. Black’s comments yesterday on the video. I was grateful for her honest answers to some tough questions, but put off by her and Dan trying to temper things a bit. The revenue answer was not surprising, at least they’re upfront and honest about it. But I don’t think they did themselves any favors and might have made the situation worse. I spend about $15k on drum corps a year. Between going to shows and donations (the ladder being the largest part of that spend) and have done that for the better part of 15 years. My wife and I sat down to discuss this morning and have decided that we will discontinue our support of the activity should this pass and no longer attend shows, and cease with our volunteer obligations. This was a very personal decision for us and not done out of anger or meant to be disrespectful. We just feel that the mission statement and core values no longer reflect what we feel we’re the key tenants is this activity for many years, nor do we feel we can support the current leadership that is guiding the activity. This was a very personal decision for me and her. I’m a drum corps alumni, and I believe very much in the current model. I do believe we pushed the limitations on what drum corps should be, but have generally accepted that as long as things don’t go much further than they are now we would be OK. But after hearing Ms Black discuss revenues streams being the driving force behind the decision, and seeing very little regard for the historical and musical elements that have made this activity unique, it’s clear her values and the values shared by the current board of directors are out of touch with the alumni community. Respectfully, I feel it’s time to part ways - regardless of the outcome of today’s vote. One last note - I have three teenage boys, all brass players, all who were extremely interested in drum corps and wanting to march. After hearing about the potential rules changes and watching Ms Black’s interview, two of the three said they no longer have an interest and the third (the youngest) says he just doesn’t know (but he’s our sports kid and is probably lost to football and basketball anyway).
  5. Good for Jim. I think this is a great move, he and Nancy have been spreading themselves thin trying to run the opps for the corps and manage the entire program. I think this will actually help Crown in the long run and allow them to bring someone in that can help with the day to day stuff.
  6. A. It was 20 years ago. B. It was an attraction that they were actively promoting, not a movie, and the licensing was much less restrictive. I remember hearing that music all over the place. I also seem to recall that GH had some conversations with the composer as well. Every piece is different, but film scores at Disney are a much tougher get. There might also be exclusivities in the contracts that we don't know about. Bottom line: It's not impossible, but it's extremely unlikely, at least in the first year after a release.
  7. This. All of this. And it's not the marketing people you would have to worry about. I worked for Disney (as a marketing professional) for about 10 years. For me to get access and use Disney related assets and collateral for company related marketing projects was a pain in the arse. The amount of permissions and red tape you had to crawl through was intense. But the real issues would be around licensing the music and their control over intellectual property. Based on previous experience, it is incredibly unlikely to happen.
  8. I think at some point DCI needs to mandate when corps can begin spring training to somewhat level the playing field and look to cut costs. I would also be in favor of a shorter tour schedule, but I don't see either of these happening.
  9. Yes you do, but that’s not going to stop it. Whether it happens this year or 10 years from now, it’s going to happen. Maybe it starts as part of the front ensemble and grows over the years, or we add an instrument at a time (like saxophones) I am absolutely certain it’s going to happen. And it will happen sooner rather than later. And I agree, it’s going to drive people away, just like electronics did (maybe a larger number of people) but it will also attract new fans and followers, including new band parents. So while you might think that threats of starting a mass exedos would curb the potential of bringing wood winds in, it won’t. Don’t think that this is something that DCI takes lightly either. They’ve studied it, understand the potential impact both financially and from a fan standpoint. They’ve researched it to death. They know how they’ll market it, they know the potential impacts bit positive and negative. A decision this big will have solid research behind it. And as much as a bunch of hardcore fans like us might. It like it, I predict the next generation of fans won’t be as opposed to it as we are.
  10. The amount of rights hurdles they would have to go through to play that music the same years it’s released might not be worth the struggle. Plus, you’re dealing with Disney, who is extremely guarded with intellectual property, especially those pieces that have just been released and are actively being marketed (disclaimer: I used to work for Disney in marketing and have experience with this - it’s a great idea that would probably need to wait about 3 years)
  11. They will, and it will stay that high moving forward. If travel sports can get away with charging that per season, so can DCI. >$1,000 tours are a thing of the past and will never happen again, at least for World Class tip 12 corps.
  12. If the staff feels they need four, then they need four. It’s not unheard of in this day and age. Most corps have two front conductors, so it’s not unreasonable to have two more.
  13. All of you that think Dan Acheson is driving this movement don’t understand the complexity of running an organization. While Dan has a role, I would argue that his is more fundraising and operations, with much less influence on the competition side. Friends, a majority of what we’re seeing from the competition side comes from the corps and the people that run them. It’s feedback from their creative teams, consultants, and vendors. These are the people working behind the scenes to influence the shape and direction of the activity for years to come. If you want to blame people for the addition of woodwinds, strings, and other changes happening to the activity you need to begin to focus on the Board of Directors and people within the corps that make these decisions from a competitive level. A majority of the reason that these decisions are being made cokes down to one thing... money. Designers are constantly trying to stretch the bounds and find new ways to design shows, and they see a benefit in working with vendors and consultants to help grow the activity. Vendors see the growth or marching band and will continue to push new instruments, sections, props, etc. Prop design and creation is now a multimillion dollar industry and they two have a seat at the table. More performers means more uniforms/costumes. And performers and parents are now accustomed to spending $5k-$10k per year on their experience. Bottom line, DCI and marching band have grown into a multimillion dollar train that is moving down the tracks at high speed. Woodwinds are definitely coming to drum corps and there is nothing that any of us can do about it. And I do not believe that a revolt is on the horizon either. It will be welcomed, there will be an adjustment period, and it will become the new norm. Fans will continue to go to shows, and there will be a new subset of fans who will be ushered into the Activity who will take the place of the people who leave the activity (which will be relatively small).
  14. Based on what I’ve seen and heard, Crown is venturing into new waters this year, but not too far away from the concept of previous shows. The drum set fits with the direction of the show and at least two pieces of the source music. This will NOT be anything like Rach Star, but I can see where the comparison might be made. If anything, this show will follow the general direction of the past several seasons, however, I do think it will be much more fan friendly with some very recognizable and less than recognizable music. I don’t know all the details, but I think audiences will like this show. My hope for Crown in 2020 - please add more color to the field and if you’re going to use props, let’s spend a little on the design and development so they’re better integrated into the overall package.