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  1. Newseditor44

    2019 Music City December 7-9 Camp Details

    Rumor has it they have over 300 brass registered for auditions. That's a pretty good number, wouldn't be surprised to see them take some big steps in the right direction this season.
  2. Newseditor44

    Project 2021: Reimagining tour

    I wouldn't be surpirsed to see them condense the season by 1 week in the coming years. Colleges and high schools are starting school earlier and earlier.
  3. Newseditor44

    Project 2021: Reimagining tour

    There is ZERO incentive for DCI to move finals out of Indy, or change the tour model for that matter. Attendance is up at most (if not all) of the major event stops. This model helps them to spend time and reach audiences in key demographics (both theirs and their sponsor partners). The chances of DCI returning a finals to the west coast are nil. It's just not going to happen, at least in the near future.
  4. Newseditor44

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    Dan did exactly what I would have told him to do. I think they have the right PR strategy, I just think its too little too late. This is damage control 101. Speaking of Dan, is it me or does it look like his health has been declining over the past couple years?
  5. Newseditor44

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    Having worked in the news business for a good portion of my adult life, I can tell you that USA Today has many resources and uses stringers (freelancers) on a regular basis. This type of reporting is well within their wheel house. And they don’t bite on a story like this unless it has teeth. If it is indeed USA Today, it will be very impactful.
  6. Newseditor44

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    If it’s the same stories I’ve been hearing about, it will not be pretty. But take that with a grain of salt, we all know how this rumor mill works.
  7. Newseditor44

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    This is a wild guess at what’s going to happen... but this will ultimately take down DCI. Dan will be gone, major sponsors will be forced to leave the activity, and there will be some major reshuffling, and another sanctioning body such as USA Bands will step in the save the season. Yes, it’s far fetched, but in my mind this is the most extreme of what could happen. At the very least, Dan Acheson does not survive this, and a coupe of well known corps will get probation or forced to take a year off. Just guesses.
  8. Newseditor44

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    A story like this they’re not going to sit on. I’m guessing they have DCI ring, asked for them to comment and let them know they had so much time to respond before they were going to publish. That’s generally how these things work. In th mean time Tricia (I believe that’s who it is that is publishing this story) is buttoning up her story and making revisions.
  9. Newseditor44

    Carolina Crown 2019

    This is a MUCH improved guard staff that should draw some talent and have a much better and more unified approach to their visual program. Excited to see where this group take the corps next season.
  10. Newseditor44

    Spirit of Atlanta 2019

    What was the average age of the corps this past season? How many college vs high school age performers?
  11. Newseditor44

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    It's clear the OP (and some of us) have far too much time on our hands. Far far too much time...
  12. Newseditor44

    Carolina Crown 2019

    I foresee some big changes this off season. A few that might catch people off guard.
  13. Newseditor44

    The future is here

    As one of the resident Crownies, I can say without question that the current design staff is not capable of designing such a show. Do they have the talent to pull it off, if taught by SCV’s staff most definitely in the drums and brass section, probably not visually. The corps lost quite a bit when they lost Leon and the visual team 2 years ago, both from a design and performance standpoint. And it’s extremely evident. Now with Ron gone, there will be some major questions that need to be answered if they wish to remain competitive. This will be a critical off season for this organization, and I think there will be some whole-sale changes that a lot of people didn’t see coming.
  14. After 2 years of trying to redefine their style, has the corps moved away from what got them into the world of top tier drum corps? Do the past two seasons results have an impact on recruiting in 2019? And which direction should the corps go in terms of production design?