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  1. Here's some fun... a look at last year's April camp
  2. So, I’ll say it... we still have a ways to go, but as of this moment 2021 looks improbable. I think it’s most likely 2022 before we have a realistic chance of getting back on the field. If that’s the case, I don’t see how many of these organizations, including DCI can survive with little to no revenue. There is a very good possibility that DCI will return in a much revamped fashion or as a regional activity. But I truly feel that we might have seen the last of the National touring model for quite sometime. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. I think it’s probable that there will be some corps, potentially even some popular corps that do not end up making it through this. In fact, I think there is a strong possibility that DCI as an organization will need to be underwritten to stay alive. And I don’t know that 2021 is a given at this point. If that’s the case, 2019 might have been the last year for DCI as we know it.
  4. I think it is entirely probable that the 2021 season will have a somber look to it as we'll most likely see some familiar names no longer with us. I don't think its out of the realm of possibility that we have just enough corps to field a top 12 on Saturday night. I hope I'm wrong, but preparing for the worst.
  5. Should we tell’em? LOL Hopefully this remains the production for 2021. It was such a different direction, yet not so different. Kind of a knee jerk from 2019.
  6. It took me a while to hear the song, but I hear the melody now!!
  7. Wasn’t Jimmer Star’s primary arraigner during their DCI years?
  8. The Cavaliers opener that year was just amazingly beautiful, especially in person. Video does not do it justice.
  9. I marched Freelancers in 1989... we had a chip on our shoulder that season, and were a veteran corps having only lost a handful of age outs from the previous year. The 1989 corps had practically grown up together for the two previous seasons, and after going back and forth with Hutch in 1988 we were battle-tested. '88 was a fun year and we had exceeded expectations, but still felt a little dissed after placing 15th. '89 was much more focused. We started the season strong, but made some major changes after first tour, which included moving pieces from the front of the show to the back half the show. The hornline was on fire towards the end of the season, at one point beating Cadets. Our finals show was Meh... I think we were all exhausted and just happy to have reached our goal which was making it to Saturday night. But I still think our best show of the year was Semifinals. Just so much #### energy, we left everything on the field that night, and the crowd was really into it. I wish I could find a copy of that semifinals show.
  10. Things in this thread are progressing as I thought they would. 🤦‍♂️
  11. And in case anyone is wondering how the larger corps are handling this, here is an excerpt from the BD FAQ for members: Will there be a 2021 season for the A Corps, B Corps, and C Corps? We are working on those plans now with our drum corps partners, Drum Corps International, BDPA staff, and BDPA Board of Directors. We are taking a "yes" position as we work through these very difficult issues. Please look for more information soon.
  12. Obviously this will be one the big discussions during the season, and we’re already beginning to see the dominos start to fall. Earlier today DCI furloughed/laid off two-thirds of its office staff, leaving a “Skelton crew” in place to plan for 2021. Now I’m really beginning to wonder if 2019 was the final DCI season ever.