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  1. Not Dark at all. Just the opposite actually. While it might be slightly different territory for them, beneath the surface the show is very much Carolina Crown esq.
  2. So... here's what I can tell you. Show design will have a much different feel, and be more accessible. They are taking a new approach to the preseason, and rather focus strictly on the music they spent a good chunk of time learning drill over the weekend. The visual concept (from what I've been told) will be a bit different than in recent years and there were a couple of signs on the field that led me to believe this was going to be a different approach. The music - definitely a different vibe. That same level of difficulty but just a much different vibe with a mixture of a couple of different styles were not used to seeing/hearing from Crown. Brass wise, no trombones for the low brass, all baris and euphs. I counted 6 bass drums in the battery. Someone there told me the corps has all of the music, or at least close to all of it. Move-in's are in less than two weeks. All in all, this is going to be a fun show for the kids to perform, but expect to see a much different side of Crown when they hit the feeling this season.
  3. So, a quick update from brass camp: Horns worked the opener this past weekend. I honestly don't know what the music is, but it has a very cinematic feel to it, almost like Bernard Herman and the old Hitchcock movies. As is expected, there are a lot of notes. Anyone thinking the horn line has lost a step will be sadly disappointed. I've been going to their camps now for ten years and this line is on par with some of the top lines of the past 6-7 years. There is a sense with this group that they have some unfinished business after last season, and the work ethic has improved. Each line has a unique identity, and you can see the vibe start to form in camps. Last season you kinda felt they were a little less mature, but this season they feel more focused. Let's see how things sound when they get to the April camp.
  4. Agreed! I don't think people have a clear understanding of how bad the weather has been here in the Carolinas the past two seasons. They lost about a week of field rehearsal last year due to bad weather. And this year isn't looking much better.
  5. Music City has had a great first couple of first camps. Over 200 brass at tryouts and they're bringing back the same creative team. Anytime you have Robert W. Smith writing your book, you're bound to have a good show. I think Finals is probably ambitious, but stranger things have happened. We're going to be talking about this group quite a bit in the next few years.
  6. It's so difficult to predict what's going to happen prior to the season actually starting, but just for the fun of it I'll give it a shot. I think one thing is certain, there will be a lot of corps at the top beating up on each other this year. I don't think we'll have a runaway champ like we have the past few seasons. I expect BD and SCV to go back in forth on the left coast, and Boston to jump out to an early lead in the East. I think the Bluecoats are going to have a solid season and climb a bit before ultimately giving way to SCV. And Crown, Cavaliers and Boston will trade blows at the end of the season. Crown's design issues the past two seasons will come back to haunt them again, but the young percussion will line will continue to build on their recent success. The big surprise will come at the bottom, with Spirit and Music City making their way into the top 12. 1. SCV - Good reports coming from early camps, they have the talent and the design team to pull off back to back championships. 2. Bluecoats - Last year's group learned quite a bit (as did the design team), should be an up year for Bloooo 3. BD - All three corps at the top will remain within a point of each other going into Nationals, and stay that way all through the week. BD wins brass and CG, but SCV and Blooo beat them in GE. 4. Boston - Boston becomes the beast of the East, putting distance between themselves 5. Cavaliers - The green machine stays solid in the early season with some key victories, but ultimately can't keep up 6. Carolina Crown - A young brass and percussion section, along with continued design issues will push this group further away from a medal this season. Based on the competition, sixth won't be as bad as it sounds. 7. Phantom Regiment - The black and white team is headed back in the right direction with a solid show. 8. Cadets - an organization is more stable and the design team has a full year to gel. Despite an eighth-place finish, this will be a successful year for the corps as they continue to rebuild. 9. Blue Knights - I want to forget what I saw in 2018 and hope that BK can get back to something a bit more crowd friendly, like their 2017 show. 10. Blue Stars - Just because 11. Spirit of Atlanta - Spirit is heading in the right direction. 12. Music City - The big surprise of the year. This might be a year or two early, but I see good things coming from this group.
  7. I don't know, they've got a young line this season.
  8. Agreed. There was so much emotion in the '88 show, it was an absolutely beautiful production. '89 felt like they rushed through it and the score felt butchered. Regiment was on fire in '89 and should have won.
  9. Our daily GH diatribe. This is getting worse than TMZ. Between this and the crap at DCI, does anyone remember if we actually talk drum corps around here anymore?
  10. Reading all of these posts, the thing that scares the crud out of me is that most have rushed to judgment without letting the process play out. I'm not saying that Hop isn't guilty, but to Lancer's point, the pressure put on society by the #metoo movement has changed the way we view personal relationships, and I would argue has done nothing but set us back. As a result of all that has happened, I do not have meetings in closed-door environments with female co-workers. I will not share an elevator with a female unless there are others on board. And I will not have any personal conversations with females in a work environment. our company has even advocated for training on these principals. What used to be a simple, harmless conversation is now absolutely forbidden in the workplace, and I think that doesn't bode well for building personal relationships. It used to be women who would need to be careful, but now men have a large target on their backs. As for Hop, I don't know what happened. I wasn't there, and I won't pass judgment based on a news article. Do I feel for the victims, absolutely, but they too will have their day in court. But rather than rush to judgment in a public forum, I suggest we let the case play out in criminal court and work to find solace for the victims. I don't think that playing these kinds of cases out in the court of public opinion (much less a drum corps message board) does anyone of us any good.
  11. Rumor has it they have over 300 brass registered for auditions. That's a pretty good number, wouldn't be surprised to see them take some big steps in the right direction this season.