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  1. Wow, no DCI Southwest Regional at the Alamo Dome, and no Florida or Columbia SC shows this season. Does it feel like the season is about a week shorter this season.
  2. Unless I am mistaken, Jeff is still under contract with Carolina Crown. That would mean in order for him to take the job with the Cadets he would most likely have gotten permission from Crown to sign with the Cadets as a consultant for the upcoming year. Honestly, I think this means very little in terms of his involvement with Crown. In fact, I would go so far to say that having Jeff back in some capacity with the Cadets is not only good for the Cadets and Crown but drum corps in general.
  3. Please refrain from talking about the season and how it sucks. Let’s focus on the corps staff changes. Thanks! *Sorry Mike, had to do it. 😘😎😂
  4. I have been named head chef and Tuba instructor at INT. We are now a top 18, top 12 and top 6 corps.
  5. File this under the category of people who like to complain just to hear themself complain. It's great that you're passionate about this issue, but personally I don't think you're going to see DCI make a move. If they do, good on them, just as long as they don't raise the price.
  6. Alright Sparky, let's think about this logically.. I can tell you from being a position to have to book crews in my past life that a majority of that $500k budget is spent around the world championships week, its not distributed throughout the season equally. if you want to hire freelance Crews full time for eight weeks, that budget will probably quadruple. Add to the the cost to move the broadcast equipment around to satisfy your taste for a high level production. Network level production crews aren't cheap, and having them available for the same amount of shows they cover now would probably run you about $70k-$100k per day (with the production truck thrown in, just for ##### and giggles). Add to that travel costs, putting up your modest of freelance crew of about 20 professionals (who are ALL union workers). Other things to think about: You won't be able to hire a freelancer full time for an eight week run because you will be outbid by the networks, who often will hire their crews months in advance and can out pay you at the drop of a hat). You will need to hire a full time production company just to staff your events or hire a full time production coordinator at least two to three months in advance to make arrangements, hire crews, etc. You'll have to carry insurance for all of your broadcast entities and make sure they are fully covered (that can get pricey, especially when you're dealing with a $5 million dollar production truck). Did i mention it would be pretty expensive? Thinking that professional broadcast production people are going to be much better than the folks who work at Flo is a myth. They might be marginally better in terms of working the equipment, but most of the pro production crews that work champs are in the sports broadcast industry. Tom Blair does a massive amount of work to get most of the people prepared to cover the event. And it's a testament to his team he's assembled because many of them we're working champ[ionship week broadcasts back when I was with the crew in the late 90's and early 2000's. So, we can take the professional production route, spend a ton of money we don't have and bankrupt the sport... Or.... We an all stop whining and be grateful for the fact that for a nominal fee we get to watch live drum corps 12-15 times a year. Yeah, there are going to be a few hiccups, but it worked more than 95% of the time for me. While the transmission wasn't the best, I thought the production value was just right for what we paid for.
  7. Your first mistake was trying to attach a marketing slogan to a business model. It kinda works in reverse.
  8. Dude, that's not how any of this works. A couple of points: FloMarching cannot be compared with the size and strength of mega companies like YouTube, Netflix, etc. We're talking about massive, high powered servers that would shred what FloSports has in less than a second. That's how YouTube and Netflix videos look so good. As a television production professional with over 20 years of experience working at the network level (Fox, CBS, ABC) I can testify to the fact that there is NOTHING wrong with the actual production from Flo. If you think this stuff is easy, you go try to do it. What everyone is upset about is the transmission of the signal into your device, not the actual production (these are two completely different things). I bet you probably noticed that on finals night the signal was kinda crappy... we'll that's what happens when your bandwidth starts to get maxed. This is probably an issue that is going to cost more money to fix, and as with any business, Flo has to weigh the cost of adding additional servers to cover the needed bandwidth vs other business priorities. So what would I do if i were DCI? For starters, nothing drastic. I would re-up my contract with Flo and continue to work with them to make the experience better. There is no quick fix, and nothing that can bedone to make everyone happy. Trying to go to a major broadcast network or inline outlet would be incredibly expensive and not be beneficial to DCI or its sponsors from a financial perspective. Add to that you have one of the most recognized broadcast professionals in the industry in Tom Blair guiding the production and broadcast strategy, so it's not like DCI doesn't know what they're doing. The broadcast is in good hands.
  9. Some of you guys think DCI is much larger than it actually is. From someone that has worked in network television and now works on the digital side, there just isn't a large enough audience to appeal to a digital provider to make it worth their effort. In fact there is potential for financial risk involved with pursuing something like this. These kinds of deals are all about relevant market share, something which DCI still does not have. Believe it or not, Flo is probably the best venue to host DCI broadcasts, and the most well suited to do so at the economic level that DCI can participate. And for those that forget, DCI has tried the main stream broadcast game before in its ESPN broadcasts about 13 years ago, and they absolutely flopped (not to mention cost DCI a ton of money). The experiment was a tremendous flop, with DCI paying an extraordinary amount of money for a small audience. They just didn't get the ROI they were looking to get. Let's not forget the monkey in the room... licensing fees for music. Adding television broadcasting to the licensing agreements would be even more expensive. So the big question is, knowing the hurdles that DCI would face (mostly financial) is it worth to invest the money that would be needed just to purchase a couple of hours of broadcast time. The answer is most definitely no.
  10. I love watching Travis doing his thing. What hes been able to do with the lines the past couple of years has been incredible.
  11. Breaking: INT fires their entire staff, then in a gutsy move, hires them all back again.
  12. It’s easy to say that from behind your computer, but there is a lot more to being a director than competitive placements. Why we don’t know are the financial issues the corps is facing, and how that translates to what is happening from a competitive front. It could be that Regiment doesn’t have the resources to be as competitive as they once were.
  13. If you’re going to do props, have them professionally designed and produced like a majority of the corps are doing now, and go big or go home. Crown designed and built a majority of those hideous things themselves (every rehearsal I went to at GWU I had to dodge paint cans). It’s time that Crown stops trying to save a buck and actually follow the trends that are pushing the sport.