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  1. There are moments when I wonder why I still log on to this website. Especially when I see people arguing over the timing of a social media post that was most likely automated, which is what 99% of social media managers do these days. For the love of God, y'all. Focus.
  2. Unfortunately there are not enough corps remaining to do a regional touring model. That ship has sailed. Corps are performing in less shows, which means less money.
  3. The issue is simple, the cost to operate a drum corps has out-paced the revenue models that are sustainable for most orgs. Fundraising dollars are no longer enough to push 6 busses and 4 trucks down the road anymore. DCI has not done enough to contain the costs, and the writing has been on the wall for sometime now. The fact that they haven’t moved to in a direction to proactively cut costs, coupled with inflation and increases in food, fuel and housing, will make it very difficult for corps to survive another five years. This is just the beginning. To be fair, this is not solely on DCI, but they share the blame.
  4. Unfortunately, they will be just the first. There will be more.
  5. Score tonight: 72.150 Spirit of Atlanta has entered the chat. Spirit: ‘Sup y’all! 😉
  6. 55 x 3 = 165. Most charter buses carry 55 seats now, which is the reason for the change. Economically, it makes more sense to raise the minimum to 165 so you can collect more tuition. If not, you'll have to lower it back down to 110.
  7. 2023 show reveal post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=812183087139082&set=a.294201158937280&type=3&mibextid=cr9u03
  8. That’s probably more an indication of competition in the TV world rather than a reflection of the status of DCI. Even PBS is pay for play these days. While all of us think there would be tremendous upside, the folks at PBS certainly don’t think so, otherwise DCI would still be in their lineup.
  9. There is not a big enough audience nor enough revenue to be made for Apple to want to touch this. These shows cost money to produce. These are not money-making ventures for a typical media company.
  10. Having worked on the DCI broadcast for several years as a producer, I get your frustration. However, what I can tell you is this - getting those shots right and knowing when they will hit is incredibly difficult, especially for novice producers and directors. What you probably don't know about the DCI broadcasts are the enormous amounts of man-hours that go into preparing for that show. By the end of the season, Tom Blair has a notebook full of notes on each corps, has talked to all of the design teams, and had shot lists created to direct broadcast with a full team of network-level professionals. The Flo broadcasts generally have a couple of camera operators and one person switches the cameras. That's it. So before we beat down on Flo, let's take a moment and consider the fact that we're even getting the shows on TV and be thankful, because Im sure if this all went away y'all would be crying about how great it was while you had it.
  11. I could probably write a book about my feelings on this topic, but I’ll keep it short. The bottom line, IMO is this, the member experience is everything. Winning in a competitive sense is incredibly difficult, and takes years for an organization to get to that point. And there are only a handful of groups that have the resources necessary to do it. However, every organization has the ability to give an amazing member experience, and to me that transcends anything competition can offer. Yes it’s great to “win”, but you can do that without having the highest score. I would much rather be part of an organization that teaches life skills, allows for personal growth, teaches the benefits of hard work and perseverance, and goes above and beyond in the field of health and safety for its members. If you focus on these things and give the performer a creative vehicle that connects with the audience, the numbers don’t matter. Just my two cents.
  12. Your numbers for techs are a tad bit too high. And yes, I said too high. A majority of those techs will be with the corps for a week, tops. A majority do it for the experience, not the money. Nobody is getting rich.
  13. Reducing the number of kids actually hurts more than it helps. The answer is not just in reducing costs, but generating more revenue. Reducing students reduces revenue.
  14. Not saying you’re wrong, however, they only tell part of the story. Yes there are patterns, but there is much more to it. It’s easy to be upset and think we all have the answers, but in fact we probably don’t. What’s not being talked about was the fact that a responsible and difficult decision was made and there are good people trying to save this organization. We can beat them up for getting to this point, but that doesn’t help anything.
  15. 990’s only tell a part of the story, they don’t add the color that’s needed to give you a full picture of what is going on inside an organization. I would caution anyone from trying to read into a situation by looking at a tax filing.
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