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  1. Why would there be staff changes at this point when: We don't know if there is going to be a season in 2021 Corps are struggling to keep their electricity on We really don't know what we're planning for
  2. I talked to my bookie today. He gives DCI a 13% chance at having a season next year... and he says take the points on the Dallas game this weekend.
  3. That was more of a passing of the torch, like being handed down to a family member.
  4. Here’s the press release:
  5. Geez, we can’t have nice things here anymore, can we?
  6. For those hoping that DCI would move away from FloSports, I’ve got some bad news for you. DCI and Flo have extended their agreement through 2026. Boom.
  7. I’ll say what I don’t think many will... DCI is most likely done. From a financial and operational standpoint, unless there is a major infusion of money from another source, it will be almost impossible for the organization to pick up where they left off. If we do get back to touring, the landscape is going to change dramatically. Some of the familiar faces will be gone, tours will most likely be regional at best, and there could still be limited capacity at shows. DCI has been dodging bullets for years, but this one is probably the one that does it in for good.
  8. Where would you be today? If you we're going, share your seat location. Share a photo from Quarterfinals past. We're you going to be at a theater? Hanging in the lot? Share your favorite Quarterfinals moment.
  9. Lineup & Times All times ET and subject to change Lucas Oil Stadium 500 S. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46225 Show canceled.
  10. Cant believe its been almost 20 years since he's passed.
  11. Hey Jeff, what do you think the possibility is that BOA/DCI and WGI will need to reorganize and possibly join forces after this? I keep hearing a rumor that the intensity of those discussions are picking up. Do you think they're valid?
  12. First off, I never suggested that anything be buried (nor do I ever think it could be on this forum). My concern was that of the posts that featured the young DM that sent a note to the Mandarins family. In my opinion, she addressed her letter to the Mandarins family not to DCP and beyond. Yes, this is the digital age and that's always a risk you take, I would just hope that we could respect that bit of privacy. That was the reason I asked to close the thread, not to mute the discussion. At some point we have to begin talking about how to protect the victims, even on public message forums.
  13. Mike, I think this entire discussion should be removed. This is a private matter for the organization to handle and its impossible to know whether any of this is accurate.
  14. I understand this was posted on Reddit, but I feel like this was meant to be a private communication to the Mandarins family. I would like to recommend to the mods that this thread be removed.