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  1. I have to believe that the issues that people are complaining about might be more on the user end then on the Flo end. Flosports is one of the leading providers of live streaming services in the world y’all. Your streaming quality is highly impacted by the quality of your service provider. I think Flo does an amazing job.
  2. There was absolutely no fracking. Nails every time.
  3. I don’t have an inside knowledge of what is being planned, but I know there are plans to add some additional layers to the show, and make a few sweeping changes. My guess, is that the design team has been waiting to implement big changes until they got to Memphis for the second time. This is a very solid show but it is missing something. It’s kind of following the same pattern as the other Crown shows in recent years… you see the additional pieces of the package when the the corps gets to Atlanta. A few things that I would love to see: 1. Change out the props - it was clear to me last night that the props Crown is using look like something that was pulled out of the Goodwill waste bin and add ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this show at all. There is time to rebuild and execute in a new design that adds to the show... or just get rid of them. Put Crown’s props next to the other corps and they look pathetic and out of place. 2. The plexiglass guard things do absolutely nothing but distract. They’re just walking tics (young people ask the old people what “tics” are). Lose em. 3. The ballad soloist at the end was going an octave higher in the final note in training camp and for whatever reason they ditched it the day before preview. Let the girl sing for heavens sake - hit that beautiful note! 4. The closer needs screamers at the end. The crowd wants to jump up on their feet before the show is over... but they stopping short of allowing them to do that by not giving them what they want. Michael, Matt, c’mon fellas, feed the crowd!! Take two or three of your top trumpet soloists and let them whale in the last 30 seconds of the show. It was MADE FOR IT!!! Do it!!!!!
  4. Looks like some additions coming to the show this week. A couple of days in Memphis for the corps o solidify said changes and will not introduce sometime this weekend.
  5. Does anybody know, do the kids read this stuff on the bus is late at night when they’re traveling from show site to show site? Because maybe I shouldn’t type when I’m drunk…
  6. That would be number SIX sir... My posts Should start becoming more comical any moment now…
  7. Nope. I’m just as full of it as everybody else on this #### channel is.
  8. I think something we all need to acknowledge is there isn’t quite as much of the gap between first and sixth place this year. All six corps are amazing and offer something completely and totally different to the pallet. I think that’s one of the reasons why the sheets are all over the place. Each one of the six Coors does something extremely well and it’s reflected on the sheets.
  9. Why do I feel like I am one of the few CrownFAN straight shooters?