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  1. So difficult... must control my urge to type. Just... can’t.... do it.
  2. All signs point to Crown not going to Indy this year. I've heard Disney is a possible option, but don't know how reliable the info is at this time.
  3. Since there have been no details and we have no idea what the plan is, we will not be going. And personally I think its just too early to provide a safe, meanigful and cost-effective experience for the performers and the fans. Let me know when we're back up full time.
  4. I’m hearing rumors that there are more than a handful of corps that are weighing options at this point, including some of the big guns. Also hearing this is going to be more of a free for all, no judging, standstill style show with everything but the kitchen sink. If this is the case I will pass and wait for 2022.
  5. I haven’t heard a thing from Crown since the telethon. My guess is that the plans for a 2021 event aren’t passing the smell test and doesn’t make financial sense. I wish DCI would abandon this idea and begin looking towards 2022.
  6. There is no such thing as cold in drum corps. It's never happened.
  7. Our company (large, Fortune 50) just sent a memo out today stating that they're postponing us coming back into the work place indefinitely. We were originally looking at July, but now were being told that it will most likely be another 12-18 months. I believe the vaccine rollout is going to take longer than any of us think, and there is going to be at least one more large spike in the coming weeks/months. Al of this said, any attempt to bring back the activity in 2021 is going to be a disaster and could potentially do more harm than good. SVC and the Blue Devils are looking incredibly wise rig
  8. As I sit read through some articles tonight on the pandemic, it's clear that these mutations add an extra level of danger, to an extent which is not well known but potentially more dangerous. Some scientists are now predicting the pandemic could last another year or two, with mask wearing being mandatory for years and public gatherings limited for quite a while. If that is the case, I think the activity will have to be rebuilt from scratch with many organizations not able to survive a three or four year layoff. how does the activity survive, and will it have been gone so long that potential m
  9. Drum corps has always been a soap opera, but it's starting to reach new heights in recent years, and its absence this past year has been somewhat refreshing. It's clear that no one has a handle on how to properly administer and keep the kids safe, and the political BS the activity tends to generate is only getting worse. I'm beginning to wonder if a world without drum corps is not such a bad thing. And as much as I hate to say it, I feel like there are others beginning to think the same thing. One thing is for certain - when and if drum corps comes back, it won't be anything like it was.
  10. I too have written my fair share of press releases and wasn't as offended by the shade as most people here are. I do think they explained their process well and communicated what their process is/was. But they're in a place where they're ###### if they do, and ###### if they don't. There is no way for me to know whether the allegations are true or not true. But in the court of public opinion and in the legal system the advantage clearly goes to the victim. And while nothing should ever condone the alleged actions, does it not scare anyone else that anyone with a grudge can make allegation
  11. I think we've seen evidence that vaccine roll-out is going to take longer than expected. Add to that the political upheaval in this country and the financial consequences of the COVIDF-19 outbreak, 2021 is probably not going to happen. I would be much more in favor of the drum corps world observing another year in pause and looking toward 2022. Not that this is something I want, but I would rather then drum corps world make a more slow, purposeful return. But i'm probably in the minority on this.
  12. Will put it to you this way, had Crown been able to perform their 2020 book, I think the drum corps world would have looked at them a bit differently. It would have been a very engaging show with a lot of crowd interaction, very modern musical choices, and I think the music would have created an amazing canvas for what could have been done visually. The percussion opportunities would have been like nothing they have done before, with a lot of syncopated rhythms. It would have been Crown sticking to its roots of reinventing itself again, and I really believe the crowd would have loved it. Hopef
  13. Hint for what the 2020 show would have been... and might still be in the future... the opener was going to be the piece that got released in the hornline video after the season was cancelled. “Chandelier” by Sia