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  1. I am not saying anything about the women. I get why your thinking the Smear is a fantastical accusation ... I found it hard to believe back in 2017 when he told me what they were doing. After research and my own dealings. These people are real and they really were going above and beyond with their actions to make his life hell. Your first instinct is to say... no way. It was real and focused and factual.
  2. Thank you. My frustration is, people form opinions based on their first,second and third experiences with George (first sometimes being a misunderstanding? But likely not... second and third being ... gossip) and the videos of the women and that’s it. There is much more to this situation that either I/we don’t know or I know and can’t say. Their is a lot of repressed and not repressed anger and rage directed at George for many things. People can ‘imagine’ but they were not there! My take was he was much more bark than bite, but that’s only based on my experience and my gut feeling... I have lived a long life. 58. I have met hundreds of highly driven, intelligent and successful men, so I’m familiar with that kind of passionate and dominate type. I’m never that impressed just a preference on my part. He’s typical. Focused people can often be lacking in understanding the importance of ‘taking the time and interest in listening’. This is where I am at, his faith has and is changed him. I hope the world meets this George. But the jury will decide.
  3. I’m from Philly. I don’t feel attacked. If I was bothered I wouldn’t be here or post. That being said, most people will not speak out publicly. Everyone has their way and I respect everyone.
  4. If you ‘feel’ this way, that is on you. I am not expressing my feelings but instead recounting my one on one interactions. If my speaking causes this discomfort and maybe you feel I should keep my words silent because that would make you feel comfortable. Maybe you just want to hear what re-enforces your beliefs and experiences... well, basically, no. I will not be silent. That being said, I’m not saying your experiences are not factual. I’m not saying your beliefs are flawed. Your or anyone’s thoughts don’t make me uncomfortable. IF the jury finds guilt or reasonable doubt, that’s on them and I will accept that verdict. My experience was meeting a person who was seeking a more peaceful future. Someone who was on the humble and reflective side. As I have interacted from that time, his faith began and transformed him. I don’t know who he was but I don’t think that is who he is. He said he is not guilty of what he is charged and I believe him. I’ve hear others talk about their experiences and I don’t disbelieve them, as his personality has been consistent over the years. I also know how this all came to be and I would imagine the facts of that will come out in the future. Just because he had a personality that many did not like is not a reason to destroy a life and send a man to jail. If the jury finds guilt then so be it.
  5. What I say is first person experience, nothing else. My head is not in the sand and I will not give names or speak names.
  6. There are many who believe George but to say this will cause them the kind of treatment I get.
  7. The two women who are pressing charges were NOT in the group that the old Alumni brought together. They came forward after the story was printed.
  8. I did not ask those questions and he did not share the details of his past like that. We just focused on how the future could be different than the past and how he could go about making that change. He wanted peace.
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