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  1. DCI and the Corps should be audited on a yearly basis. There just has to be a process, like I said an ombudsman. A company has their financials audited!? Right? Corps or DCI would not like this but in lieu of voices being heard (not being heard) ... it’s using the press and social media... basically an ongoing dumpster fire!!! 🔥 We are better than this. Let’s find a way to take the high road.
  2. There needs to be an OFFICIAL ombudsman for this activity! Right now, it’s Tricia Nadolny. We as a collective of DCI, Corps, Marchers and Alumni, need Someone who is independent, impartial and provide a free service. They investigatecomplaints that haven't been solved by the organisation complained against. Ombudsmen investigate complaints when something has been handled badly or unfairly, making someone suffer as a result. None of this is rocket science. Geez!
  3. Mystery Science Theatre 3000... for those not adept with TLA’s ... (Three letter acronyms 😘)
  4. Well, I know this is off topic but I was thinking of ways corps could raise money by offering virtual membership by subscription to be a part of corps life and performances... basically reality drum corps. App / subscription only. Oh well. Obviously not during performances!
  5. Ok, it’s my understanding the livestream viewing rights are for DCI to grant/sell, such as Flo-Marching has an agreement. But if a corps itself wanted to place cameras in its members and sell this live viewing to subscribers/virtual members... that would not be allowed. I could be wrong, I just thought that was how DCI sanctioned shows rolled.
  6. Lance, they were talking about George always asking for money. How they raised money. I chipped in my current day idea of how a corps could raise money and then I added one of the ideas I gave George on how the activity could further embrace technology... and even he balked at that idea. Thread is still about Hopkins! No?
  7. I’ve proposed virtual membership and letting those members pay dues so they can go on tour and be on the field but I guess im to understand that DCI owns the rights, audio and video, to the corps 11 minutes on the field. I still think a corps size could for from actual 150.. to 400-500 virtual members.
  8. That is correct. They instructed because they LOVED the corps and were able to take that experience and profit in the HS Bands. After 27 I was paid $25 an hour to instruct winter guard, all because I marched 27!
  9. Is this year any different sans Hop?
  10. That is true. I have search out people and resources to catch up AND believe it or not, many have gone out of their way to inform me of what I missed!
  11. I remember that show like it was yesterday. Who did you march with Bluez? I’m certain whoever it was we were besting you by seasons end!
  12. Putting and keeping things in context! That’s most important. Not just one sided.
  13. When I march in the 27th Lancer in 1979, the staffs compensation was 0-$500 for the season. George Bonfiglio would take out a second mortgage to keep the corps on the field... the times have changed.