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  1. Given her enthusiasm and love of the activity,I would like to see DCI use her as a color commentator for the Tour Premier or BLL broadcasts.
  2. I may have missed it,but has anyone talked about the December "Failure to Protect" piece. To me,that article was,in a number of ways,more damaging then the story about GH going public. That article pointed out a number of systemic problems with the activity. DCI's failure to either have their CEO be interviewed or even answer written questions did not, based on comments made at the time,put DCI in a very good light. That article,and follow up posts on sites like Reddit,as unreliable as they can be sometimes, could give school boards cause to rethink housing corps. I know there are a number of people on DCP with "ties" to corps or DCi. Does anyone know what DCI has done since this article came out ?
  3. And therein lies the problem. When this story broke,there were a lot of comments about how Drum Corps needed some type of independence in its governing body. Nothing happened. As long as the activity can keep chugging along,selling tickets,it most likely never will. DCI survived the negative stories,without having to make organizational changes,including keeping Dan. I don't see that as progress.
  4. I agree that a number of corps organizations have taken steps to be proactive. I don't feel the same about DCI. I see them as having hunkered down, and weathered the storm. Despite all the outrage expressed on places like DCP ,there haven't been any changes to their organizational structure,most most notably the Board of Directors. There also haven't been any changes "at the top". Unless I missed it,Dan is still there. I also haven't seen DCI making any effort to be Drum Corps' true governing body. Just my $0.02
  5. Saw them in exhibition last year. I thought I saw a "tinge' of the Bridgemen. Now I know why. They put on a pretty good show for kids,many of whom we were told,had no idea what drum corps really was,till they joined. Really looking forward to seeing them in Clifton and at the Easts.
  6. There was a story on the news last week that Philly just passed a law that requires all businesses to accept cash. They said being 100% cashless hurts low income individuals.
  7. Mruphy's proposal for N.J. would be a logistical/technical nightmare. Its obvious that the people who put this together never bothered to talk to any engineers. First off,the tax would be based on runoff, not impervious/pervious surfaces. Why does that matter ? In N.J., large (over 1 acre) projects must reduce the volume of existing runoff by up to 50%. They would be producing less runoff.Therefore,they would have to get a tax credit. The tax would be municipal. If a municipality wanted to implement it,they would have to create a Storm Water Commission . That commission would then have to determine how the tax was administered and the amounts.That would mean calculating how much runoff every property in a town generates. It would be just like real estate taxes. The tax would have to proportional to how much runoff any property generates. You couldn't restrict it commercial properties. If a property owner does any work that either increases or decreases runoff,their tax would have to be adjusted. As they say,the devil is in the details.
  8. I didn't march either. After reading some of the posts,I was curious about the survey,so I "fudged" answers so I could go through it. I just never submitted it. From reading the instructions,unless you do submit the completed survey,the results aren't recorded.
  9. I know in my business ,I am not required to retain any document,including emails for more then x years. We keep them for our own protection. If YEA regularly purged emails,I don't know that they'd have an exposure. Obviously,once the you know what hit the fan,they'd have to retain everything. Last year I took a cyber security class for my business. The instructor wanted to demonstrate how hard it is to delete anything in a digital world. He asked for someone's email address. Within a few minutes he had pulled up 5 years worth of deleted emails. So I would think if someone wanted/needed to see deleted YEA emails,it could be done.
  10. I would also have thought that any contract would have had language voiding any severance if he was fired "with cause",including a criminal conviction. The fact that YEA settled,before the resolution of the criminal charges against GH ,leads me to believe that they didn't have any such protections. I would also think that the settlement will be "sealed" so it may be hard to find out exactly what both sides agreed to.
  11. I haven't seen much,except corps like the Cadets saying they are still looking for quality musicians. Are you saying corps are if fact having more problems filling slots,then in past seasons ?
  12. I'm basing it on fact that,in the past,when corps have issues filling spots,they usually put out something on line,soliciting members. Haven't sen anything yet.
  13. I would think the majority of MM and their families don't have any idea of the DCI "mess". I have several friends who work with corps. None of them follow drum corps on line. They didn't hear anything about DCI's issues until I emailed them the "Failure to Protect" article. Again,being a cynic,I think that,by now,if the issues with DCI are raised by MM or their families,the corps have developed a uniform response to deflect the severity of the problems.
  14. To me,one of the most telling signs that fan outrage isn't resonating with MM or their families is that,despite everything that has come out, corps membership doesn't seem to have taken a hit. Also helps,that tickets for a lot of DCi events were sold before the ______ hit the fan,and are non-refundable. So if you're like me,and already purchased your tickets,you're stuck.