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  1. Opps ! (Red face) Corrected it . I'm not an "anti vaxer",but I'm also not going to rush out and get the covid vaccine either. Last week I was at a meeting on the best way to deal with positive tests in a local school system. One of the attendees was a doctor,another a pharmacist. We started talking about a Covid vaccine. They expressed the same concerns I have posted about. Namely,that we won't know for a while potential side effects. They can take a couple of years to show up. Some times the side effects can be worse then the disease.
  2. Just a follow up to my previous post. Cost aside,the logistics of testing all corps and staff members at least once,more likely twice,a week are daunting. Assuming the rapid test is used,you'd have to find labs with enough excess capacity to add 200 or so tests for each corps and staff. I live in a densely populated area,close to NYC. The labs around here that do rapid tests can handle a total of 200 or so a day. Right now they are turning people away every day. Trying to find labs with rapid test capability and capacity in "rural" areas may not be possible.
  3. A couple of weeks ago my wife needed to get a Covid test for a medical procedure. Problem was, they moved the procedure up. She needed the test results in 24 hours. She thought about getting a rapid test. But she was told that,right now ,they are only about 65% accurate,with a lot of false positives. That's what's happened with a number of NFL players who tested positive with the rapid test,false positives. Given the impact a positive test would have on a corps,until the rapid tests get more reliable,they really aren't a great option. Fortunately, in her case
  4. Actually,not in parts of NYC anymore. According to the news today,the city has put in new restrictions for demonstrations in what are considered "Hot Spots" . Allows the police a lot more latitude to disburse crowds and make arrests.
  5. The Orthodox Jewish communities in Ocean and Monmouth Counties were anything but cooperative. Going back to the Spring, in places like Lakewood ,the State police were finding "caravans" heading to tents hidden in the woods for engagement parties,weddings,Bar Mitzvah's and Bat Mitvah's,all in violation the Governor's Executive Orders on large gatherings. There were all kinds of problems over the Summer. In fact,nj.com did a big article about all the violations of the Governor's Executive Orders in Deal,with little local enforcement. As I posted,the hope is,with the end of
  6. New Jersey has seen a big spike in cases. They are primarily in Counties (Ocean and Monmouth and parts of Bergen) with large Orthodox Jewish communities. Large gatherings, with no masks or any type of social distancing have been a big problem. Its been building all Summer,due to a lack of any kind of local enforcement. But,the numbers really spiked during the high holy days. Sukkot ends tonight. Hopefully, that will cut down on the number of people participating in large gatherings,without masks or social distancing. At least Gov. Murphy has been clear that t
  7. I know that trying to classify instructors or staff as independent contractors can be really tricky. Years ago I believe the Bridgemen got into all kinds of tax trouble for calling instructors and other staff "independent contractors". I've had several of my employees want to be classified the same way. My accountant said if someone functions as an employee,they are one. He used the old "walks like a duck" analogy.
  8. I was just wondering if anyone here knows how a corps' business model works,when it comes corps hiring design staff,especially in this environment. Right now everything,including in person auditions and 2021 are up in the air. Corps also have little if any income streams. So I was wondering,does anyone know if any of these new hires being paid,or is that contingent on what eventually happens with 2021 season ?
  9. Some random thoughts: 1.As I've posted,my wife is a visiting nurse who has had to treat Covid patients. This week she had to go the hospital for a medical procedure. That meant a covid test. She had a "standard" swab test. Came back negative. :-) She was considering the rapid test. But she was told they are only around 65% accurate. With a lot of false positives. 2.There does seem to be evidence covid mutated. More contagious,but less "severe". We're seeing "spikes" in the Rate of Infection". But,even in Hot Spots,primarily Orthodox
  10. Dumont, New Jersey, had a large Demarcation Camp (Camp Merit). It was about 5 miles from where I live. When I was a kid, my grandfather,who was a WW 1 vet, took me to see the where the camp was,and show me the camp's Memorial Monument. He talked about how bad the 1918 influenza epidemic was and how many soldiers stationed there got sick and died. After WW 1 they tore the camp down. Now all that's left is the Memorial Monument. Its got the names of the over 500 people who died at the camp from what they now call the Spanish Flu.
  11. First off, no one knows what DCI may be doing "behind the scenes". That being said, right now there really isn't a whole lot DCI can do for 2021. There way too many unknowns. 1.What corps will survive and be able to compete in 2021 ? 2.For those corps that do survive, what will be the "touring model" ? 3.What rules will corps that do survive have to follow for things like hygiene, Social Distancing, including on busses etc. ? 4.Will any school house a corps, or, for that matter, even allow them to use outdoor facilities for practice ? 5.What venues will eve
  12. From what I've read,these hires see to have been "low profile" people,who could fly "under the radar", outside of the organizations who,for some reason, hired them. That won't be the case with GH. There's no way any organization could keep that hire a secret. I think the fear of repercussions would prevent his being hired by anyone in the marching arts.
  13. The reason the judge accepted the plea deal may have something to do with the fact that, according to the article that was posted, the victims were O.K. with it.
  14. One thing is for sure, whatever he had to pay his lawyers was worth it.
  15. Thanks. Would like to think he'd have no chance at returning to the activity until the 15 years is up.