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  1. They've been in camp for what,5 days. No long bus rides, plenty of "floor time", if they're even sleeping on floors. I'd be more surprised if moral wasn't high.
  2. Boston Crusaders 2023 : "Paradise Regained " ?
  3. I thought the number was "officially" raised to 55. In fact, after DCI enacted the rule "encorps" announced they would no longer be fielding a competitive corps. There is a rumor that they may be trying to back in 2023.
  4. Tour Premiere is now up on Fathom's "Event" page. AMC Theaters
  5. Don't see any locations in North Jersey, where I live. AMC had a lot more locations. I also don't don't know how widespread "Regal " theaters are around the country.
  6. If I missed this, I apologize. Looking at DCI's Calendar and the Fathom Events June line up I don't see the Tour Premiere. Anyone know if it will be broadcast in theaters ?
  7. I agree 100% about certain arrangements. I'm not a music person. Would arrangements include "layering" ? Sometimes, to my untrained ears, layering makes it difficult to hear the song's melody.
  8. Your post was about shows that were designed to "draw in many more people who may not necessarily know what drum corps is . . . ". It wasn't about keeping things "fresh" for fans that already follow the activity. If you're talking about attracting people who aren't familiar with the activity, and who aren't music majors, you have give them music they can relate to.
  9. What would appeal to more people are shows that use "recognizable" music. 2021 showed what type of music can draw. A number of shows appeal to music majors, but not the general public. Things like "layering" may impress music aficionados. But when "layering" obscures the melodies, it gets lost on a lot of us.
  10. I disagree with this . Some corps, maybe. In other cases I think the show designers put together shows that they enjoy or that stroke their egos. If the fans don't appreciate or enjoy it, its because we're not sophisticated enough to understand their art.
  11. Staying O.T. One of the experiments in my chemistry set was getting the mercury out of mercurochrome. The chemistry set also had the "recipe" for balck powder (sulphur ,salt peter and charcoal). In high school we used Mercury in Physics class to study wave motions. Different world. Speaking of "Different World" : its a great song by Bucky Covington .
  12. Not exactly 100% same. But there's a story in northjersey.com about a former student at Tiger Schulmann in NJ suing over alleged sexual abuse by an instructor. What's unusual is that the suit is against the company and franchises where the instructor worked. But not against the instructor. Depending on the specifics of the suit, this could have ramifications for other abuse cases, including drum corps. Its an interesting read.
  13. I agree with the concept of changing the touring model. I disagree with "It just isn't going to work anymore in this day and age." As long as corps have enough MM ($$$$$) and staff to tour, and as long as DCI can keep selling tickets to their events, there's no reason to expect anything to change. Unless and until the corps and DCI feel a financial "pinch" it can, unfortunately ,continue to be "business as usual" .
  14. This just isn't true. You should read the report about the sexual assaults by Robert Strauss at Ohio State. He abused adult males, including football players and wrestlers. Same with Larry Nassar. His abuses at Michigan State weren't confined to minors. People can get intimidated by people in positions of authority. Who would think a D1 football player would be a victim of sexual abuse by a not exactly physically intimidating doctor ? I was a D1 wrestler. Reader's Digest condensed version: One off season I was working with an outside trainer. He was a former Marine Drill Instructor (at least that what he said). Over the course of a couple of weeks, my training sessions started to go from normal to "unusual ", including intimidation. I could see where things were headed, so I just stopped going. I was going to report him to the police, but I never knew his last name, and he stopped going to the track where I trained.
  15. That would be a policy that would be very easy for DCI to implement. Require every corps to give every MM, staff member a one page flyer saying something to the effect that : If you are, or even suspect you may be a victim of _______ ,call 911 and report it to the police, before you notify anyone else.
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