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  1. Jumping smokers to the front of the line has angered a number of people here in N.J. There have also been a couple of interesting questions raised about this: A.How do you prove someone is a smoker ? B.If you were a smoker and quit,especially if it was recent,are you still considered a smoker ?
  2. I'm not saying smokers don't deserve to live too. I just don't feel its appropriate to let them jump to the front of the line, strictly because of their habit . That could delay other, in my opinion more deserving people, from getting vaccinated. If lung damage from covid was such a big concern to smokers, they should have quit, as soon they found out last Spring, how damaging covid can be to lungs.
  3. A bit of controversy in NJ,now that the state is allowing smokers to "jump the line" for vaccinations.
  4. Yesterday New York started allowing people over 65 or with certain underlying conditions to register to get the Covid vaccine. As of yesterday afternoon,the earliest appointments were sometime in April,IF NY gets enough of the vaccine doses. Still seems like at least June for the general public to get their first shot. New York's governor has also come up with what he says is a way to have live performances. The state will open a number of rapid testing centers. You would need a negative covid test,that day to attend. Don't think that will work out to well.
  5. Insurance is one of "elephants in the room" that has been discussed here. In addition to direct costs,of a member or fan getting covid,there are a number of potential peripheral costs. Things like cleaning a facility if there is a covid infection or lost revenue for a facility if they can't hold an event because of an infection from a corps that used their facility.
  6. Was that the show that a big "gift wrapped box" that they kept going in and out of ?
  7. The announcement references a June "move in" anyone know where ?
  8. My wife just got notified that she can schedule getting vaccinated. Originally she was going to wait. She's a visiting nurse and has a number of covid patients. So she decided to get vaccinated. Her first shot is 12/29. Hopefully no major side effects.
  9. My wife is a "front line" visiting nurse. No indication yet when she will be in line to be able to get the vaccine. In N.J. at least, after health care workers, come Long Term Care patients and staff. Then first responders. According the local news a vaccine won't be available to the "general public" until at least late Spring. I presume "young people" will be last on the list. According to the news this morning, Phizer is already having "supply chain" issues. Until there is a more specific time frame for the vaccine being available, how can a corps
  10. This was one of the issues that was raised with the stadium's design. Based on synthetic turf fields I've designed,the cost of including a drainage system was nothing,compared to the cost of a domed stadium. When LOS first opened the T.V. announcers brought up the fact that the field had no drainage system,and that it would severely limit the ability to have events with the roof open.
  11. Actually,a lot of fans show up for Rutgers games. They just tend to be fans of the opposing team.
  12. I believe its up to each state's Governor. In N.J., our Governor isn't allowing any fans at NFL games, even though they're open air stadiums. He also wouldn't allow fans at Rutgers football games. If anyone follows college football, that was the reason why, in the interest of fairness, no Big Ten game can have fans in the stands.
  13. DCI didn't make any reference to "carrying over" a 2020 ticket for 2021 in Indy. To me that is a pretty good indicator that there may not be many fans allowed in Lucas.
  14. To me this boils down to "the devil is in the details". From reading DCI's announcement,it sounds like DCI is still working things out,in anticipation of their Winter meeting.
  15. I presume DCI has been in discussions with the state and people who run Lucas. I wonder what they anticipate the number of fans to be allowed to attend will be. I also wonder many fans are going to want to attend in person. Maybe DCI is considering Pay Per View.