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  1. Thing is,without seeing their financial records,I don't know any way to know if a corps is "financially secure" or not. You really can't tell from the 501C3 tax forms. YEA is a pretty good example of how "deceiving" they can be,when it comes to an organization's financial health. I would have thought BD,SCV and the Troopers would,thanks to BINGO,been able to weather a financial storm. But,with that income stream gone,I don't know. Maybe its just Public Relations,but there seems to be a somewhat "desperate" tone in several of the fundraising requests I've seen. I don't think we'll know "financially secure " any corps,or for that matter DCI is,until we get closer to 2021.
  2. I have a couple of friends who are New Jersey judges. They're being told not to expect being able to have jury trials till December/January.
  3. In addition to Drum Corps my wife and I are roller coaster enthusiasts. The issue having of having to wear masks at all times in parks has been a hot topic on the coaster boards. One topic is the effectiveness of face coverings. One person put up an interesting post on the subject. www.coasterbuzz.com/forums/topic/cedar-point-facing-backlash-over-face-mask-policy/3 (I'm a dinosaur.If someone can get up a link,I'd appreciate it) The post is by Gary Gowdell. Regardless of how you feel about masks,its an interesting read. Personally I wear a mask where I'm required to. But sometimes,after a while, even in air conditioning,I have trouble breathing. When that happens I uncover my nose. But I've had situations where I had to take it off.
  4. The "blue baloney" reminded of this : Years ago I worked at a Snack Bar in an S.S. Kresge . The hot dogs we served came in an unmarked white box. One time,when I put them on the steam table,some of them got green stripes, where the steam touched them. Called my Manager over. He said it wasn't a problem,just put that side down on the bun. Nah,when he left,they went in the trash.
  5. We have a Democratic Governor,Assembly and Senate. Even a normally sympathetic press is going after the governor's scatter brained approach to reopening. Asbury Park,a Democratic stronghold voted to allow indoor dining. He sued them and got a temporary restraining order. This week Jersey City's Mayor,another staunch Democrat said the Governor needs to mover faster on opening thing back up. He said it needs to be done much faster. Then again,Murphy refuses to release data on how/where PPE equipment was distributed. Why ? Because it could be used by terrorists.
  6. My problem,at least when it comes to N.J., is the inconsistency on the part of our governor. He allowed "essential" businesses to stay open,but never defined "essential". He considered stores like Home Depot and Target to be "essential" because they sold food. No problem. But they could sell anything in the store,while clothing and appliance stores had to be closed. Barbers had to stay closed,even if they could follow the same safety protocols as other businesses. Starting Monday you can go to a Massage Parlor. But gyms have to stay closed. He also refuses to say what "metrics' he follows in making his decisions.
  7. Have to ask. What is a "mulch pit access card" ? As I posted,I have issues with wearing a mask. That being said, I respect the right of any business/property owner to require me to wear one in his place of business or on his property.
  8. In N.J.,at least the area where I live,Shop Rite cashiers will not put groceries into reusable bags. Either you bag yourself,or they put your groceries in a plastic bag,and you put it in your tote.
  9. What is really disturbing is that,at least in N.Y.'s case they had the ability to use the Javitz Center and USS Comfort. Even though the Comfort was refitted for Covid,NY didn't use it,at least not much. I'm also sure,if there was beds available on the Comfort,N.J. could have that ship for covid patients too.
  10. I'm kind of the opposite. I go to work every day. I don't wear a mask in public. I do wear one where required. Haven't worn gloves,except where a store owner requests you do. Have been using shopping carts,door handles,even public rest rooms. The one change I have made is washing my hands more often. Haven't had any issues. Same with my wife,who is a nurse. Obviously ,at work she does full PPE when dealing with covid patients. I'm 66,with no underlying health issues. My dad is 93 with Parkinson's. Been seeing him at least a couple of times a week,non-stop, with no mask (his call). He's doing O.K. (knock on wood) Maybe we just have good genes. Or maybe covid isn't quite as contagious as they first thought.
  11. if you go on you tube and search "1980 bridgemen" there's a 6 minute PM Magazine story about the corps. The whole video is fun to watch. But at the 3:10 mark they talk about the Bridgemen getting a special dinner,paid for by a third party. Shows how scarce food could be.
  12. I have a problem when people say they want to "demilitarize" the police , and eliminate funding for "military hardware". Organizations like police,fire ,etc. have to able to function in any emergency situation,be it man made or natural. That requires a clear "chain of command". That, in and of itself ,requires a quasi military model. Same thing,what exactly is "military hardware " ? Everyone seems to have have their own definition. At one time,the standard procedure in N.J. ,when dealing with an "active shooter (s)" situation, including schools,was for a police officer to wait for back-up. Not now. An officer is expected to go in immediately. That requires more "fire power" then a semi automatic pistol. Police have carried shot guns for years. Given their "spread", they aren't well suited for "close quarters" with "civilians" possibly in the "line of fire". Hence,an AR-15 or something similar is now standard in police vehicles. Does every police department need an armored vehicle ? No. But the terrorist attack in Jersey City last December showed the necessity of hainvg this type of equipment available on at least a County basis.
  13. Simple answer,in my opinion: lousy ! The guy can't make up his mind on anything concerning covid. He got photographed attending 2 Floyd rallies over the weekend. Both violated his Executive Orders for maximum number of people and social distancing . But it was O.K.for him. There was an Editorial that said something to effect "not OK for me,but OK for thee". Yesterday he reversed himself on the "stay at home" order he just extended last week and is allowing much bigger gatherings.
  14. Unfortunately,this doesn't prove the value of wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid, one way or another. The only way to know have effective masks are, would be to have a direct comparison of a similar number of people,in the same environment,not wearing masks. Kind of like a control group being given a placebo. I live in N.J. According to Gov. Cuomo ,so far, tests of protesters,a significant number of which weren't wearing masks,did not show a spike in positive tests. Combine that with the WHO's original statement that it is "rare" for asymptomatic people to spread covid and it raises questions about the effectiveness of wearing a face covering. There's no question,wearing one doesn't hurt,except around my ears,so I follow the rules and wear one,where I have to. Its also interesting that,based on an article I read,the WHO uses 1 meter for Social Distancing,the CDC roughly 2 meters. Germany and Austria use 1.5 meters. Covid seems to be a moving target,rules change constantly,back and forth. I don't think we'll know what worked and what didn't til months or years from now.