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  1. If i remember correctly,Mr.Mason actually posted on DCP that he left Madison to work on the an anniversary version of BLAST
  2. I don't think we'll know the impact of the current trends in drum corps for several years. A lot of "old timers" will hang around,because its the "only game in town". Parents and other relatives will always attend shows when their kids are marching. What remains to be seen is if the current trend in show designs,uniforms,traditions, translates into people who are currently part of drum corps,(MM,family,etc.) staying involved,by attending shows,after they are no longer directly involved. They do,Drum Corps can flourish. They don't,there are going to be problems once there aren't any more "old timers".
  3. I only skimmed the comments in this thread,so if this has been posted,I apologize. Unless I missed it,Madison's announcement doesn't say anything like "effective in 2020". So does that mean that,if the Scouts have a "hole",a female can audition for the rest of the season ?
  4. Saw them last night at Metlife. From when they first walk on the field,till they walk off,the kids do a great job of "selling" the theme. Just wondering if,by the end of the season,they'll introduce a cat or two ?
  5. At last night's show my wife and I noticed the cadets were selling BD,SCV and Cavies gear. We were told they're in some type of "partnership" with these corps to sell each others' gear. Anyone here know anything more ?
  6. I was at Metlife last night. I've got a few questions about the Bluecoats perfromance: 1.Who makes the decision to stop the show for safety ? 2.Does stopping and restarting affect their score ? 3.I can see if this only happens once,but what if it happens frequently,are there any "penalties "?
  7. Last night's show at Metlife highlighted another issue with some props like the ones the Bluecoats and Cadets are using. Even a little rain,last night's show had some drizzle and showers makes the prop's surfaces slippery. I'm surprised they don't use some type on non-slip surface.
  8. I'm an engineer. I've provided expert testimony for a variety of cases including faulty playground equipment,unsafe conditions,like poorly lit walkways, and damaged curb,sidewalk and pavement. Based on this,I was wondering: 1.Are there design standards for a large prop ? For example ,do large props require plans, signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer or Architect. 2.Do ramps have to meet design standards for a maximum slope ? 3.Do props come with instructions from the manufacturer for things like assembly and inspections. And,if they do,who "signs off" that they were assembled properly for each show ? 4.How often are props checked for damage ? 5.A corps selling a prop after the season scares the you know what out of me. If an injury occurs,the opposition is going to go over it with a fine tooth comb,looking for any flaw,including damage or repairs. Even if they are unrelated to the injury,that is a big problem. When I look at some of these large props,all I see is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  9. A couple of questions: 1. What is the "working relationship" between DCI and their Judges ? Are they "paid consultants" ,"seasonal employees" or something else. 2.if DCI determines that a Judge is not following this rule,what are the mechanisms to address the situation ? I would hope it would be similar to a lot businesses,namely: A.Warning B.Suspension C.Termination
  10. A couple of interesting (at least to me) noise stories: 1.Years ago a homeowner filed a noise complaint against Dorney Park. They claimed the noise levels were affecting their quality of life. Turns out they had bought a home right by the park. When the complaint was heard,they were asked whether,when they were looking at the house, they the saw the amusement park. The answer was "yes,but we bought the house in the winter." 2.At one time Whitehall Township wanted a Judge to look into whether Dorney Park was too noisy. Turned out I-78 was louder inside parts of the park,then the rides were outside. 3.I was involved in litigation involving noise from refrigerated trucks. The complainants said that the noise from the trucks prevented them from opening their windows at night. They were parked overnight, next to a produce warehouse ,in a residential neighborhood. We did a Noise Study. Took sound levels next to the trucks and throughout the neighborhood for several nights , with the trucks on and off. It turned out the crickets in the area were louder then the trucks. The problem was that the sound of the trucks was "distinctive". That is you could distinguish it from ambient sound. You can't objectively access the effect of a "distinguishable" sound. So the trucks were allowed to stay,until,years later,they moved the produce operation.
  11. After watching BAC at the Tour Premiere,my wife and I,as well as the people sitting around us, said that the scenes with Goliath,particularly his death,reminded them of the Black Night in Monty Python and The Holy Grail. As far as the fake head and red streamers. They used fake limbs and red streamers in Holy Grail on Broadway.
  12. People had been ranting,raving,complaining about GH for years,nothing happened. Even after the original allegations against him came out, the old BoD didn't exactly move at the speed of light to address the situation. Based on that,I don''t think ranting or raving has much of an impact. As I've posted before,in my opinion,the only thing that gets a corps' or DCI's attention is when their "bottom line" takes a hit.
  13. It was apparent that Ms.Vento wasn't quite ready for prime time. I was surprised they didn't start her out on the sidelines. Guess they we were looking for a different dynamic in the booth. As far as makeup,it was harsh,but that may have been due,in part,to the lighting in the broadcast booth. I don't know if Ms.Vento will grow into the position or not. At least now she's got a few weeks to practice. Several people sitting around my wife and I were saying that,based on her previous appearances,if she was willing, and available, Janina Gavankar would have been a better choice.
  14. That what it looked like to everyone at the theater we were in,right down to the blue sunglasses.
  15. My wife and I went to the AMC Theater in Paramus ,N.J. 1.When we got there, the only way to buy tickets was with automated kiosks. It wasn't a problem for us.But some people were having problems figuring out how to use them. Several of the kiosks said they took cash or credit. But none of them took cash. There wasn't anyone around ,anywhere ,to ask for help . Unlike last year,they did require you to select seats. 2..Last year ,at at the same theater , they forgot to turn on the BLL broadcast. I told a Manager about it.By the time they got the broadcast on,we had missed most of the first corps. Last night the screen was still dark at 8:25. I figured,after what happened last year,I'd tell a Manager about the live broadcast at 8:30. First off,good luck finding a Manager. Finally,one of the ticket takers got on a walkie/talkie. After some back and forth discussion,somebody was able to get the broadcast on. It came on,just in time to catch Phantom. 3.They were able to get the broadcast on. But,they left the houselights on for the whole show. Our ticket stubs had a request to do an on line survey. I don't think AMC will be thrilled with our responses.