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  1. I didn't get one,at least no yet. Did they give you the option of keeping your seats for 2021 ?
  2. Has anyone seen or heard anything about tickets to the Easts ?
  3. Bethlehem's Music fest starts that weekend. Assuming its not canceled,my wife and i considering tailgating,then heading over there. We tailgate on the street,so it shouldn't be an issue (we hope).
  4. Don't know where "here" is. But they are considered "essential " in N.J. The Record had an article on this today. One of main reasons is avoid forcing people with alcohol dependency into withdrawal and possibly into the hospital. My brother is an alcoholic. Once he tried to quit "cold turkey". He had severe withdrawal symptoms ,including "the shakes",tremors and hallucinations. Ended up in the hospital. They had to give him Valium, or something like it ,help him "detox" and prevent seizures. He was there for a few days. So I can understand not wanting more people to end up in the E.R.
  5. According to a story on the news this morning,a lot of guys have started doing their own "buzz cuts'" or shaving their heads.
  6. For those who didn't march or just want another go round: First Stadium you saw a show in: ___________ Last Stadium you saw a show in : __________ Best Stadium you saw a show in : ___________ Worst stadium you saw a show in:____________ Stadium with best refreshments: _____________ Stadium with worst refreshments:____________
  7. Does anyone know if the Cadets will still be making an announcement about their "independence" ,on 3/31 ,like they were supposed to ?
  8. Does anyone know when corps order/receive their merchandise ? If they are locked in and can't cancel,maybe DCI could work with them to set up a way to easily link to each corps' "store",since some are on a separate site. May not help a lot,but if they can sell what they already bought,its something.
  9. Has anyone seen any kind of press release from INT. ?
  10. Just wondering what exactly "move forward" refers to.?
  11. Not asking for details. (Unless you'd like to provide them of course :-) ) But are you saying 1 or more people weren't in favor of canceling the season ?
  12. Hate to show technical ignorance,but where is this ?
  13. My company still has an old HP 86 desk top,that we use on occasion. Back in the 80's,HP had the best Land Surveying software. And,their HP 41 handheld computer used the same nomenclature. The Hp 86 had/has one of the only programs that could solve what is known as a non-tangent curve.
  14. Mid -April is only around 3 weeks away. Can't see much changing by then. Didn't Michigan just announce a 3 week shut down yesterday ? I agree with refunding tickets for 2020. I don't know if DCI has long term contracts with venues,so some shows could be "up in the air". I would give people the option,if the event is in the same venue, of keeping their seat locations. Kind of like what they always used to do.