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  1. What's as or more important is whether the Alumni, and the other people who write the donation checks, embrace the coed model. In my opinion that will depend in large part on how the corps does, when they go back to judged competitions.
  2. The only parking is on the streets. For a normal year,you have to get there real EARLY to get a spot close to the stadium.
  3. I've said it before, I believe that, from a marketing perspective, DCI is making a colossal blunder by not finding away to have some type of BLL from Indy. From what I've read here, the opinion of people that "Summer Reruns" wont sell, turned out to be dead on. Also seems the videos from 2021 camps are what people who went liked the most. That shows there is a market for live Drum Corps. I'm, sure if DCI wanted to they could/would find a way to do this.
  4. But you don't get free refills on overpriced popcorn and soda. 🙂
  5. After the experiences of the two competitors I posted about, I have no regrets about staying away from the PPP. Rather then take out a loan, that might become a grant,my accountant recommended furloughing employees ,until the economy recovered enough to bring them back. Didn't make much sense to him to take out a loan to pay people,if there wasn't much of anything for them to do. We partially furloughed several of our staff,from full time to part time. They were able to collect unemployment, and with the enhanced Federal Benefits didn't get hurt economically. As the ec
  6. As I posted,two of my competitors got PPP's. Neither one was able to get their loans converted to grants. Based on that,I'm glad my corporate lawyer and accountant said to "stay away".
  7. My concerns weren't with getting the PPP. It was the fact that there was no assurance it would be converted from a loan to a grant. In fact, there seemed to be a number of different ways the Feds could keep it as a loan. That's why, after reviewing all requirements, my corporate attorney and account said to "stay away". Can I ask what type and size business you have and if you've been able to meet all the requirements to convert it from a loan to a grant ? I run a small engineering /land surveying company in NJ. A couple of my competitors applied for and got PP
  8. I don't believe it was interest free. But, to be honest, I don't remember exactly how it worked. The program was touted, at least around here, as being an almost automatic conversion from a loan to a grant. Thing is, when you go through the documents "almost automatic" wasn't, to be polite, "quite accurate". If you didn't do everything perfectly, I believe there were even requirements for the color ink you had to use to sign documents, the government could keep the PPP as a loan. Some flaws were "correctable", others you only got "one bite at the apple". As I pos
  9. Last year I looked into a PPP loan/grant for my small business. If you get approved,you have to provide documentation on how you spent every penny. The was particularly important with PPP,since it was a loan that could become a grant,if you met all of the procedural requirements. In my case our corporate atty. and account felt there were too many "land mines" that could prevent the loan becoming a grant,to risk it. I would think DCI's grant has similar reporting requirements. I just don't know if they would ever be made "public".
  10. If you read DCI's announcement that was posted at the beginning of this thread,they say things like "assisting" with revenue loss from the cancellation of the 2020 season and restoring their "line of credit". They also talk about restoring some staff. If this grant resulted in letting them retire their outstanding debt,I would think they would say it. Given the type of grant,and having tried to get a PPP loan for my business,I would think the grant would have to be specific to losses due directly to covid. I would also think DCI will have to provide very specific inf
  11. From reading DCI's announcement, this grant will "assist in compensating . . ." . If I'm reading that correctly, the grant is to address losses for 2020 do due to no ticket sales. Apparently, the $4.7 M isn't enough to wipe out DCI's debt and get them "into the black". So the question is, just how much "red ink" is DCI still carrying ?
  12. I vote that they use some of the money to work with Fathom to put on a BLL in Indy.
  13. I'm not on facebook. Tried the link,but NG. Thanks anyway.
  14. Never knew that about palmetto bugs being flying roaches. Not a fan of heat, humidity or bugs. So, when my parents decided to stop going to Boca,we sold the condo.