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  1. I don't know if it will be a problem or not. Hopefully its not, and the Cadets talk about it in detail,next week. I think a lot depends on just how big a "relatively small debt" is ,and how many companies. they owe money to. "Cred,kudos sounds nice. But, what good are "future orders" if you're not assured your getting paid,especially when that's happened before ? Maybe the companies that deal with drum corps are different. But most companies want to get paid for services or goods they provide. I know in my business,if a client owes me money ,and wants more work done my answer isn't usually "sure,glad to help you out". "Cred" doesn't help me pay my employees every week. .
  2. One of things that I hopes come out is if/how the organization have dealt with creditors when, it comes to their restructuring. Hopefully there's been a lot of communication with them and maybe,just maybe,they have agreements in the works to avoid lengthy legal battles over debt payments.
  3. Personally,I would love to see the Cadets come home. But,that being said. I worked with Hackensack,when the Cadets moved there. Our experience "promises made,promises broken". The organization burned a lot of bridges and left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. GH or not,some of those bad feelings may still be around. I also don't know if moving back creates any issues with past debts.
  4. Couldn't agree more. A municipality I work with purchased a "historic" (based on age) house. Over the years it had some renovations done,so it couldn't automatically go on the National Historic Register. Their original intent was to form a 501(c)(3). Complicated and time consuming doesn't begin to describe the process. Eventually they had to give up the idea and sold the property.
  5. The operative phrase is "try to shed". A few years ago one of my clients went Chapter 11. He was a developer ,with a number of what he thought were independent "companies". Just like YEA/the Cadets,they had to figure who owned/owed what,what their value was and how the assets would be distributed to creditors. It was complicated and took years to get hashed out. He also found out that,based on how bankruptcy laws are written,a number of what he and his bankruptcy lawyers thought were "separate" companies,from the ones that went Chapter 11,in most cases they weren't. In his case,he retired,so it didn't matter who got "burned". With YEA/the Cadets,they may still need to do business with some of the companies that would be hurt by them going Chapter 11. That could be an issue down the road.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing specifics as to what exactly "a well - defined on going business relationship" means.
  7. From what you posted,Varsity becoming a "one stop shop" for uniforms,equipment,etc. makes a lot of sense. It does seem like it would be somewhat of a leap for them to get into the performance end (competitions,camps,etc.) of either marching band or drum corps.
  8. Thanks. Now I have to ask,what are probably a couple of dumb questions. 1.In looking at their web site,it only talks about "cheer". Do they currently have any involvement with marching band or drum corps ? 2.If they don't,why do people think they would in the future ?
  9. Forgive my ignorance. I keep reading posts about "varsity". Is that varsity.com,the company that handles cheer competitions,or is there another entity ?
  10. That's what I would think. This way,everyone is on the same page when it comes to the Cadets plans.
  11. I plan on going to the March Camp in N.J. Based on the Cadets' intention to announce their plan at the 2/18 Alumni meeting, I would expect some type of announcement before I go.
  12. In all honesty,I would hope that YEA/the Cadets will have made some type of "official" announcement before then. Although I may take a ride,just to hear the corps.
  13. As I posted,I'm sure,if I email them,and promise to keep it a secret,they'll tell me exactly what's going on,before they tell the rest of the world.
  14. I'm not asking DCP. As has been posted here,until YEA/the Cadets issue something official,everything else is just supposition. I'm just saying that,if YEA/the Cadets are seeking donations,donors are entitled to information on the the financial health of the organization. As I'v posted before,I'm willing to wait for a public statement. For some reason ,I think they'll issue their public statement,long before they tell me what's going on. Even if I promise to keep what they tell me a secret.
  15. I'm not asking for the gory details on the inner workings of the organization. I also agree the YEA/the Cadets need to have their "ducks in row" before they go public. However,I do feel that,since The Cadets are seeking donations from people like me,I am entitled to some information on the financial "health" of the organization,before I send out the check.