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  1. Extract of an article to appear in the Bulletin of the History Society of Rivière-du-Nord ... - Sorry, that's a Google Translation... - The missing marching music corps of St-Jerome: The first civil band in Lower Canada (1850). Old School Fanfare, Fantasistes Laurentiens, Gais Baladins, Mousquetaires (and Corps affiliates Mini-Mousses and Mousselines), 4e Brigade, Jérômiennes, Décibels, L'Insolite. "The movement had developed outside the school system since the 1960s, depriving itself of the educational link, recruitment and funding. Worse, governments have begun renting their rehearsal spaces (schools) at very high cost. State subsidies have never been granted, or have remained starved. No charitable organization or NPO could today generate revenues capable of absorbing the costs of a tour corps. Also, parades offer the same character to groups as thirty years ago, or replace them with a conceptual and commissioned float. Transportation costs have become out of minds. Recruitment of young initiates has collapsed, because the teaching of music in schools is not widespread as in the United States, where each college or university has its "Marching Band". Since 1976, the many activities for young people have also exploded in Quebec. No more the monopoly of hockey, baseball and figure skating! Olympic sports (including soccer), so-called "extreme" sports, or individual sports such as the video console and digital games take the place. Quebec has been very individualized in recent years. However, the activity of a music body is at first communitarian, where senses of the "WE" takes on a very great importance."