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  1. Battalion is not listed in the Open lineup (nor World Prelims) posted on dci.org. One other big corps missing from World Prelims is Blue Devils B. They are shown in Open Championships. It's unfortunate BD is denying their B corps the additional performance opportunities, and also the fans will miss them for Prelims and (likely) Semis.
  2. If you have about 10 minutes and aren't familiar with what high school lines can do, check this out. The new BOA Grand National Champion final run through with a camera following the drum line around. Vandegrift drumline @ final rehearsal I realize comparing outdoor and indoor is a little bit apples and oranges, but for percussionists, how does this line compare to someone like Chino Hills? I wonder how many alumni of this 10-year old program have marched corps, and if any of these young men and women plan to march in DCI once their high school days end.
  3. Anyone know of any Open Corps applying to be World Class corps? Groups applying for Open Class status? Any Open corps who did not attend Championships last year and plan to do so in 2020 (thereby competing in World Class Prelims, making it relevant to this forum)? Finally, in addition to Kidsgrove Scouts, any word of other International groups coming?
  4. I remember DCI South Prelims at Legion Field in Birmingham in the '80s. I could feel the heat through the soles of my shoes. That was probably different turf than anyone uses these days.
  5. Wireless mic change Marching Roundtable podcast about mandated frequency changes. Posting this not so much for corps as for band directors and staff who may not be aware of the coming change.
  6. I understand, which is why I specifically mentioned rehearsals in unused exhibit hall space during a down time in the convention season. The new stadium is an indoor stadium.
  7. Las Vegas at the new Raiders stadium. The heat issue was largely dealt with by a DCP'er who actually lives there who pointed out two important factors# 1) The time of year DCI is held is a low point of the convention season, which means 2) Hundreds of thousands of square feet of unused convenrion space which could be used for rehearsals.
  8. WGI news- I see where the entity formerly known ad Pioneer Indoor based in Illinois is coming out as an Open line knowm as Pi Percussion. To the best of my knowledge, this group has no current ties to Pioneer. Meanwhile, there is an A line called Pioneer Indoor based in Milwaukee that has registered. I wish the best to the members of that line, but where are these members going to come from?
  9. A local news outlet published a list of new food offerings for LOS. An asterisk means available in. Suites only. Chicken and waffle sandwich that also has bacon and strawberry jam. Nachos with Indiana-raised duck shredded on top Several vegetarian options Surf and turf kabobs with beef and shrimp* Three foot Italian sub* Pimento mac and cheese bites* fresh baked pies, dip and salads* 'Burger of the Game,' based on each opponent Beer flights and hard seltzer
  10. Have we seen the last of OC? They still have an active webpage.
  11. Posting for a friend who had to leave Indy. Finals ticket available Sec. 140, Row 11, Seat 13. Call or text 214-697-1240 for arrangements.
  12. Still holding out for a successful event in the new Raider crib in Vegas in 2021.
  13. Per Pride of Cincinnati's website, they are taking the 2020 season off and plan to return in 2021.