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  1. I don't have a dog in this fight regarding DCI ticket refunds, but it seems to me this was an example of an easily forseeable PR blunder. Given the economic situation many may find themselves in, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a lot of people are going to want a refund as they may need those funds for basic living expenses. I'm glad they have a Refund Form for those that want/need a refund, but this should have been included in their initial offering of choices, not as something they make their paying customers go out of their way to find out. For naysayers: Yes, we are aware there were a lot of things DCI had to deal with in the last month, but common sense should have kicked in regarding messaging. Not offering the Refund Form in their communication about options was tone deaf. Did they have a lot to deal with, yes. Does that mean there weren't messaging issues that could have been anticipated when drafting the communication? Also, yes. Back to your regular scheduled thread.
  2. One factor that may work against the majority of bands and corps is that the Tresona ruling was about pop tunes with many different hands in the pot. I'd venture the majority of music performed by corps and competitive bands is from the concert band or symphonic realm. Only one composer. How many symphonic and concert band works have the layers of rights holders that a pop tune might? There is probably one publisher for that composition. This ruling may work in favor of bands who play pop music to the detriment of those who play symphonic or concert band literature. One way around this may be to shoehorn a show concept having nothing to do with the source material (commonplace these days) and cite fair use, but if a band wanted to do a show of Shostakovich 5th with no underlying unrelated theme, I'm not certain if they could claim fair use. Thoughts?
  3. Cascades link I hope their 2021 plans come to fruition. I like what they had to say to current and (hopefully) future 2021 members. Interesting note about the offseason brass in Dallas.
  4. Things will be all well and good when the $35 million earmarked for the Kennedy Center in the bill proposed by the House of Representatives passes, along with same day voter registration and mandatory carbon offsets for airlines, because those are SO CRITICAL to helping the current situation. To relate this to drum corps, I hope DCI doesn't take any of the relief package money (if the House bill passes), because one of the items in the bill requires companies to report on the demographic breakdown of their supply chains (not just the company itself, but of it's supply chains). How is a company supposed to know that level of detail about another company when they're just buying paper or office furniture or whatnot? As Rahm Emanuel said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."
  5. I'm not sure how many FTE's work for DCI or what (if any) layoffs/staffing changes may occur if/when 2020 cancellation announcement is made.
  6. Images of Dan Acheson running onto the field wildly waving his arms just as the Bluecoats soloist was about to do the solo ending with "the wink."
  7. For something non-virus related: What is your favorite meal to eat before watching a dci contest? For me, a good steak or nice, thick cheeseburger.
  8. Study showing spread slower as temp & humidity increase Maybe the Texas part of tour would be the ideal place to start, if the research in the article is correct.
  9. To have a non-Covid-19 topic: There are 4-valve contras and (to the best of my knowledge) marching tubas. With the extra parts comes extra cost. Topic question: Is the 4th valve worth the extra money? What practical benefits (ie- musical benefits that would be noticed and contribute to scores or overall sonority to an audience member) does the 4th valve provide, if any?
  10. Tone-deaf lawsuit If you want to read how out of touch some companies are in our currect situation, read this Ars Technica article about one company suing another company working on a coronavirus test for a patent violation.
  11. Generational rift WSJ article Interesting article in Wall Street Journal about "so-what" attitude of a number of millennials and younger.
  12. Just got the word. WGI officially cancelled Championships for Guard, Percussion, and Winds. _________ WGI World Championship Statement At the direction of Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health, and in consultation with the Ohio Department of Health, and Governor DeWine, WGI Sport of the Arts is canceling the 2020 WGI World Championships for Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds. The numbers involved in an event of this magnitude urge caution in light of recent national and international health concerns. Over nine days of competition, groups from 41 states and five countries would travel with over 16,000 participants. While we are deeply saddened to cancel these prestigious events, our priority is, and always has been the health and well-being of all those involved with our organization. Creating opportunities for young people is the foundation of WGI. The world championships are the culmination of a competitive season and this will mark the first time in 43 years this tradition of excellence will be interrupted by an unprecedented situation. We are grateful for the support and guidance of Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health as well as Greene, Hamilton, and Campbell counties in arriving at a decision in the best interest of all parties. Although it’s true the 2020 WGI World Championships will not take place as we hoped, WGI as an organization will continue our mission - to provide a venue for young people to achieve the extraordinary through performance and competition. Over the coming weeks WGI will be working to untangle the complexities of this situation and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Regarding Refunds: Entry fees - WGI will offer all groups registered for the 2020 World Championships a credit to be used towards any 2021 event entry fee, or a full refund issued upon request. Backside ticket orders - Full refunds will be processed within the next 30 days and/or those invoices will be voided if currently unpaid.
  13. WGI update Event Update for Tuesday, March 10 Because the Coronavirus is progressing at different rates, in different global regions and countries, the first advice from all sources is to be in direct touch with local health and government officials, and to follow whatever protocol they are establishing and requesting. In limited instances, large mass gatherings, including festivals and events, along with corporate meetings, theme parks, religious gatherings, and travel to/from those locations have been cancelled to protect against the further spread of the virus, with others (like the Olympic Games and NCAA) watching very closely. In North America, there has not yet been any mandatory directions given at this point, but all businesses and schools and the general populace have been advised that they should discuss and make plans in the event that closures, or cancellations become necessary moving forward. For festivals and events, should the virus continue to spread and grow, the options will likely be a short list: to proceed as normal, with messaging regarding prevention steps (as against the flu) to our attendees; or, to cancel or postpone. We realize that postponing is not an option due to the school calendar year and obviously cancellation would be devastating to our participants and fans. We understand this uncertainty regarding the World Championships is frustrating to all concerned and we share in that anxiety with all of you. Directors should review travel plans for any flexibility in final travel arrangements to Dayton until we receive more information about possible restrictions and/or changes to previously announced world championship plans. WGI has been meeting with Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health as well as Ohio Public Health and will have a final determination by end of this week. Currently, all regionals are proceeding as scheduled. We are in communications with each event partner and will inform participating groups immediately of any developments. All those involved with WGI should reference the Information on Coronavirus on our website containing important information to prevent the spread of the virus and reinforce these guidelines with your participants, staff, and volunteers. WGI continues to follow guidance from the Center of Disease Control, state and local departments of health, and school districts of our participating groups to ensure a safe, healthy environment for our performers and fans. In this time of uncertainty, rest assured that we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis to make the best decision to protect the health and well-being of all those participating in WGI. We wish everyone continued good health and thank you for your attention and vigilance. WGI Sport of the Arts
  14. I know some motorsports events have insurance for rainouts. If their event gets rained out, the insurance pays, though I'm not sure how much. Do any drum corps shows have a similar type of insurance? I am not sure if that type of event insurance pays only for weather related cancellations, or if something like a (hypothetical) virus-related cancellation would be covered.