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  1. Are you suggesting that the core essence of what the activity is and has always been (brass and percussion) be changed for the benefit of one corporation? Fwiw, one of my interests aside from pageantry is motorsports. Several orgs from a gamut of motorsports series have had deals with companies to be the exclusive supplier of this or that product or component. While the benefits of cost control are usually touted, funny thing is the costs in these deals usually go up ( for the competitor).
  2. Not sure if this was posted here, but Carolina Gold decided to move to DCI Open Class from DCA. My understanding is, if approved, they would compete at Championships. Did they (or anyone else) get approved? I can tie this to World Class as they would compete in WC Prelims. If nobody folds/goes inactive, they would make the 40th corps in 2020 World Class prelims.
  3. Neither. You left out choice C, which is neither acoustic strings (more accurately, artificially amplified) nor synth. More available tonal colors for arrangers does not automatically enhance the experience for the viewer. Not speaking for anyone else, but I am perfectly content experiencing drum corps limited to sonorities of brass and percussion.
  4. I would not say SoundSport competes against WGI Winds. One is a summer activity, one is a winter/spring activity and the structure of each is quite different.
  5. I am not greatly familiar with Ms. Black. This is her relevant bio.--- Upon accepting Morrison’s resignation, the board elected New Mexico lawyer Kathy Black as its new chair. She is an attorney for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, representing the U.S. Forest Service in civil rights matters and joined the DCI Board of Directors in 2016. Black is an Indianapolis native and is an accomplished jazz, rock and blues drummer. She marched as a member of the Guardsmen Drum and Bugle Corps and has long been an advocate for the marching arts. DCI Executive Director and CEO Dan Acheson said, "Kathy is an integral member of our board, and we look forward to her leadership. The DCI community will no doubt benefit from her efforts not only as the board’s new chair, but also through her newly established ‘IN STEP: Women in DCI’ initiative."
  6. So, you're saying as long as WC corps (in Seattle or Jersey, let's say) have a few openings, then there is no reason for an Open Class corps to start up in Kansas City, Charleston SC, or Portland, ME, even though those area have nothing to do with each other.
  7. I mentioned Academie Musicale '90 and Boston '83 to point out the irony of two top 25 corps (in an era with lots more total corps than 2020) that would not even be allowed to see the field today.
  8. Someone can correct if this is not accurate, but in the 80s, I believe Boston Crusaders were known simply as Boston for a few years. In 1983, a search of archives shows a 21st place finish in Semis. Was that the year they had 50-something members and always competed in World Class ( which at that time was known as Open Class.)
  9. How large was Academie Musicale when they made top 25 in 1990?
  10. Battalion is not listed in the Open lineup (nor World Prelims) posted on dci.org. One other big corps missing from World Prelims is Blue Devils B. They are shown in Open Championships. It's unfortunate BD is denying their B corps the additional performance opportunities, and also the fans will miss them for Prelims and (likely) Semis.
  11. If you have about 10 minutes and aren't familiar with what high school lines can do, check this out. The new BOA Grand National Champion final run through with a camera following the drum line around. Vandegrift drumline @ final rehearsal I realize comparing outdoor and indoor is a little bit apples and oranges, but for percussionists, how does this line compare to someone like Chino Hills? I wonder how many alumni of this 10-year old program have marched corps, and if any of these young men and women plan to march in DCI once their high school days end.
  12. Anyone know of any Open Corps applying to be World Class corps? Groups applying for Open Class status? Any Open corps who did not attend Championships last year and plan to do so in 2020 (thereby competing in World Class Prelims, making it relevant to this forum)? Finally, in addition to Kidsgrove Scouts, any word of other International groups coming?
  13. I remember DCI South Prelims at Legion Field in Birmingham in the '80s. I could feel the heat through the soles of my shoes. That was probably different turf than anyone uses these days.
  14. Wireless mic change Marching Roundtable podcast about mandated frequency changes. Posting this not so much for corps as for band directors and staff who may not be aware of the coming change.