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  1. Haven't seen the Snyder Cut of Justice League, but most reviews I've seen rate it as superior to the Josh Whedon original (for limited context, I understand Zach Snyder shot about 90% of the film, then was replaced for a reason I cannot recall, and Josh Whedon went in and redid it). The general context is a film that was meh, and now was reworked and is a much better product. Relating this to the field- Can you think of any shows which (in your opinion) had a wonderful concept, but the design just didn't get it right? Which corps/shows do you think could have been monsters if they could be reworked with a different design team? In other words, if a corps could do a metaphorical "Snyder Cut" of one of their prior shows? (OT bonus question- for those of you who have seen both versions of the film, which do you prefer and why?)
  2. Since drum corps is a summer activity, the coldest many people have probably felt is if the AC at Lucas Oil Stadium is too cool for comfort. There have been plenty of shows where it was uncomfortably hot, but has anyone been to a show were you froze your backside off? In the old days when DCM had early season shows in Wisconsin, or perhaps in the northeast would be the most likely places for an early season cold front. Has anyone ever performed or spectated at a corps show where it was in the lower 40s or colder? Any early June temps in the 30s? Anyone? Anyone?
  3. If delayed until 2022, how many of the 22 2019 WC corps do we guesstimate will make it to the field.
  4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... Statewide Indiana is at a 3.9 % positivity rate. As of Saturday 9 /26, places can open at full capacity, including large gatherings. August 2021 is a long way away, but barring the unexpected there would be no state-mandated reason DCI couldn't happen. 2 caveats - 1) cities can set their own guidelines, though the Indy mayor just got sued by a bunch of business owners. It would not be in his interest to be on an island from surrounding communities, though that's been the situation; and 2) after the destruction of riots/protests in June, plus the aforementioned mayor allowing the homeless to crap in the streets like San Francisco, I'm not sure DCI really would want to have Finals back in Indy regardless of whatever sweetheart deal they have. The city of Indianapolis has changed since August 2019, and not in a good way.
  5. To avoid any ambiguity, simple yes or no answer please: Will newly formed Independent Soundsport groups be allowed to compete?
  6. This is related to the SoundSport announcement, but since it deals with one very important aspect of the Varsity Sports announcement that merits discussion without being interspersed with discussions regarding whether cheerleading is/is not a sport, it's getting it's own thread. The FAQ part of DCI's announcement says this: How does this partnership affect current participant SoundSport® teams? "This will not affect current summer tour DCI SoundSport events. The reimagined SoundSport® Scholastic events will expand performance opportunities to a wide variety of scholastic teams in addition to pre-existing independent teams. The goal with this partnership is to increase participation across multiple performing arts categories with new scholastic environments in mind." "emphasis mine The word "current" should send chills up drum corps fans' spines. How many corps have formed out of SoundSport? Even if only a few, that's a few that SoundSport fostered and those corps may not have formed had they not dipped their toes in the water with Soundsport. If someone wants to form a new independent group, the way this is worded, too bad, so sad. It seems as if one aspect of this side venture (SoundSport) that has aided the drum corps activity directly is being kneecapped, excepting those current groups who may form into a corps. In my little mind, especially given that some existing corps may not be around next year, DCI should do everything it can to foster growth of new corps, even if those corps perform locally at a few shows for the first few years. Even if DCI is on life support, if they are going to have a future, they need to find a way to make it feasible for more corps to form. SoundSport, at least as it formerly existed, allowed groups to start small and develop over a few years to the point where they could think about making the jump to an Open Class corps. High Schools may develop corps members, but they are not going to develop more corps.
  7. Who mentioned August? The venue would be a good Finals stadium, but DCI has a multi-year agreement with Indy..... assuming DCI survives. I was thinking more of a large earlier season show with the west coast corps, Blue Knights, and perhaps an east coast corps or two. When this city was talked about in a thread a couple years back, someone who lives in Vegas mentioned the summer was a down time for conventions there, and the possibility of using unused convention halls as rehearsal space. Nobody wants kids rehearsing in 110 degree weather, but given that Las Vegas is a growing major metropolitan area, it would seem DCI (if DCI exists going forward) would want to have shows in large population centers. Even with a non-national, Regional tour model, a California or Arizona to Vegas drive isn't that big of an ask. I do think that, if adequate rehearsal space could be acquired indoors in some of those huge vacant convention halls, the city would be a nice Finals venue. More than adequate hotel space, and those complaining about not much to do in Indy would have ample options. It's not going to happen as long as Finals are in Indy.... if there is such a thing as Finals in years to come.
  8. (Someday, perhaps the activity will again be in a place where discussions such as this topic can have real meaning again. Until then, we can hope and dream. Now onto the main topic) Story on ESPN about newly completed Las Vegas Raiders Stadium. Raiders play on grass, but the other tenant, UNLV, plays on field turf, which DCI would use. Looks like a great venue. The topic has been brought up before with pros and cons, but for the first time we can see a brief video of the view from the upper deck. Not sure how far out the Super Bowl is scheduled, but I'd bet they will get one of the next two yet to be scheduled, along with the new Rams stadium. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29712942/mark-davis-welcomes-raiders-newly-finished-allegiant-stadium
  9. I added the word "hypothetical" because nothing has been announced by WGI, and I have heard no rumors about 2021. However, based on: 1) no 2021 calendar on the WGI website. Normally this is published sometime in June; and 2) a scan of websites for Independent World guards and percussion showed basically nothing. One guard had a video about 2021 auditions that turned out to be a reminder to wear masks and auditions TBD, and one drum line out west looks like they intend to have a line, even if it means they will stay local. (I did not look at every world class group and did not look on social media, only websites of many of the Finalist-caliber groups). In fact, the majority of websites had no real updates since Covid began. Many (most) of the Independent World guards would normally have auditions in September and have a complete audition schedule posted well before DCI Championship week. If there are no Independent World groups, I don't see how WGI can hold a season or Championships. WGI and DCI are separate entities, but if WGI is unable to hold a season, will DCI also be unable to have a season? Many members of DCI guards and lines are active in the indoor activity. Even if there is a 2021 DCI season without a 2021 WGI season preceding it, the performance level may not be what it has been since the percussionists and guard members have likely been honing their skills in indoor competition for months prior to summer corps season. At some point soon, if WGI intends to try and have a 2021 season, announcements will have to be made and independent groups will have to have auditions. Likewise, the corps are going to have to publish audition info soon. No members = no 2021 DCI season.
  10. I don't have a dog in this fight regarding DCI ticket refunds, but it seems to me this was an example of an easily forseeable PR blunder. Given the economic situation many may find themselves in, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a lot of people are going to want a refund as they may need those funds for basic living expenses. I'm glad they have a Refund Form for those that want/need a refund, but this should have been included in their initial offering of choices, not as something they make their paying customers go out of their way to find out. For naysayers: Yes, we are aware there were a lot of things DCI had to deal with in the last month, but common sense should have kicked in regarding messaging. Not offering the Refund Form in their communication about options was tone deaf. Did they have a lot to deal with, yes. Does that mean there weren't messaging issues that could have been anticipated when drafting the communication? Also, yes. Back to your regular scheduled thread.
  11. One factor that may work against the majority of bands and corps is that the Tresona ruling was about pop tunes with many different hands in the pot. I'd venture the majority of music performed by corps and competitive bands is from the concert band or symphonic realm. Only one composer. How many symphonic and concert band works have the layers of rights holders that a pop tune might? There is probably one publisher for that composition. This ruling may work in favor of bands who play pop music to the detriment of those who play symphonic or concert band literature. One way around this may be to shoehorn a show concept having nothing to do with the source material (commonplace these days) and cite fair use, but if a band wanted to do a show of Shostakovich 5th with no underlying unrelated theme, I'm not certain if they could claim fair use. Thoughts?
  12. Cascades link I hope their 2021 plans come to fruition. I like what they had to say to current and (hopefully) future 2021 members. Interesting note about the offseason brass in Dallas.
  13. Things will be all well and good when the $35 million earmarked for the Kennedy Center in the bill proposed by the House of Representatives passes, along with same day voter registration and mandatory carbon offsets for airlines, because those are SO CRITICAL to helping the current situation. To relate this to drum corps, I hope DCI doesn't take any of the relief package money (if the House bill passes), because one of the items in the bill requires companies to report on the demographic breakdown of their supply chains (not just the company itself, but of it's supply chains). How is a company supposed to know that level of detail about another company when they're just buying paper or office furniture or whatnot? As Rahm Emanuel said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."
  14. I'm not sure how many FTE's work for DCI or what (if any) layoffs/staffing changes may occur if/when 2020 cancellation announcement is made.
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