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  1. As the person who started this thread, the intent is about corps who have had camps and pulled the plug, and what recourse members may have for monies spent for the purpose of marching with a specific group. Yes, once legal fees are factored in, it may well be a situation where it's a cost prohibitive endeavor to pursue. Ancillary issues such as liability for associate sponsors are way beyond the intended discussion.
  2. Considering three 2018 WC Semifinalists are not in the mix, Kidsgrove has a good chance to be the first overseas World Class Semifinalist corps.... or at least a much better chance without Vanguard Cadets, BDB, and Oregon Crusaders performing.
  3. Was Jackson Academy in 1993 the first group of any kind to use a tarp on a football field in a competition performance?
  4. Very well. I mentioned OC because this just happened, but honestly I had in the back of my mind other corps over the years that held camps, had offered and signed contracts, etc. Maybe a better way to ask the question is not about OC specifically, but any corps from any state (and the appropriate state court where the corps is located). Regarding OC specifically, it is my hope they will make things right, get the right people in Administration, and someday come back.
  5. This is hypotherical, but if an attorney representing all persons who paid fees, (including audition materials and transportation costs) to attend any Oregon Crusaders camp held for 2019 season filed a class action lawsuit against the OC organizarion either in Oregon state courts or Federal court (if there is a valid Federal case to be made), would there be a good chance of a judgement against the OC organization? If potential members were reimbursed, very well. I suspect they have not been. Seems like false advertising if the corps actively recruited and held camps, then pulled the plug after people already paid $.
  6. Actually.... Imo WGI Percussion is the single leading creative driving force in the marching world. Many things people think are innovative on the field were done first by a drumline in Dayton.
  7. Not saying those aren't legit points, but the Vegas show thread referenced in the original post addressed the rehearsal issue. Last time I checked, DCI has shows in Riverside and other hot areas of CA, shows in AZ, TX, and the deep south in the hottest times of the year. The latter two also have high humidity to deal with. Should we cancel San Antonio? While it's an indoor event, the week preceding and days following it are during the hottest (and just as important, most humid) part of the year in Texas.
  8. Jenison 2012. "Joan" show. A link to their Michigan State finals performance is on "that site." About 7 minutes in is where the burning movement begins. I wish their BOA performance was posted because the flames worked better than on this video. Boston likely got the idea from this band yeara before they did it in DCI.
  9. Didn't either West Chester or Univ. of PA cancel a show in the Philly area last year when the Hopkins story broke?
  10. In 2020, the new Rams and Raiders stadiums are set to open. From what I can tell, the Rams stadium is artificial and Raiders indicated grass for the Raiders but field turf for UNLV per wikipedia. Rams is open air but with favorable climate, and Raiders is indoor. I assume Vegas may handle turf similar to the Cardinals stadium in AZ. Assumng 2020 would cut too close to completion dates, If the full tour for World Class were nationalized and extended 2 weeks in 2021, looking at the calendar, we could have the following dates as full DCI Regional events to determine seeding: July 10 LA, July 17 Vegas (with Field turf setup), July 24 San Antonio, July 31 Atlanta, August 6,7 Allentown, August 14 Finals- Indy. By having everyone at these additional events in major media markets, there is great growth potential for DCI if properly marketed. It makes sense geographically heading west to east. California fans would come in droves, and Vegas is a natural draw with plenty of things to do. One caveat that I don"t know is the stadium rental fees, but since they made new Atlanta stadium work, hopefully the LA/Vegas venues would not be too expensive to rent for a day. Strong opinion #1: Please don't insult our intelligence about costs of travel UNLESS you have a good answer why Pacific Crest, Mandarins, BD, Vanguard, The Academy, Oregon Crusaders, and Cascades are somehow able to head east every year and the midwest/eastern World Class corps couldn't do the same the other direction. Strong opinion #2: The heat issue was dealt with in a thread last year about a show in Vegas, but someone may try to dredge it up. It's a non-issue for reasons an actual Vegas resident outlined.
  11. As an experiment, it would be interesting if some of the people who judge the British Brass Band Championships were allowed to judge brass at a DCI show. Would their rankings mirror those of the current DCI judges, or would the approach they are used to yield different results? Not that this would happen, but just to see what a group of competent evaluators with minimal preconceptions would do.
  12. One aspect of growth through streaming or theater broadcasts is quality of the broadcast. If I as a customer pay a premium price to watch a broadcast event, I expect a television or cinema-caliber audio and visual experience. Showing a marimba player's facial expression while a neat drill move happens behind is not acceptable. Having Tom Blair is a great help on the visual side of things. The audio needs to match the quality of the visual, meaning the mix heard in the theater (or television) needs to also be of the highest quality.
  13. "Expanding" World Championship attendance sounds good but in reality is silly insofar as Lucas Oil Stadium is concerned. For several years, people have been sitting with end zone views. Even in the best possible listening environment in any stadium, an end zone seat is not good if you like the music. If the mythical 1981 Montreal crowd did appear next year, where would they all sit? Now, if expanding means more corps (looking at Battalion and Columbians), then yes, that is great.
  14. I misread the timing of this, but her complaint about tiiming seems self serving.