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  1. One aspect of growth through streaming or theater broadcasts is quality of the broadcast. If I as a customer pay a premium price to watch a broadcast event, I expect a television or cinema-caliber audio and visual experience. Showing a marimba player's facial expression while a neat drill move happens behind is not acceptable. Having Tom Blair is a great help on the visual side of things. The audio needs to match the quality of the visual, meaning the mix heard in the theater (or television) needs to also be of the highest quality.
  2. The top level is open for Saturday.
  3. "Expanding" World Championship attendance sounds good but in reality is silly insofar as Lucas Oil Stadium is concerned. For several years, people have been sitting with end zone views. Even in the best possible listening environment in any stadium, an end zone seat is not good if you like the music. If the mythical 1981 Montreal crowd did appear next year, where would they all sit? Now, if expanding means more corps (looking at Battalion and Columbians), then yes, that is great.
  4. I misread the timing of this, but her complaint about tiiming seems self serving.
  5. wolfgang

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    Latest update by DCI https://www.dci.org/news/update-to-the-dci-community Additional details on Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps suspension It is Drum Corps International’s commitment to continue to provide accurate and updated information on issues impacting the DCI Community, and we want to ensure that all material released to the public remains accurate and timely. To maintain informational integrity, we are providing you with the same information we are sharing with members of the media later this afternoon. Earlier today, we announced the suspension of the Pioneer organization that occurred last week. Since that time, DCI has submitted the following response to questions by the media and others who are concerned about Pioneer and other policy issues. Some have asked for clarification on the timelines of policy adoptions as well as details on other topics, so our response appears in its entirety below. We will continue to provide the DCI Community with direct and accurate information. •••• Drum Corps International has been investigating concerns involving the Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps for several months, but it is neither appropriate nor judicious to publicly discuss specific individuals or allegations prior to completion of the full investigation. Within those parameters, we are providing the following information in response to questions posed by DCI participants and members of the media. In 2017, upon learning through social media that a registered sex offender might be serving on Pioneer’s staff, DCI contacted the corps’ leadership and recommended releasing the staff member in question. The DCI policies and guidelines in effect at the time stated that the corps leadership held responsibility for its decision to act on DCI’s recommendation. Ultimately, Pioneer decided to release the staff member. The DCI Board of Directors’ adoption of a formal background check policy in May of 2017 involved multiple factors and did not result specifically from the issue at Pioneer. The board then added a whistle-blower policy in June 2018. In response to specific questions involving the Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps, the suspension from all DCI activities comes after many weeks of investigating questions of adherence to acceptable standards of health and safety for all participants, as documented in the DCI Community Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines adopted in May 2018. Upon receiving the initial statements via DCI’s reporting mechanisms, both executive and board leadership presented Pioneer leadership with the information for examination and corrective action. Subsequent reports and new allegations that Pioneer leadership discouraged corps members and staff from reporting questionable incidents and circumstances prompted additional meetings with Pioneer leadership along with separate sessions with instructional staff members. While balancing assurance of a safe environment with the strong desire to allow Pioneer’s performers to benefit from their hard work by completing their season, DCI leadership put a system of rigorous oversight in place for the remainder of the tour. Based on the information reported to DCI by Pioneer leadership and staff, the corps successfully made necessary improvements and were able to finish the year with their performance at the World Championship Prelims on August 9 in Indianapolis. Since the end of the 2018 DCI season, DCI has received credible reports of new issues through its own reporting means as well as accusations on social media including possible retaliation against those who report issues of concern, leading to the August 16, 2018, decision to suspend Pioneer from all DCI activities. Prior to adopting the new DCI Community Code of Conduct & Ethics Guidelines in May 2018, issues brought to DCI and framed as possible code of conduct violations concerned competitive behavior. The only official actions regarding health and safety-related violations are the Cadets probation and the Pioneer suspension. DCI stands firm in supporting those who come forward with information and will continue to investigate assertions and take appropriate action when warranted. During the 2018 season, questions arose regarding medical care and how the standards differ from corps to corps. At present, each corps is charged with addressing its members’ medical care. DCI actively supports both the Marching Music Health & Wellness Project and Athletes and the Arts – comprehensive initiatives giving corps the benefit of expert volunteers in the medical profession. Beginning in the 1990s, medical advisors provided corps with best practices through seminars, video education, and written materials. Through the years the concept has expanded exponentially to give corps more resources, better care, and a broader spectrum of specialties. DCI and its participating organizations are intensely reviewing the topic of medical care to determine what standards and guidelines should be in place to ensure that each corps has access to appropriate health care resources for all performers.
  6. wolfgang

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I kmow this ? is a WGI question, but how intimately is Pioneer Indoor tied to Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps (aside from the name? Asking because their indoor drumline has been very successful and I've heard no reports of anything negative. Does Roman have anything to do with Pioneer Indoor?
  7. There was a tidbit on dci.org's corps news about Spartans only having 10 age outs. I do not expect this corps to apply for World Class, but IF they are able to have good retention numbers and a good class of 2019 rookies, they could be right up there with BDB and Vanguard Cadets for the Open Class title. The World Class implication is of course they would be highly likely to make World Class Semis again, and if next year is their best ever they could rise nearer to 20th place (or a little higher if they get to the BDB/Vanguard Cadets level) than 25th place.
  8. wolfgang

    Allentown Housing Urgent!

    I know acoustically this is not ideal, but the Carrier Dome in Syracuse could be a weather-safe venue. Don't know about parking or if finding housing would be much different than Allentown.
  9. wolfgang

    Pre-recorded brass?

    Last winter when rule proposals came out, I mentioned something as relevant now as ever. In a judged activity, imho it is imperative to have as level a playing field as possible. I am not talking about corps A has twice the budget of corps B. Rather, for the integrity of a judged activity to be valid, the judges need to judge the actual performance. Anythng that can mimic acoustic brass or distort the sound in such a way as to legitimately fool the folks in the box should not be legal. For me, it's not a matter of how creative they can be with amplification or synths, it's more a matter of actually evaluating the true level of brass achievement. Rule of thumb: just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it.
  10. wolfgang

    Madison Scouts 2018

    One thing not really talked about is Madison may not make the theater broadcast (assuming its still 15 corps). Based on results thus far, Mandarins are likely to join the 11 other Finalists from last year. Beyond that, there is Academy, Spirit, and Troopers. Colts are within a point, Pacific Crest is good, and a sleeper corps could be Oregon Crusaders. And, while this doesn't affect the cinema broadcast, BDB and Vanguard Cadets have been very good lately, though I don't expect they will be at Madison's level. The Scouts could make a strong push, but there is just as good a chance their competition this year could be at their same level of achievement.
  11. While perusing the Championships entry list for both World and Open Classes, I noticed one fewer corps. It appears Les Stentors is no longer on the list. As far as I know, they were the only active Canadian corps. My question for the DCP community is: Has there ever been a year in DCI history where no Canadian corps competed at Championships? If this is really the first time without Canadian representation, that is a sad milestone.
  12. wolfgang

    Open post to Minnesota Brass

    From WGI Rules. While a few members may be in the 21-23 window, I would bet the majority of their winter guard members are of DCI age. "Color guards in the Independent A Classes from the United States composed of performers not over 22 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1st of any given year shall be permitted to compete in contest governed by WGI. Independent Open Class color guards from the United States may utilize performers not over 23 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1st of any given year. Independent World Class Color guards may compete with performers of any age. "
  13. Why is this guy posting about an All-age DCA corps in a DCI forum? Glad you asked. If you hadn't heard, this very successful corps announced a recently they aren't coming out in 2018. I hear they are pondering a Soundsport group. With absolutely no connection with that organization, let me offer a thought - 1) The foundation of the organization appears strong, at least to an outsider. Strong alumni base with a good financial base. 2) Under the Minnesota Brass umbrella is a WGI Ind. World class drumline and Ind. Open class guard. Both are established and already serve a DCI-age population. 3) There are more performance opportunities closer to home available as a DCI corps with a season ending more in line with what may well work better for a number of their DCI-age members (aka ending the 2nd Saturday in August instead of Labor Day). With the above in mind, may an outsider present the option of coming out as a DCI corps, Open Class at first and then World Class if things go well. Since your org. already has shown success with Jr. corps age ensembles, would it be more practical to consider coming out as a Junior corps? Posters on other threads have alluded to the financial responsibility of your organization. With the base of alumni and talent, should this be a direction the Minn. Brass leadership chooses to pursue, I'm confident you would do real well real quick, and should the move ever be made to World Class, if anyone from the All-age ranks can succeed as a reborn Jr. corps, you would be in the best position to do it. (Btw, since River City Rhythm has been successful in their own right as both a corps and indoor drumline, I do not believe having 2 Open (or 1 World and 1 Open) Class corps in the Twin Cities means that either one would necessarily suffer. Both could still thrive). The DCI fandom would welcome you with open arms. Minnesota could use a World Class Jr. Corps (hopefully someday).
  14. No, no, 1000 times no. That would be punishing the children (members) for the sins of the father ( GH). Regardless of who directed the corps, the kids from those years deserve to remain in the record books as DCI Champions as much as the kids from Anaheim Kingsmen, SCV, BD, Scouts, Star, Cavies, and Phantom in the years those corps won.
  15. For the record, Pulse Open was bumped in 2012 and made WC Finals. They have made WC Finals 5 of the past 6 years. On what basis does anyone have a leg to stand on claiming they should not have been promoted?