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  1. Hi George. We are extremely confident in our financial structure and our board. As long as great people like you and everyone who has supported The Cadets continue to do so then we will continue to be fine. I have been around drum corps and fundraising since 2011 and see no reason that fundraising will be anything but successful as it has always been.
  2. Just to clarify...The Cadets at present still operate under the YEA! umbrella. We will be an independent non profit organization beginning on March 31, with a full board of directors as required by the government. Please please rest assured that we know what we are doing. If you have serious questions or concerns about this then please email me at As the Development Director i can assure you that you can make a donation to The Cadets today or after March 31 and everything will be fine. Brad Martin Development and Marketing Manager The Cadets