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  1. I will add songs to these playlists as each corps announces their show contents. https://app.napster.com/playlists/playlist/mp.281401815
  2. And so it begins. I have created a public list on YouTube that will include all source music. This is a public list under the name "Drum Corps 2021" for all to use. I will do the same on Rhapsody/Napster.
  3. Yes, they do. I have marched them and know the importance they are to the drum corps activity. The drive from Baltimore to Allentown isn't terrible. Two parades in the morning in Baltimore followed by a drive up to Allentown could work.
  4. Philly parades on the 4th would end up a huge benifactor if this ever happened. NYC and Baltimore would be too far away to make it worth while on their parades.
  5. In the not to distant past, when MBI was active, they competed under DCA scoring at DCI shows in the upper Midwest. The only chance of that happening these days will be next year (2022) on the east coast. However, the big names in DCA tend to stay at DCA sanctioned shows. I would love to see a show where the attending corps included Reading, Cabs, Bush and Fusion as well as Crown, Bluecoats, BAC & Cadets. I would be willing to pay "real" money for good seats to that show. Getting the first of the two DCI shows in Allentown moved into early July would be a great opportunity to make
  6. Thank you. I tried to be subtle while stating that the Cavaliers tweeted about percussion auditions this weekend. Maybe I need to put my Marine cover back on and be a little more forceful.
  7. Cavaliers just tweeted their percussion audition as well.
  8. My fear is that "Drill" won't be as big of a draw as sound this year considering the limited "Off Season" training. Blast Zone would be the place to be if you can handle the electronics.
  9. Still looking for an official announcement on 2021 plans. This topic appears to all be based on the telethon comment and a lot of speculation.
  10. I have yet to see an "official" announcement from Crown, Music City or Seattle. All others are posted on the first page of this blog.😀
  11. The past page or so have nothing, or very little to do with this topic. Please get back on topic or I will have to request this be closed. As a reminder, this is an informative blog regarding who is in and who is out for 2021. It is not a place to vent about the CDC.
  12. We lost a great composer/arranger this past Sunday. I continue to play his arrangements to this day with the "Loudoun Jazz Ensemble" here in Virginia. I look forward to our next rehearsals/gigs where we will continue to keep his music alive for generations to come. RIP Sammy Paul W. "Da Bass Bone" Sammy Nestico, 'the Rolls Royce of composers and arrangers' in big-band jazz, dies at 96 - The San Diego Union-Tribune