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  1. I tend to disagree. Last year, I was at North Texas and watched the wind do "Movement/Damage" to several props. Yet the entire show was scored. Risking electronics damage due to rain is far more prevalent than rain damage to props. The only "Props" issue was the weight of props in Philly last year. These days, shows on natural grass are the issue for props and not rain damaging the props. Most corps make it clear that they prefer rehearsal sites with turf for that very reason. I have hosted several corps over the past few years and that is always high on their request list. Safety is a fair concern regarding props. Risk of climbing wet props is high and I will concede that. However, there appears to be far more concern about the $ lost due to damaged computers than props that are more repairable.
  2. "Sometimes" goes away and becomes "all" when a "FULL" show is cancelled or not scored due to a little bit of rain.
  3. I understand that. I have written shows that needed a solid pit and had students that could only participate in the pit due to physical limitations. Let me put it another way. There is a real issue when a show has to be cancelled, or at least not scored because a little bit of rain. When you are so heavily dependent on the pit that a show can't be judged due to a little bit of rain, you are weakening the activity as a whole.
  4. Please understand, I don't have a problem with the pit. In fact, I played in the Pit for part of my freshman year at UW-Whitewater. Proof even exists in the 1982-83 UW-Whitewater yearbook. My issue is that they have become overkill. It is now "Pit with drum and bugle accompaniment." That is my issue.
  5. I'm sure it has already been said many times and I am probably repeating the comments of many. To be sure, THIS IS WAR! The Pits are the PITS!! They have become OVERKILL!!! Most shows have a significant portion of their show as something VIRTUAL!!!! What happened to this being "MARCHING ARTS"?!?!?!? I am prepared to suffer the SLINGS AND ARROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I can't believe someone hasn't started this topic. I keep get emails from Flo (No I wasn't a fan) advertising their new version of Drum Corps Radio as part of their Pro Package. Has anyone checked it out yet and what is your impression/feedback? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW
  7. The Cavaliers have taken it a step further. Help the other corps that need assistance. GIVING TUESDAY NOW! As we have officially wrapped up our very successful Stimulus-72 Plan campaign on April 30th, today (Tuesday, May 5th) has been designated as Giving Tuesday NOW. We simply have one more request for everyone....do NOT donate to The Cavaliers on Giving Tuesday NOW! Yes, you read correctly. Instead, we urge you to donate to one of the other corps who need support to continue to provide a home to the young people that will grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. If you are a Cavalier who marched someplace else before joining The Cavaliers, donate to that organization that helped in your development, donate to Drum Corps International, or pick a DCI Open Class Corps or SoundSport group in your area that needs the support and doesn't have the World Class following that we enjoy. The button below will take you to a portal where you can find all of the corps and ensembles underneath the DCI umbrella. On this day, pay it forward to support all levels of this beloved activity we call Drum Corps!
  8. As a director of music at my church, I am dealing with this first hand. We still run a traditional service and over half of those attendees are over the age of 70. That includes members of my choir. Please check on them regularly and support in any way you can.
  9. The cat is now out of the bag. Blue Devils have been moved from the Annapolis show and Crown, Boston and The Cavaliers have been added. I didn't want to step on DCI's toes. See below: https://www.dci.org/events/2020-drum-corps-an-american-tradition-annapolis
  10. As the OP, I wanted this conversation to be about the changes pending. Many of you know I have been helping with the housing needs in the DC Metro area over the past decade. I was contacted by a corps that shall not be named, stating their need for housing has changed as they will be moved to another show. Please keep this subject in mind and not move it to politics.
  11. I have learned of changes to the schedule for this summer that have corps changing show locations from the current schedule. Watch for an announcement soon from DCI.
  12. That is one of the main reasons I only secure schools with "Turf" fields for rehearsal purposes. Luckily, just about every school in our district now has at least one turf field.
  13. As a prior service Marine that did boot camp in MCRD - San Diego as well being a member of "The Commandant's Own" I can tell you that this was on the parade deck at MCRD. This is part of the annual west coast tour of the Battle Color Detachment. Approximately three weeks of spring training in Yuma, AZ followed by a tour. Great to see the Corps continuing the tradition. Semper Fi!