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    1976 - West Allis Wranglers, 1979 - Pioneer, 1980 - Cavaliers, 1982 – Phantom Regiment (Partial Year), 1984-88 - Commandant’s Own, United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, 1990-2001 – Washington Redskins Marching Band, 2010 – Reading Buccaneers
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    Reading Buccaneers, The Cavaliers, Blue Devils, United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
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    Blue Devils 1979
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    Harpers Ferry

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  1. Can't wait to see it all shaved off when he joins the Marines to #### off his Navy dad like I did.
  2. Just received my email for the same subject from DCI Ticketing.
  3. @crownisking was good enough to let us know about a potential issue at the Denton show. It looks like the Club Level will not be available. Time for Plan B at another show is in play since I bought a ticket in the Club Level. Good seats are still available for the Super Section. However, that may not last long with this news.
  4. Yikes. I bought Club seats. Haven't seen an email yet. The DCI ticket site states "Sold Out" for all club level. Are you sure they are no longer available, or just sold out? I just spoke with the stadium directly and they will neither confirm, nor deny any issue with the Club Level. They directed me to DCI Tickets and we all know how much fun that is. Many good seats are available at this moment in the Super section. However, that could change as word gets out so I bought one now. I started this thread stating it looked like a good year to do the triangle.
  5. OK, simple math. What are they doing for the twelve days between 16 June and the first show on 28 June?
  6. I am starting to wonder if there will actually be a show in the Houston Area. This would be a huge loss.
  7. Yikes! Looks like I need to cancel my lodging in that location. I heard many complaints about safety in Prairie View. Maybe DCI heard the same thing and rethought the location.
  8. I enjoyed Denton the last time I was there "Pre-Covid" during all the construction on the roads. I got a place close to the stadium this year and will be able to walk to the stadium. Suite ticket makes it all the better this time around.
  9. There are many still flapping in the wind. Actually four are still marked as "TBD" and a dozen as "Coming Soon"
  10. I'm actually doing both Denton and Mesquite. Four shows in five days and all with at least a half dozen finalists from 2023. Fly in and out of DFW to boot. Makes for a lot of driving. However, a great opportunity to see many shows.
  11. I just checked for lodging of guests and it is a challenge. I'm still going since I already purchased my flight to do the Texas Triangle.
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