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    1976 - West Allis Wranglers, 1979 - Pioneer, 1980 - Cavaliers, 1982 – Phantom Regiment (Partial Year), 1984-88 - Commandant’s Own, United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, 1990-2001 – Washington Redskins Marching Band, 2010 – Reading Buccaneers
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    Reading Buccaneers, The Cavaliers, Blue Devils, United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
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    Blue Devils 1979
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  1. Having attended UW-Whitewater, I remember marching many drum corps style shows in the Warhawks Marching Band while Stan Fink was the director. I will be attending the show on 16 July. I also marched in plenty of DCI shows, and exhibitions at BOA Camps as a member of The Commandant's Own at Warhawk Stadium (Perkins now). Does that count for celebrating?
  2. There is also the fuel cost savings to consider this year. Dollars will need to be stretched and this decision helps on that issue.
  3. Sounds like some significant intonation issues in the middle voices
  4. Why am I a little nervous thinking about climbing those props in the light rain?
  5. I want Flo to be successful. Especially since they are the only option. However, they bragged about everything being improved and we still see the same issues. I know it's the first show of the year and I'm in it for the duration. Some of these are simple issues and they had time to learn.
  6. I fear they still haven't learned about mic placement. I know these are small hornlines, but pit with field accompaniment has been the history of Flo.
  7. Blue Stars have announced. https://bluestars.org/latest-news/2022/6/20/blue-stars-present
  8. Added to my YouTube Playlist. Search "Drum Corps 2022" or use the link below. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLedxMsAGnBU3q0qxrg0Z5RP3LJF2MrKBU It is also available on Rhapsody/Napster under the same name.
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