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  1. Bullfrog Sunscreen/Insect Repellant will be my friend for the Midwest Combine. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I can remember many a rehearsal where the field would get sprayed for the lovely Wisconsin state bird (mosquito).
  2. As a person that loves to get prepped/psyched for the season, I have enjoyed listening to the source music before the season begins. Unfortunately in 2021, this is not the case. Most of the show announcements have only provided "Music by" information and no titles. I understand they are trying to create anticipation for the season. Unfortunately, it also gives us little chance to get familiar with pieces we may not know from genres we don't usually listen to. As a young musician back in the 70s, I got my first real taste of "live" classical and jazz by listening/watching Regiment, Blu
  3. Looks like we are starting to get more information. After a year off and in the wake of the cancelation of the 2020 DCI Tour, Drum Corps International is set to return to Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium August 12-14. Nearly two dozen corps will have the unique opportunity to showcase their performances perhaps unlike at any other time in DCI history. “When it started to become clear that we would be able to produce this summer’s Celebration Events, we knew we’d have the opportunity to do some special things that might be outside the norm of our typical competitive events,” DCI CEO Da
  4. I see the show that was originally scheduled for Rockford on August 6 has been moved to DeKalb. That looks like the only "large" venue for the Midwest combine.
  5. I see the show that was originally scheduled for Rockford on August 6 has been moved to DeKalb. That looks like the only "large" venue for the Midwest combine. Looks like I am planning a week and a half drive to the Midwest from Virginia. Get the DeKalb, Lisle and Cedarburg shows. Then I will hit the Wisconsin State Fair (CREAM PUFFS!!!!!!!!!!!) for a couple days before I head to Wrigley for a Brewers game against the Scrubs and off to Indy for a good weekend before I drive back.
  6. To be clear, anyone that presents pictures from said rehearsals will be hunted down, tarred and feathered, brought to Indy and put in a remake of the Boston Crusaders Fire Pit on the 50 yard line.
  7. I think I saw this just outside of Milwaukee this past weekend when I visited. Roman was checking it for fuel.
  8. Prayers to him. I will even give local prayers next week when I head to Milwaukee.
  9. Having marched and played both G bugles 70s-80s Cavies and Commandant's Own as well as Bb bugles in The Reading Buccaneers, (over 30 years separation between them), I will put it to like this. Take the best and strongest Bb Bugle sound from Blue Devils "Space Chords" or Carolina Crown (both of which, I truly love) and it won't get in your face like the "Wall of Sound" put out by Spirit of Atlanta "Georgia on My Mind" 1980 (one of many examples) on a G bugle. I have stood in front all three and truly loved each and every time I got to hear that amazing sound from both types of hornlines.
  10. Completely understand. I was enjoying a little humor for the day.
  11. My wife would disagree. She get's sick pretty easily. I have fought off getting sick on many occasions (knock on wood). I will go so far as to say I only had one day of symptoms when I was diagnosed with COVID back in December. She fought it for a week before she started to get over her symptoms. Then again, I'm not a doctor and I have slept at a Holiday Inn in decades.
  12. I didn't have any side effects from the Pfizer poke #2. My wife had pretty strong side effects. Does that mean I am old as she is young. I must be doing good. BTW, officially I am only 14 months older than her.
  13. Are you certain of this? Will all 20 participating corps actually perform on Saturday? How is that being decided? Many questions remain unanswered.