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  1. Took me a moment. Upper right corner of your post are three dots. That be the ticket for "Report/Share/Edits". Still looking for more nuggets.
  2. My age was never questioned in 1980. Then again, I was only 15 when I marched finals that year. That feels like decades ago.
  3. The current VMBC statement link is on the first page. https://www.vmbc-online.org/latest-news Do you have a link with more information? Prayers sent.
  4. They just took it on the road and...…………………………………………………………………………………………. BLAST!
  5. Thx. Updates have been made. I also found a bit more information for WV and have added the link on the first post.
  6. Does any one have updates for the following states? AL - DE - TOB? GA - HI - Possibly virtual only (per hostrauser) ID - Waiting for USBands (per hostrauser) IL - All Chicago-area shows cancelled. U of IL and ISU Shows cancelled (Per hostrauser) MN - MO - Assorted independent shows cancelled (Per hostrauser) NC - Competitive season canceled in several counties (Per Newseditor44), North Carolina Bandmasters Association will not sanction any marching contests this fall. (Per MPutman) RI - Waiting for USBands (per hostrauser) SD - UT -
  7. Let me assure you, PA is not the only one having trouble making decisions. There are a couple of states listed on the first page with inconsistent decisions.
  8. Let's try to keep on topic here. This is not a forum for Cadet bashing. There are more than enough forums for you to vent if that is your desire. We are discussing marching band season cancellations. I have refrained from my learned experience and disdane for USBands. As the O.P., I ask others do to the same.