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  1. Yeah, weird. It's all good. I hope they are hungry next year. Crown is too good! But we still have two more shows.
  2. Congratulations the Crown on a great run tonight. Two more nights to go. Let's heat it up a bit. I believe.
  3. Don't get me started. Crown sure did get their money for this show. Packed house and souvie booth line wrapped around other booths. Great Show and venue overall. Oh and its still dry.
  4. Same was said yesterday about Atlanta. I believe and will pray it that is will clear out just like it did for Atlanta.
  5. Congratulations to all the Corps tonight. Great Performances from all!!! Now lets rewind back to the first Corps to Perform at the Now Centre Parc Stadium,and did not make an appearance tonight. The 1996 Cadets of Bergen County Performance of their 1996 Program begins at 13:26.
  6. I hear you and ive been on and off. I actually remember the first regional in 2006 when it rained and part of the ceiling collapsed and it was raining inside the dome. Anyway I actually decided not to attend bc of the MBS and wanted an to attend outdoor show. I ended up purchasing tickets for an outdoor show before the change. But like mentioned I no need to complain, the venue is fine, we have a show. Hopefully they can book the MBS next year b4 someone else so you can get back to attending.
  7. Not going to complain. We have drum corps happening. Better hope people don't start dropping from monkeypox and the cancel another season. I will always be greatful bc I've been blessed in my life so far.
  8. Get there safely. A 25min drive takes about 1 - 2hr in Atlanta. It's like this everyday of the week. Apparently Nobody likes taking the train(MARTA)to nowhere. lol
  9. I thought I did, but I lost them due to the traffic and getting off my exit. I keep looking in my rearview mirror and saw them switching lanes trying to figure out if they should head to the show or not but I see the opted out and decided; practice; more practice.
  10. MBS was booked and sold for the current concert going on right now before DCI could get. It's a possibility that it will be back there. But yeah the stadium is weird but it is what it is , and we have a show, which could've been rained out. So I'm not complaining.
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