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  1. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Honestly it's just a matter of the design team getting completely in sync with each other. Chemistry takes a little time to mature. I agree with you about the forces of transformation. If Crown's "stumbling recovery" after losing their previous visual designers is a 3rd and 4th, I'll take it and fully expect them to be contending for their 2nd championship soon enough. Let's face it --- there were (and still are) a lot of posters predicting a dramatic fall after Potter/Townsend/May decided the grass really was GREENER. But the core Crown values are very well entrenched; the force is strong there. <darth voice> Those who expect/hope/predict a fall from contention will be sadly mistaken. </darth>
  2. karuna

    2019 Season Kicks Off!

    I love that the Commandant’s Own are staying relevant to the activity. Modern drum corps but they leave no doubt those are Marines. Great job!
  3. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Meh. Every few years Crown has been very young. A lot of people rook out there anyway. Harloff and Company will handle the young ones just fine.
  4. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    They have two challenges to overcome: 1) Guard. They've made some good moves here. Erin and Lisa both know how to come out clean and get cleaner. And instead of write by committee it's now Chris Cook's baby. Others will still contribute but there's now clear leadership. Design-wise I hope last year taught everyone a lesson: don't let the music guys design the show 🙂 You need to have a strong, clear visual interpretation FIRST. Cool music choices come second. (God bless 'em! I wouldn't want to sit in a design meeting and tell Michael Klesch and Thom Hannum "no that music won't work" -- but Potter/Townsend were certainly able to do that and those guys need the reality check.) 2) Visual. Drill will be awesome as usual. Choreography will be WAY improved with John E in charge. The unknown factor is how well Kevin and his team will be able to teach strong technique and effectively clean feet and choreography. IMHO Crown does best when they come out of ST with their technique already clean and using the last week of ST to clean the show. All the 1st and 2nd place years shared this characteristic.
  5. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Go to a camp. You will see. Of course I haven't actually seen the final product but...maybe you could say the design team is (finally) gelling.
  6. karuna

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Logistics and $$ aside (not that those aren't significant issues in their own right) I find that the merging of music (with timely staging) and shape/space/motion created by performers is the most rewarding (and unique) aspect of marching music. Props, lights, in-ear monitors, mics -- IMHO they all dilute that uniqueness in a hopeless attempt to mimic a theater stage. If you want to be Blast!, go inside and do Blast! properly. Trying to do Blast! outdoors is an excellent way to throw away time and money. </rant over> <back to Phantom>
  7. karuna

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    How sad is it that when discussing visual one the first comments is about props. Ugh. So ready for the "props trend" to cycle out (and never come back).
  8. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    I think Crown fans are going to be pleased 😯
  9. True but calendar-wise that won't work out. Besides Crown loved (loves) the Bristol parade for the experience; I don't think it was about the $$ or the DCI shows.
  10. I doubt it. Going East after the BOA show has always been a long trip for Crown but they always felt the parade experience was worthwhile. But it makes no sense to do that long schlep to NJ just to head South again; it's 1600mi vs 900mi. My guess is they'll find a good parade somewhere between Rockford and Lexington or possibly add another clinic/rehearsal block. Heck Columbia is the state capitol -- must be some good July 4th stuff going on there.
  11. karuna

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    I dunno. So far the new team has done BeWitched and Gilligans Island. Jurassic Park sound down right modern 🙂 Personally I"d like to see I Dream of Jeanie. It completes the trilogy and has a fantastic theme song.
  12. The best way to be prepared for CrownCamp is to attend a November camp. When you're finally ready to audition "for real" you'll know exactly what to expect.
  13. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    CrownDrums who participated in SuperBowl!
  14. karuna

    Carolina Crown 2019

    CrownGuard who participated in SuperBowl!