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  1. No one likes things when they're actually brand new. Instead they complain that they're not getting what they expect. Crown's show was a completely fresh take on the activity. I enjoyed it. I said from day one it's more like a Vegas or Theme Park show than a faux intellectual "look how deep and sophisticated we are" approach. It completely captured the attention of the audience as designed; that's the textbook definition of GE. If the judging community can't see that then shame on them. Yes they struggled with getting clean. I chalk that up to a new-to-Crown visual staff. I haven't loved Rick's past designs for outdoor regardless of his success indoor. But this show "worked". It did not need narration. It did not need useless and expensive props created by someone other than the performers. Instead the fabric actually required the performers to create effect themselves. IMHO this is a far better formula than "who can build the highest monkeybars and ramps and then stand on them while playing". Keep entertaining the audience, Crown. That's a GOOD thing. It's something I wish other DCI design teams cared a little more about.
  2. Impossible you say? Let’s Go Crown! 👑
  3. This is FABULOUS! My new favorite DCP poster 😍 The entire drumcorps is 🔥 right now -- especially that guard.
  4. Oh my! https://www.instagram.com/p/Cg7lvhUFH1y/ Watch out Indy. CrownGuard is ON FIRE!
  5. MetLife plays like a small stadium. It's really a great venue for marching arts. BUT it's not cheap.
  6. Good things happened. So I will simply say again: Stay the course. Clean the snot out of every count. Good things will happen. As for the upside down GE numbers: Finals results will completely depend on who is on the panel. We've seen Crown win GE and lose GE all season long. What matters is the caption total. If they want to play with numbers to "send a message" go ahead. I just want that total. When a show gets overwhelming crowd momentum, it becomes harder and harder to justify your opinion in the face of the effect performances are actually creating (see PR Spartacus). Be super clean. Be incredible performers. Excrete excellence from every pore in your body. Strangely enough this was the BD formula until they went prop-happy (and to a large degree still is their formula). GE is a measure of the degree to which a production engages and sustains the viewer's attention. It's not really rocket science at all. It's a simple idea: "Is this all 'working'?" This. Show. Works. 👑
  7. Actually they say 20% pop. I’d trust the EPAWA guys. They’re extremely good at what they do. I watch their daily YouTube channel. Nice balance of technical detail and layman explanations.
  8. Sorry you’re comparing apple and oranges. Sprinting and coming to a halt has nothing to do with props. Don’t try to conflate them. Sprinting ( in drill or in choreographed movement) and then playing a difficult passage should be credited equally. Standing still on a prop should be treated identically to standing still on grass. No difference. But…. Anyway way off topic. Back to East part dos.
  9. I'm down with most of the "modern" additions to drum corps, but I agree with this. Standing still (or climbing or whatever) on a prop is exactly the same as standing still on the grass. NO VISUAL CREDIT. But alas I am now officially an old fart I guess.
  10. Agree. A welcome change to "well you have to show up for one of the first two camps but the "real" audition is in april".
  11. Basically prompts specific audience interaction moments. It's like the vanguard yell only you don't have to be "an insider" to know about it. It's a fun little sprinkle on the cake.
  12. Really amazing that they came back after two year "off" with a guard full of vets. And the performance quality is across the board. Every single member is just shining. SO SO awesome.
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