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  1. Just had the opportunity to view the Project 21 again on Flo. Wow I am really impressed by: how polished these "end of spring training" performances were both musically and visually how well the performers were able to communicate to the audience the level of detail added to the program the quality of training evident in the performers It's astounding really. Bodes extremely well for 2022. Congrats to the performers, staff, and admin for pulling that off.
  2. We bow before your infinite wisdom, oh great Lance Formerly-The-Greatest-Mod-On-DCP. seriously ...well said.
  3. Just happy there's some drum corps to listen to this summer. It's been too long. I think we are fortunate that DCI allowed each corps decide for itself what's best for the health and safety of it's members.
  4. The program was designed to be edited for the Indy Broadcast. I'm assuming there's material we did NOT see that serves to connect the pieces. The live program was the content without any editing. Also the breaks served as a convenient time to get an "ask" in for the fundraising.
  5. Crown 2010 Mahler 2. They spent SO much time on this and much of it was in the "pre-show" and therefore not credited. But it was absolutely brilliant. SCV 2009 Appalachian Spring (yeah Cadets did it first but SCV did it properly) SCV 1999,2000 Barber and Bartok And @jjeffeoryjust listed Star 1990. So I'll add Star 1991 Respighi.
  6. Those flags with the crown logo will sell out to guard alums in a heartbeat!
  7. Video actually shows 3 different era uniforms (purple/chrome, cream with horizontals, cream with picture windows). Not sure what they're gonna do. I know Crown did sell/give away some uniform sets to other corps/bands. Maybe we see a new base uniform that's re-usable in 2022. Will not surprise me to see plenty of cream and/or purple.
  8. Show design commentary and some actual show video! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=828355101397300
  9. We're not disagreeing. I mention Bloo/Crown only because that's where Boston wants to be. Digging out the trusty 10 yr avg finals placement...
  10. 2008 certainly proves that emotion can win the day even in the minds of the judges. But there's no formula for that. It magically happens and you just hang on tight and enjoy the ride.
  11. Many call putting coins in the slots an investment! Sure it could pay off but what are the odds? And if you do hit 3 liberty bells ? Better recruitment? I don't think they need to improve that. They're getting good kids already. Better design? They already hired a top notch design team. Better....what? If you want to "contend" you have to trade wins with BD in most captions night in and night out over an entire season. Crown did that. Bloo did that. 2021 won't change anything. Wanna win? Simple. March, play, spin, dance better than BD.