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  1. Surprised (and a little disappointed) this isn't already posted:
  2. Love watching (and listening to) POV vids!
  3. Talent and cleaning already in place. They just need more effective work and aesthetics. The guard got lost in drill too often ( sabers and dancers esp.) last year. Transparency is a cool concept indoors but it does not translate well to a football field with judges 60 yds away. Someone needs to be fixing these decisions before an order is placed or music is chosen. Hopefully Byron can help in that respect. Also just need more obvious flag work at impacts. Save subtle for Dayton! Write big work to the melodic line and rhythm. No one credits demand in DCI anyway. It’s all about effect. Music effect guys want to see what they hear and they’re not very good at noticing small details.
  4. listen in your browser! https://anchor.fm/sketchbookpodcast/episodes/Ep--1-Evan-VanDoren-e5p96p/a-apgq91
  5. Looks like all the key people are back. Byron Valentine added to the design staff as Guard Designer. Both the guard staff and perc staff seem a bit larger. Most other changes are just the normal tech churn.
  6. Travis is back! The work will be fabulous and ridiculously hard.
  7. I think if you look back at what I said, I talked about RISK not incidence. I agree I've seen far more injuries in ordinary drill than from props; on the other hand, the RISK for serious injury from having multiple performers climb up props is far greater. Drill is completely under the performers control; they can MAKE it safe. Prop safety is largely OUT of the performers control. I'm sure I'm biased as well. I think ||: running to a prop , playing some notes, pushing it to a new spot :|| --repeated ad naseum -- is a pathetic degradation of the art, propagated by designers who have run out of the creativity required to bring FRESH ideas to the field. But that's my bias
  8. To be fair, that was more of a pre-existing stress fracture than "run and gun" drill which precipitated the injury. While in hindsight it's clear he shouldn't have been marching in that condition, I'm not sure the seriousness of his condition was fully appreciated at the time. I agree with the sentiment that high-velocity drill is far less dangerous than large vertical drops off precarious props. The attempt to equivocate the two is -- to say the least -- a big reach. The risk in drill are mostly bumps and bruises from collisions. The risk from a fall is immensely greater. The risk from a collapse with many students simultaneously dancing on the same prop is exponentially higher.