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  1. So glad (and sad) to hear Cadillac again. Happy to see those Cadets found a home with Crown. Sometimes people overlook Crown’s roots in the Cadets but they are there as strongly as the Star roots.
  2. Sounds like an awesome show title: Crownification
  3. Other than Crown (duh) ... Crossmen's rep really jumps out at me. Reminds me of the late 90s Xmen books which were just so... cool. Overall its seems like there's not a music repertoire that I didn't like this season. Great stuff all around.
  4. This is the most straightforward DCI show description in quite some time. While there is a massive opportunity for layering and depth of design, it's a simple storyline that translates to the field extremely well. Yay design team.
  5. Right? This material is just fuel for the fire of a Mackey piece. Can. Not. Wait.
  6. As others have said it’s a donation. If you want to see them “free” just go to ensemble rehearsal any time during ST. Crown generally gets a great turnout for their preview so lots of people are willing to support the fundraiser.
  7. As a semi-regular I95 commuter from PA to NoVa -- I would NOT go anywhere near the Bay Bridge (US50). It's a constant nightmare of traffic at all times of the day. 95 is ok until there's an inevitable accident on one of the beltways (DC or Baltimore) . Fortunately there are a LOT of alternates to get around most of them (I've gotten to know US 29 pretty well). EZPass sometimes gets you around a lot nonsense in the DC area. The Key bridge disaster affects trucks more than anything and they're not noticeably more dense on 695. Construction is more of an issue there. Now...If you're coming from the tidewater area (Norfolk / VA Beach) I'd definitely go right up the DelMarVa peninsula (using the Bay Bridge/Tunnel) instead heading up I64. US 13 / DE 1 is a nice drive and practically lands you at the stadium. Watch out for weekend shore traffic though!
  8. June 15th at GWebb. https://www.carolinacrown.org/events/crownlive
  9. I am hearing really good things about CrownGuard this year. Not sayin'...just sayin' . (ugh sorry there was supposed to be nice pic of the guard in this post. trying again!)
  10. Yeah it's a section tradition. Corps song is "in My Mind".
  11. What you're missing regarding the dates is that the move-ins are a long-standing agreement with the university Other groups can and do use the campus off-season. Crown's dates are more or less secure as they are but other users more than likely have consumed the spaces around those dates. Starting later may very well not be an option. As I said in my earlier post, back in the late 00's there were SHOWS after ST wrapped up. So yeah it might possibly be a cost-saving measure to move in a week later but the whole process was built around a tour where shows started earlier. And sure touring costs money but is it more expensive than the daily expense of room/board/facilities at GWebb? I'd guess not since sleeping on gym floors and eating off the food truck is pretty economical. As for clinics, I guess it depends on how many campers show up and how many clinics you do. One clinic could buy a lot of diesel and Crown has two under their belt before the first show! In any case it all seems to be working ok for Crown so quit your #####ing! Lots of benefits to the mini-tour before the first show that go beyond just the additional rehearsal time. Everyone hits the first show already adjusted to tour life. All the equipment / prop / vehicle/ uniform issues have time to be resolved. So the corps hits that first show already in high gear.
  12. No -- 5/18 to 6/16 are the dates of Spring Training so you clearly don't get it. That's the time period in which they are in dorms and incurring those expenses. They are on the road sleeping on gym floors and eating meals off the food truck after that. You know -- touring. I think you're overestimating the impact appearance fees have on the overall budget. Hosting shows and running clinics are profitable. Touring is probably a net expense -- even with show fees. Fuel alone is probably eating it all. Clearly I was right : math really is hard. FWIW if the early season tour (mostly YEA shows if I remember correctly) were still around, I have no doubt Crown would be attending them. The only earlier show they're "skipping" this year is the MidWest Premiere (which as the corps in residence at the BOA clinic they can't attend. Got it now?
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