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  1. Came across this young performer today while following suggestions from Youtube. (sometimes they really do uncover gold). Anyway two of my favorite Crown ballads. (Emily is so talented it's a little scary. She's 12 btw).
  2. Just adding on my huge YES to hoping the 2020 show re-emerges. It would have been Crown creating a new version of itself (again!).
  3. Looks like the Crown 2021 thread needed a bump!!
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG5XsyYlnsl So the Crossmen guard team is moving (back) to Crown. Interesting.
  5. Her first reaction to the Marching Band vids was clearly genuine; she's seeing something her culture never experiences. But now... it's literally DCP fans taking their "discussions" about why their corps is best to her channel by paying her $100 to watch their corps' video. Too bad some drum corps didn't happen on this fundraising technique because getting folks to pony up $100 in a drum corps campaign is no easy thing. Meanwhile Courtney is in NZ...
  6. Cheese toast. Literally a piece of toast with slice of space cheese on it.
  7. some interesting insights into Crown's design process in this video.
  8. Or this is reflective of the limitations of the testing. It's a coronavirus -- not some alien invasion. Korea is an interesting case. They were slammed by SARS but we (the western world) mostly ignored their experience. In fact their society responded pretty much like the US is responding to Covid-19. The reason they are so well prepared today is that they already have been through what we're experiencing. But I find the hysteria of Covid-19 as disturbing as the protests. While I do think the stay-home and social-isolation are appropriate responses to this pandemic (just
  9. The data is being shared. You'll have to slog through medical db's. Found a news article listing some: https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-covid-19-treatments.html
  10. Remarkably enough that's exactly what hospitals worldwide are doing! Many drugs (including C18H26ClN3O) are being tried based on little to no substantive evidence they're effective on C-19. When you have a pandemic, rules are loosened and the medical community bypasses all the normal processes for drug testing.
  11. AFAICT Crown will make it through to next season but there are definitely corps in the top 12 who may not. But that doesn't mean the corps is done for ever and ever. I suspect most/all would be able bounce back after taking the 2021 season off. All that aside - GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! If you love your corps, support them now when they most assuredly need your support.