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  1. From the whispers I've heard this show is all washed up. Sunk before it sailed.
  2. Crown all moved in to GWebb. Announcement probably coming before the Chesterfield ultimatum
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5CU8lz4LHI posted as a link because 1st a 403 error and then this message when trying to fix it: This comment can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited. Hey it worked after logging out and then logging back in!! So I'm guessing the error has something to do with the DCP cookie data.
  4. Definitely agree. Crown is not dark and angry at all in 2019.
  5. I know a bit as well but I'm keeping it beneath the radar. Anxiously waiting for more details to surface
  6. Well Crown had April camp. They moved. They played. They spun. Yet NO ONE knows
  7. Many have heard (in person, via electronic means, via trusted reports). And yet -- NO ONE KNOWS 🙂
  8. Apparently they've been doing the work.
  9. Impossible. No one has heard a thing. anyway—gonna be fun season.
  10. Many is a very different word than "most" or "all". In any case my initial comment is obviously true since you keep trying to throw a bucket of cold water on that comment (indeed on any comment which suggests that the Cavies (or anyone corps besides the Blue Devils) could be better than your beloved Florida Crusaders). Stop trying to be subtle -- you're terrible at it. If you want to bash your competitors, at least be honest about it. Don't bother replying -- I can't be bothered to read your nonsense. Now where's that ignore button... And I'l repeat it for good measure: Cavies and Crown in a Battle for the Ott in 2019!
  11. You can certainly speak for what you think but it might be a small reach (giant leap?) for you to speak for large groups of people ("we"," most fans","very few"). Or maybe I am just underestimating your mental powers . Anyway I've heard really positive comments about Cavies brass after every camp (from several different persons). Also heard Crown's line over the winter and they are at their usual ridiculous level of virtuosity. Not clean mind you but it's already clear this is another Ott-contending line.