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  1. edit: expected that video to be a bit longer but it's broken into 3. here's the playlist:
  2. Bristol! Man the corps looked forward to that parade like it was a trip to Disney. Always a highlight of the season. (probably better quality recordings of them playing the piece but none more fun).
  3. Well Crown's "signature sound" is a result of (a) arrangement + (b) instruction + (c) excellence. If we can agree (b) and (c) are not dependent on the source material, that just leaves (a). And (a) is all about Klesch and his abilities. Not picking a fight. Just pointing out that "Crown can't play X" is a fallacy.
  4. Really? Name a show where Klesch was not able to translate the material well? I think people sort of gloss over the ridiculous variety that Crown has played. In fact they seem to completely forget this corps always seems to find weird stuff that ends up working well (musically at least).
  5. This is what happens when "development" is a job theoretically shared among several people: no one's there to do all that full-time legwork. Cadets have a fantastic donor base but it needs to be cultivated. THAT is a full-time job. (Of course they're not the only corps to make this mistake. )
  6. no holiday campaign underway. no more income from bands -- season is over. i'd say the red is crimson.
  7. I think Michael Klesch is a drum corps magician. He can arrange anything and make it sound great in a brass ensemble. You might take a look at some of the encore/parade charts that he's written for Crown over the years. IMHO Rach Star was not fully appreciated by some of the up-turned noses in the judging community. That said I don't think this will be another Rach Star.
  8. OK. But what does "harder" mean? It's far harder to teach and learn because there are no drill charts, no coordinate sheets. It's basically all in one persons head and she/he has to transmit that information orally to the entire ensemble. So the comparison really revolves around EFFICIENCY (which is kind of what I said in my earlier post). It's acceptably efficient in a gym with smaller numbers of performers (esp guard performers who are used to working this way). Harder to create? No. In fact the reason many winterguard designers instruct this way is because they don't know how to use Pyware or write drill. It's just not where they came from as an instructor. There's absolutely nothing in a choreography-based program that can't be done in Pyware using traditional tools. The designer has to put in a lot of work for sure. But you can teach it far more efficiently.
  9. Crown's audition info for Drumset and Bass included some songs that represent the style of playing they're looking for in a player. Drumset: FUNK Xavi Snarky Puppy Mother Popcorn James Brown ROCK Typical Mutemath DRUM & BASS Raven GoGo Penguin MIXED METER/ALTERNATIVE. Display atypical meter such as 5/8 7/8 and/or asymmetrical groove variations. Entertain Me Tigran Hamasayan. Bass: Play With Me Jeff Beck Hysteria Muse Bent Nails Snarky Puppy Entertain Me Tigran Hamasyan edit: I'm really digging Tigran Hamasyan. Armenian Jazz? Yes, Ma'am!
  10. Crown does NOT have a musical identity in terms of piece selection. Their musical repertoire is all over the place. Not worried they're going to try to "be the Bluecoats". They're Crown -- they'll continue to be Crown. Not worried at all.
  11. There's a pretty wide genre of music requiring a drumset and bass. Maybe something from the great white way?
  12. Better to talk about efficiency than "harder to create and learn". Drill based programs require FAR MORE work up-front by the designer. But that work is supported by very mature software tools which have focused on increasing the both the productivity of the designer and efficient transmission of that information to 130 performers. Choreo-based programs require FAR MORE work during the instruction phase since the design is merely a sketch in someones brain. This mode of instruction is frequently used in the winterguard world where the maximum number of performers is far lower and the performers have far more training in dance. Of course you'll often hear "choreo-based" is far more difficult to teach from those who wish to gloss over the rest of the story. Difficulty for the performer to execute to perfection? Better to ask: Are the performers adequately trained in dance to successfully dance for entire production? No they are not. So ( just like we do when moving from "real dance" to "colorguard dance"), we move the level of expectation down when hornline members are asked to dance. So the standards are lowered. Also -- can the performer successfully play their instrument while traveling in a choreo program? No -- you can't really dance while you play so instead we see blob-fluttering from point-to-point and then standing and playing. Also the motion becomes meaningless without huge props to give the motion a destination. So huge props are used to create interest. Traditional marching is a form of choreography. But it allows performers to create music while moving (which IMHO is the very HEART of drum corps). And because the movement in INTERESTING and the balance of negative space to performer space is constantly evolving, you don' t NEED the crutch of giant props to provide a destination to the motion. The use of space itself is interesting and pleasing. I'm a huge fan of "drum corps dance". It's awesome to see a full ensemble pull off some great choreography when they're not playing. And I love seeing the choreo that's performed while they're playing but NOT traveling. But blob-flutters are just awful and are IMHO a severe dilution of the art. Choreo-based shows works great in winterguard where the music is a recorded soundtrack. But it fails miserably when the musicians need to actually -- you know -- make music.
  13. Wait. There's a copyright on the advanced mathematical concept of "greater than"? Bad enough it took so long for it to sink in but now you want to get paid for finally getting it? đź’µ Drummers j/k
  14. that's still very far from "don't matter". IMO it's a very interesting strategy. By eliminating the spotlight on those captions, they keep the focus on the ensemble as a whole. Not a bad thing at all.