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  1. who knows? maybe they're ok with this teaser being out there for a year!
  2. I have only heard tiny bits and pieces about the 2020 program but what I heard was very fresh and exciting. I love Crown when they take off into completely unexpected directions.
  3. I sort of hope they can keep the lid on most of their show and field it next season.
  4. Sad to see this show never hit the field.
  5. Official announcement coming before the end of the week. IMHO no one will be surprised with the content.
  6. I hear a lot of scholastic teams have already pulled out of Dayton.
  7. Thank you! Great chart. This is exactly right. While the eventual spread is unavoidable, taking measures to slow it down as much as possible is very desirable. Delay also pushes us closer to summer (worse conditions for the virus to spread), gives pharma more time to work on vaccines or anti-virals, etc...
  8. DCI sees WGI response and decides maybe they should post something too! https://www.dci.org/news/dci-closely-monitoring-coronavirus-developments
  9. WGI responds https://wgi.org/coronavirus-information-from-wgi/
  10. It was at MCRD San Diego. They have "spring training" in Yuma, AZ.
  11. And everyone forgot about getting the kids out of the water!
  12. OTOH Swine flu (H1N1) ran rampant from corps to corps during the entire summer of 2009.
  13. You're posting fake news. If you stop doing that, I'll stop correcting it.
  14. Right which is NOT at all what you posted. This just says it won't be a 10% or 36% but instead closer to the flu. "We found a lower case fatality rate (1.4%) than the rate that was recently reportedly,1,12 probably because of the difference in sample sizes and case inclusion criteria. Our findings were more similar to the national official statistics, which showed a rate of death of 3.2% among 51,857 cases of Covid-19 as of February 16, 2020." Even it ends up being a 1% mortality rate , that's an order of magnitude greater than the flu.