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  1. Illinois is awful, Wife and I are heading to TN, NC & SC tomorrow looking at homes. Can't wait to trade in my $15,000 a year property taxes for $2,500 for almost the same size house.
  2. Is this a reflection on the new DCI Director? He doesn't have corps experience does he? Not a good start or look.
  3. I'm with you on both 100%. I'll never understand tattoos and think they all look terrible...and why corps need dozens and dozens of instructors is beyond me.
  4. 2022 “12.25” Christmas show is in my top 10 fave DC shows of all time.
  5. Someone yesterday that the Cadets have $13 Million in the bank. Is this true? If so, who gets this money?
  6. 42 freaking years ago! Ridiculous and very sad. Wow.
  7. 100% correct. Your opinion is also the opinion of most alumni. 10 years of failure and this guy still has a job. Ridiculous.
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