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  1. Almost everyone my age who I marched with BITD and still talk with have completely left the drum corps activity due to the change in direction, awful, weird, goofy uniforms and prop madness. The drum corps activity has done this to themselves. When fans no longer enjoy a product they stop attending/buying. Companies just don't completely abandon their tradition and legacy for obvious reasons, but that is exactly when every drum corps has done. Bad decisions from the corps, and bad leadership and decisions from DCI and here we are.
  2. Serious business minds don't want anything to do with drum corps. It's a darn shame that the activity can't improve its non-profit donation receipts.
  3. It is a long slow death. There were over 750 drum corps in 1971. What's left today 25 corps? Not good folks.
  4. That is a great point. There are waaay too many staff members. Drum corps need to right size.
  5. Same here. Drum corps is just too expensive. Need to reduce costs. Stop hauling around a semi-trailer full of props and buying new unis every year. I have said for years that drum corps must regionalize to reduce costs. The problem is there just aren't enough drum corps left and I am afraid it will get worse. I mean SCV went inactive??? Really??? Wow. Sad.
  6. 100% spot on. The ED has been a complete failure. This regime should have been launched 10 years ago.
  7. Wow. A legend Maybe the tallest center snare ever. His 1977 Oki Crusaders drum line was silky smooth and clean as heck, the corps finished 15th and drum line won prelims. His BD drum lines were aggressive and powerful. Time to go to YT and watch some Float videos. RIP
  8. Stop buying new unis every year would save a lot of money.
  9. Organizations/companies invest a lot of time, money and effort in building their brand. It makes zero sense that almost every drum corp has abandoned their brand. Coke, Kleenex, Ford, Apple, Kraft, etc...understand this. Why don't drum corps leaders?
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