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  1. Didn't they come out and say 2008 felt to soon in a video?
  2. Had this discussion elsewhere. If they redid any other show would people have reacted the same as they did to the iconic 03? Say the 2004 or 2015 shows? My bet is no.
  3. Not watching but maybe this answers https://www.facebook.com/1149377515126850/posts/4515476728516895/
  4. Early 2000 boring corps. Later on got glass place and really never cared for the shows just saying nice job. They even sold shirts that said Boring in Bb. Reading comment sections between all the Facebook groups and here yesterday and some didn't even have a thread I'm the comments about them being at the show. The other comments were about a tarp and not actually about the show.
  5. Actually Harmonic Journey is my all time favorite show 😉
  6. Watching YouTube flo shows and I can say not a fan of cavies La Vie but this has been the most I've listened to a cavies show ever. I for the life of me don't understand how people can give Blue Stars the glassmen treatment. Phantom show is great but I still compare to 2003 and that show will always be superior. I like mandarins show and laugh about people complaining about WGI influence with tarps but this show is straight up WGI influence. Sounds like a Broken City show.
  7. Blue knights tarp that warped the lines definitely was a crutch for straight lines😂
  8. Nobody says let me design a wgi show outdoors. You guys are just looking for things to blame. -signed a person that is part of designing WGI shows.
  9. Of all the seasonings you chose to be salty. La Vie en Rose is a more fitting song and almost every alum approved of the change. The only ones are those still stuck in the 60s.
  10. Holy #### this camera work is bad. So glad I watch the videos before they get taken down and saved money.
  11. Travis Larson came in and improved what was already growing the previous years by Ward. Promising future keeping that brass staff together and returning more vets.
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