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  1. How close can BS get to Cavies tonight. Need to see that gap close if they want any shot
  2. Interesting how 7-8-9 midseason to finals doesnt change. Lets keep that going 😉
  3. The amount of shows that have shown rain hourly vs shows that got rain is slim. We sneaked one out in Evansville but I think that's the only one that's been close.
  4. Expect a 2 point+ difference between Stars and Cavies at their first meeting but I'm interested to see where we end up. Anything under 2 points would be a win IMO.
  5. 1 Boston Crusaders 84.300 2 Phantom Regiment 77.750 3 Spirit of Atlanta 75.900 4 Music City 69.250 5 Jersey Surf 66.750 Powered by VIEW FULL RECAP Open Class PLACE CORPS SCORE 1 Louisiana Stars 61.850 2 Southwind 60.700 3 Heat Wave 51.400
  6. Apparently you cant say stuff like this because to some people on here its a ###### comment to say a group doesn't have competition.