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  1. Simple question - Are madison scouts fans/alums happy with these moves?
  2. I mean everything is understandable. He has a life outside of DCI and sometimes you gotta step back. Sometimes you have artistic differences and your WGI groups are your way of doing it (Mapes and Grom). Either way we still get the different approach in the winter!
  3. To add insult to injury. Name the only corps to try and bring out a WGI winds group only for women ran only by women. It's not that you just picked them, you've done it before. And if you really didn't think they werent fair you obviously don't know Brad. He might possibly see your comment and respond because he takes his job very seriously.
  4. I find it not surprising that you have a problem with the Blue Stars.
  5. So it was the Cadexit when they left. What's it called now?
  6. Let the Hunger Games begin. May the odds be in your favor.
  7. The name I was floated has no trace that I can find. They worked with a top corps was all I was given.
  8. No. People have been posting staff people that have mentioned they left on personal social media. The rules are you can't say where you're going hence why I said left. I've posted several but this ######## bickering off topic has washed it out. Anything non staff should be deleted in this thread. Confirmed that I saw were Branden Hill at Cadets. Ward Miller, Kris Hammond, and Matt Hernandez out at Blue Stars.
  9. Can we get an updated list of places we know people have left?
  10. Alright but it changed the activity into this giant complaining group when a uniform is released or electronics get used
  11. I did. Ballad was really the only good part.
  12. Matt Hernandez leaving Blue Stars. Has been running the front since 2013.