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  1. the cost is a good business plan. If you are trying to run small local you can semi base it off a WGI groups financials if all shows can be one day trips from a central location. The second you start touring you have to factor in bus contracts and more transportation issues.
  2. Sad news of the passing of the man with the biggest heart. @TomVV was the nicest and most generous volunteer you could find. He made everyone feel special and made sure you got plenty of food in the food line. 💙🌟🌹 Tom Volk 1959-2022 It is with great sadness that we report Tom Volk, a long-time volunteer, supporter, Blue Stars Hall of Fame member, and friend to all, has passed away. Tom's impact on the organization, and more importantly its members, was incalculable, and the positive impact he had on the Blue Stars will be felt for decades to come. “Tom never marched with the Blue Stars, or any other drum corps,” said Brad Furlano. “But he made a huge impact on our organization during his 15 years of involvement. We have lost a dear friend whose presence made us all better.” Tom first became involved with the organization in the fall of 2008 when he marched with the Blue Stars Alumni Corps in the Oktoberfest parade. From there he quickly became a presence at camps and on the summer tour as a volunteer. He worked mostly with the food program, but was willing to help wherever he could lend a hand. During his time volunteering, Tom was able to intimately observe the corps’ operations, and it was those observations that led him to become a major donor to address the Blue Stars’ capital needs. Tom was the lead donor in 2014/15 to make a new equipment trailer – The Volk’s Wagon – a reality. And when the campaign to build our new kitchen trailer needed a boost to get it past the finish line, he stepped up in a very large way and challenged all of us to match his generosity. He provided thousands of dollars of scholarship money to help those in need fulfill their dreams of marching in the Blue Stars. Most of all, Tom was a friend to everyone he met, and was quick to offer words of encouragement and support to members that needed a boost after a long day of practice. We will remember Tom for his vegetarian specials, his HBTY wishes, his keen sense of humor, and most of all, his kindness towards everyone he met. Our thoughts are with Tom’s family and friends during this difficult time. Details of Tom’s funeral arrangements will be posted as they become available. https://bluestars.org/latest-news/2022/11/29/tom-volk-1959-2022
  3. This is literally how the Glassmen went under and I would be surprised to see them come back. A little debt turns into a lot of debt and bingo halls don't pull like they used to for corps. Id like to be wrong but they really need to bring someone in to take a look at costs. Were they collecting all their dues or were they giving discounts? Can they find ways to cut down staff to lower staffing costs? What is their revenue stream outside of the season? Legends also used to have a WGI group that did well in Open Class and they just folded it. I guess that was really the beginning of the end when you don't really need to budget too much for a WGI group.
  4. Honest opinion - this was run poorly and they have been financially unstable for years. They were charging $1000 above world class corps years ago and they still struggled. A couple years ago they bought a new truck and uniforms and then plead on FB live for donations to cover it. Trying to be world class on an open class budget doesn't work. Then this year they charged 5k for only 6 weeks and stayed at hotels. Someone should have been giving better financial advice. They want to survive to next year then they need to keep running their open class shows in Michigan and do a soundsport. Cut the cost of semi and bus travel but still give something to show growth. They can still sell merch in Indy and generate more donations.
  5. Legends to be inactive for 2023 Season After thoughtful consideration, the Legends Performing Arts Board of Directors voted unanimously to go inactive for the 2023 Season. "The escalating costs to operate a touring corps continue to show no signs of reversal and while we always do our best to find a way, the current economic and global conditions will be a challenge that will take more resources to provide a quality experience," says Ibe Sodawalla, CEO. "As the founder of the corps, this organization is one I take great pride in and I've seen the impact we make to everyone involved. The decision to be inactive is one that is not easy to make and is necessary for us to strengthen our foundation, limit our risk, and revisit our strategic plan moving forward." We would like to thank Legends 2022 for being with us on our relaunch. You are truly a special team that inspired many and helped to identify the strengths and weaknesses in this next era of the activity. And to those that expressed interest in Legends 2023, we appreciate that you had considered us for your experience. https://www.facebook.com/legendsdrumandbuglecorps/posts/pfbid0AyyRi3hpXW234FJoJHdnvz4Nv8BbUSWC3UV5q1MmRSneurCZaFa5ryCdN8rSHh86l
  6. Totally trying to cover up all the bad press from last season with shiny cymbals.
  7. Mother Sue is the best in Drum Corps and you cant change my mind.
  8. It's to prevent retaliation against someone reporting. It's literally the same rule that's in DCI rulebook.
  9. Just want to say WGI process does work and I have seen it in action from start to finish. Independent investigator will contact everyone involved and make sure they get enough feedback to determine if lies or truth to allegations. I've been cautious of the process in the "no retaliation" but they have to investigate everything even if it fell into that field.
  10. If you're saying he was fired for complaints that means the process was followed and the complainers have filed a report to home organization and DCI that would blacklist them from teaching. Or the rest would be rumors which a private independent investigation would determine if it's a lie or not.
  11. Music City is not messing around. Now I am very intrigued on who the perc caption head will be since thats blank on their site.
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