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  1. The CTHurricanes are excited to announce their 2017 Music Design Team. Ray Fallon, Jr. is joining the Hurricanes and will serve as the Program Coordinator. Aaron Goldberg, who consulted with the corps in 2010, will be the brass arranger. Hurricanes Alumnus Tom Gasparrini will be the Battery Arranger and Matt Hahn will serve as the Front Ensemble/Electronics Arranger. This team brings a wealth of music experience to the Hurricanes, along with years of success in the drum corps activity. The team is hard at work to design a competitive and engaging program for the DCA audience! Executive Direct
  2. Stop by our website to check out our 2 winter update videos! http://cthurricanes.org/winter-updates Our next camp will be held at Manchester High School (located at 134 Middle Turnpike E, Manchester, CT 06040. Park in the lot on Summit Street). February 20 from 9AM - 4PM, brass only February 21 from 9AM-4PM, full corps, including guard There are still spots available, so fill out an application at http://cthurricanes.org/join-the-hurricanes or email is at info@cthurricanes.org for more information!
  3. I couldn't agree more. Bob was one of the most influential Hurricanes of all time, and even though many of the newer members didn't know him personally, they were able to appreciate what the man did for the Corps. That performance for him last August (see below) was one of the most powerful moments of my drum corps career. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfvMwliW6HI
  4. In the past few days, the Hurricanes have announced their 2016 Program & Design Team! See the information below, and click here for a clip from the local news station plugging our Open House, coming up on November 28 and 29! 2016 Connecticut Hurricanes Program Announcement The concept of Freedom is multifaceted. It is a concept that represents the opportunity to embrace a system of beliefs, to choose methods of expression, and the ability to pursue one’s dreams. It is the concept of Freedom that stands as a cornerstone of democracies around the world. The 2016 Hurricanes are cele
  5. We will only be doing Manchester By-The-Sea and Wakefield.....then competing in The Beanpot Invitational at night!
  6. After an exciting end to the 2014 season, coupled with the kick off of 2015 this past weekend, the Hurricanes are excited to announce our 2015 Program. Tonight, join the Hurricanes as we hit a few of the City’s hippest “After Hours” clubs, on a Saturday night to remember! Hearing Brian Setzer’s dramatic ballad, “Since I Don’t Have You”, coming from a place just down the street, we set the adventure in motion. Our evening blasts to life in a high-octane jazz club where “Nutville”, one of our favorite big band productions, begins. Killer horn riffs and relentless energy deliver the wild ride
  7. Bobby Jones.....the Bizzle Jizzle.....talk about a well deserved honor. Very happy for you, my friend!
  8. The Connecticut Hurricanes are excited to announce the addition of WGI Director of Percussion and Hall of Fame member Mark Thurston to the position of Percussion Arranger for the 2015 season. Mark began his drum corps career as a snare drummer with the Royaleers Drum & Bugle Corps in his hometown of Utica, NY. In the early 70’s, he became a member of the Yankee Cadets and in 1976, he joined the Avant Garde Drum & Bugle Corps from Saratoga Springs, NY. From 1979 to 1982 he marched in the Crossmen’s snare line. After his age-out, he was asked to join their percussion staff and went on
  9. The Connecticut Hurricanes are pleased to announce their 2015 Percussion Caption Head. Mr. G. James Miller holds a Master of Science Degree from Full Sail University (2011), a Master of Arts Degree in Music from Columbia University Teachers College (1985), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from William Paterson College (1983). Mr. Miller has served in many of the tri-state area schools as an educator, writer, and clinician for over thirty five years. His writing credits include percussion ensemble works performed by many colleges, universities and high schools. Mr. Miller's exercises an
  10. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Connecticut Hurricanes are pleased to announce the addition of Matt Krempasky to their 2015 creative team in the role of Brass Arranger. Matthew F. Krempasky's writing career began with the Reading Buccaneers in 1983, and has since expanded to drum and bugle corps, college and university bands, and high school ensembles from around the world. He wrote for the Buccaneers from 1983-1987, the Hawthorne Caballeros from 1988-1991, Spirit of Atlanta from 1997-1999, and most notably, the Crossmen from 1986-1994. While writing for the Crossmen, he helped the corps return
  11. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Connecticut Hurricanes are excited to announce the appointment of Rick Morey to the position of Visual Designer for the 2015 season. Rick, who lives in Utica, NY with his wife Barbara, has worked in the pageantry activity for several decades as a designer with various winter guards, marching bands and drum and bugle corps and as an adjudicator. Rick established the New Hartford Winter Guard and served as a designer and instructor for them for almost 30 years. He continues to be very active as a visual designer for championship marching bands in New York, New Jerse
  12. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Connecticut Hurricanes are excited to announce the appointment of Carl Ruocco to their administrative team. Carl will be assuming the role of staff coordinator for the 2015 season. Carl has a long and influential career in the marching arts activity as a member, an instructor and an administrator. Primarily a percussion arranger and instructor in his early career, Carl moved on to lead the operational concerns of many DCI corps serving in the capacity of tour director, assistant director, director, program coordinator and staff coordinator. Notable corps included
  13. Hurricanes Announce 2015 Executive Director and Corps Director FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Coming off an 8th place finish at the DCA World Championships and our 60th Anniversary Season, the Hurricanes are excited to announce that Pete Propfe will return as the Corps Director. “My goal is to lead the Hurricanes back to prominence,” Pete said when asked about the 2015 season. “2014 was a good start and the upcoming season looks very promising. I am looking forward to working with everyone to achieve that goal.” Rich Warga will serve as the Executive Director in 2015. On his current appoint
  14. Tickets are now available Fanfare 2014, which will be held on August 23, 2014 at the venerable Kennedy Stadium in Bridgeport, CT. Visit the Fanfare page on the CTHurricanes website for more information on this exciting DCA competition, which takes place the week before the World Championships in Rochester! For questions or concerns, contact Bob Bradley at rbradley@yorklab.com or (203)912-0900.
  15. The Connecticut Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps is excited to announce our 2014 production, “Always Greener.” Symbolically utilizing the corps colors; the brass, percussion and award-winning color guard will take the audience on a blossoming journey to celebrate our 60th Anniversary! Visually and musically, the viewer will witness the figurative and literal growth of a tiny flower bud, and its triumphant bloom into a beautiful, colorful perennial flower returning year after year – just as the corps has continually blossomed within our drum corps community over the past 60 years. Musical Selec