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  1. Is Crown going to use the same uniforms from last year this season? Or are they going back to the regular white-ish ones that they'be used typically? I don't see how the uniforms from last year would look good with a show un-like e=mc2. But that's just my opinion.
  2. So, Crown's pants are already legendary...I'm sure it was noticed that they were cut very tight, dance-like. I heard on here that dance belts/jock straps were used to keep things PG...any more details on that? What about other uniform underthings? In Capital Regiment, our director had us wear plain black T-shirts and tight black running/bike shorts. This was to keep underwear from bunching up and to create a smooth look; he said he learned this from Jeff Fiedler. In The Cadets, we were more complicated. We had to wear "show whites": a white tee cut off at the navel (to prevent bunching), white briefs/panties, and elastic white semi-tights to make sure no other color came through the pants. Also, tuck them into the calf-high white athletic socks. PHew! The smell of sweaty show whites was unbearable.... Any other insights?
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