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  1. Both are outstanding, quality organizations who support each other. Both encourage positive family atmospheres and will continue to train your daughter as a performer. As a Emanon homer I lean towards them, but I think both are great. You should note that for the upcoming seasons, Emanon will be fielding an Open and World guard, while I believe AMP will stay in A class. This may make a difference depending on your daughter's skill level. If after the spin clinics she's still undecided, attending both auditions might give your daughter a better sense of what's a best fit.
  2. Akron Cinecast Review Let’s start off with some disclaimers. I’m a guard person, and I’m much more active in the winter than in the summer. I have no musical training, so I can’t comment much on brass or percussion. I mostly watched the color guard and overall visual effect. With that out of the way, here we go. Cavaliers: I just could not get into this show because of the cheesiness factor. My guess is this show looks and feels much different under the lights, because during the day it felt comical and forced from the guard. The guard characterization was not right for me – I know that’s w
  3. In a last minute organizing effort, my friends and I roadtripped up to Chambersburg from DC. We are all guard people, so that's what I can judge. We watched Bluecoats ensemble - I remember why I have a love/hate relationship with outdoor. Here are my thoughts, coming primarily from a guard perspective. C2 "Les Miserables" - Enjoyable show music. Can't say I'm that familiar with DCA, but they are comparable to an Open class DCI corps. The hornline was carrying the corps tonight. Unfortunate for the members that they had to warmup in rain and preform in the mist. From a guard perspective, I w
  4. Here are my picks: Scholastic A - (G): Jamestown HS (S): Minooka HS (B): Lyman HS They make finals: John A. Ferguson HS Independent A - (G): Artistry in BLUE (S): Luminosa (B): Stonewall Ind. They make finals: Patriots Scholastic Open - (G): Claudia Taylor Johnson HS (S): Cypress Bay HS (B): Mechanicsburg HS They make finals: Cape Fear HS Independent Open - (G): Interplay (S): Field of View (B): Identity They make finals: Lexis Scholastic World - (G): Carmel HS (S): Flanagan HS (B): Arcadia HS They make finals: Lake Central HS Independent World - (G): Pride of C
  5. West Broward opened in 2008-2009. They mostly split from the aforementioned Everglades High School, which lost 1/2 to 2/3 of their band program (and color guard) to West Broward. West Broward also split from Cypress Bay High School (7th in SO this year. While Everglades faced somewhat of an identity crisis and un-supportive administration following the split, West Broward, Cypress Bay and Flanagan have had much more supportive administration and band booster programs. Just goes to show you that building a successful program means engaging your administration and band boosters. Congrats to all
  6. Predicted prelims finish: Round 1: Pride of Cincinnati Blessed Sacrament Fantasia Imbue Diamante Orlando Visual Light Brigade Etude Lake Erie Regiment Round 2: SCV Aimachi Black Watch Opus 10 Emanon Alter Ego Juxtaposition Eklipse Perpetro Independent Round 2: Onyx Zydeco Braddock Independent First Flight Cypress Independent Paramount Black Gold Rhapsody Ars Nova Semis results: Onyx SCV Pride Aimachi Blessed Sacrament Braddock Zydeco Black Watch First Flight Fantasia Opus 10 Imbue Cypress Independent Emanon Alter Ego -- Orlando Visual Diamant
  7. Round 3 Black Gold (9:20 PM) – My sincerest regards to Black Gold – you guys got jipped. A starting spot in the third round is not right for this guard, but an unfortunate quirk of scheduling (a tenth of a point higher and they could be performing 50 minutes later in Paramount’s spot). They’ll comfortably move into semis, but performing in the first three spots probably prevents them from getting into finals. The show is good, and their soloist boy is great. Positive show message against bullying and being yourself. The newspaper floor and costumes work well. The show design isn’t matur
  8. Round 2 Eklipse (7:40 PM) – In the same vein as Etude, Eklipse has some nice moments strung together with a very mature Open class show. The door props are interesting, but the show needs more huzzah to get it higher up. The group hasn’t been out since the Cincinatti regional, so they may be able to show up a couple of close guards (Etude, Light Brigade), but I think their current ranking is about right. A nice start to Round 2, but meatier guards coming up… Perpetro Independent (7:50 PM) - …after Perpetro. I’ve seen online that this guard was formed by people wanting to spin, and that’s the
  9. So I’ve watched every group on the Fan Network, except for Lake Erie Regiment and Aimachi. I’m assuming Aimachi makes finals in the top 10, because they’ve been drawn into that group. This is my take on the whole group from top to bottom – please enjoy. (Again, biased views included – take with grain of salt. Please feel free to add your own thoughts. ) Round 1: Light Brigade (6:00 PM) – It’s Light Brigade. Fantastic tricks, but small guard. Actually, considering the group took last season off, I think it’s a pretty decent show to come back with. Unfortunately, they take the same Peter
  10. I agree that the video should be up on Fan Network. In my personal opinion, it's especially pompous to present a show every weekend in a gym, but claim that it could be offensive and not have the video shown. Fantasia's design team, and the rest of the Winter Guard World, has been fully aware from the beginning that their show would be on Fan Network. As a paying subscriber, I'm deeply disappointed in WGI. If WGI and Fantasia feel the show is offensive, add a disclaimer! But taking it down seems to me more like politics and horse-racing then actual concern for the audience. I hope WGI wi
  11. Yup, looks like Nease HS has been promoted into Scholastic Open. Congrats!
  12. Mission Viejo's is a Chinese song, and I can't seem to find it without using Chinese characters. Thankfully, Soundhound on my iPhone recognized it. In Chinese it's 冬天来了。 It's sung by 丁薇. It's transliterated as "dongtian lai le", which means Winter is Coming. I loved the song, and its been on my iPhone since I found it.
  13. Here are my realistic predictions: 1. SCV 2. Onyx 3. Pride 4. Blessed Sac 5. NEI 6. Mayflower 7. Braddock 8. Crown 9. Black Watch 10. Diamante 11. Fantasia 12. Cypress Ind. 13. Juxtaposition 14. First Flight 15. Opus 10 How I would judge it: 1. Onyx 2. Pride 3. NEI 4. SCV 5. Braddock 6. Blessed SAC 7. Black Watch 8. Diamante 9. Fantasia 10. Juxtaposition 11. First Flight 12. Opus 10 13. Premonition 14. Imbue 15. Cypress Ind. I haven't seen Mayflower, so I really have no idea where they will fall. And I'll admit I'm not impressed by Crown at all. For SW, t
  14. READER BEWARE! Not all of this review is positive. I sometimes offer my own opinions that are not always PC. While every performer should be encouraged, I do find faults in shows (it’s a competition!). So apologies before hand, but these are my thoughts. Although I caught a couple of novice groups, I missed all of B and JV class because of another commitment in the morning. I think SFWGA should consider splitting Guard and Percussion premier. The 8 am start was a drag. Also, could we follow the rest of the country and premier a week earlier? Also, how about more than one local show in March?
  15. Independence WG in 2006 with their "Cathedrals" show and 2004 Corona with "Basic Training" both jump to mind. The first is a moving show about loss in Europe during the World Wars. The second is a hard, in-your-face, Michael Shapiro show with tricks and physical strength on display. Two shows with very different takes on war.