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Found 3 results

  1. Y'all have been asking for this for quite some time now... So here it is. I decided to sit down with a stop watch and watch every show available, so you savages better be satisfied. I counted sections and small ensembles(more than 4 players), but not solos. (I put in a mini-review and description of timing thingys, because I own you.) All of these shows may be off by ~10 seconds because I am a people, and people are not always perfect. Hope I don't get in trouble for baiting the dinosaurs. Crossmen: 5:07 Sorry Bones. Love you guys, but you just didn't play that much. That's kind of what you expect from an entirely original composition though. Or maybe you don't. I'm 17. I have a friend in the pit though... So good for him! Blue Knights: 5:35 Pretty disjointed, lots and lots of small ensemble playing. I'm 90% sure if I didn't count small ensembles they would not have broken the 5 minute mark. Disappointing, tbh. Blue Stars: 5:41 Fairly well paced. Played for the ENTIRE ballad, which was cool. Audio cut out at one point but it was pretty clear that they were playing the whole time. Bluecoats: 5:57 Mmm... tasty show. I had to count the bunch of trombones playing in the beginning of the ballad, and only counted the octed when they were all playing, as is the law. The Cavaliers: 6:08... I think. I already did this one and I'm too lazy to look it up. If someone else is not, I will edit and owe you 11.5 minutes. (Or is it 15 Minutes? :D) Phantom Regiment: 6:15 Although beautiful at times, this show continues to astound me with how remarkably average a show can be. Keep up the work, Phantom. (ugh, i miss when j.p. morgan was there...) Blue Devils: 6:17 Very not choppy, surprisingly. Long stretches of playing as a full ensemble, and then no playing at all(full percussion/dubstep features). Sometimes hard to tell if the whole hornline was playing during the ballad. Really enjoy this show. The Academy: 6:28 My God what a fun show. Very well constructed. I think. (And yes, I counted the "bum"s individually in the beginning of Sorcerer's Apprentice. I enjoyed that a little too much.) The Cadets: 6:31 I genuinely enjoy this show, especially Turning. My favorite part is Turning it Off. (just kidding i actually love turning it's so EDGY and brooding,,, like my teenage soul.......) Santa Clara Vanguard: 6:53 I had to start this one over a couple times, and I didn't mind in the slightest. idk if these guys are the clowns they're talking about in their corps song, but if they are... they're definitely the Class Clowns™. Madison Scouts: 6:56 You guys do quite a bit of playing! Now, a lot of it is individual sections playing strings of melody made unnecessarily difficult in order to score points, disrupting the musical flow of the piece... But I'm obsessed with Jesus Christ Superstar so you get a thumbs up from me. (just one. i have two) Carolina Crown: 8:01 Haha wow. Knew they featured their brass but this is just great. Not even any questionable moments... The only time that there was just one section was the tuba transitions, and it's not super easy stuff. Really are Relentless. This was horrible and this also means nothing. (but please share your thoughts on this nothing so i feel validated) (P.S. I only edited this because it screwed up my formatting. I'm watching you mods.)
  2. Figured there at least ought to be a thread where the scores from these two shows are discussed. We should have those fairly soon. The last corps at both events (Madison Scouts, one of ten corps at Oceanside; and Santa Clara Vanguard, one of six corps at Auburn) ought to be performing right now. The Auburn show includes the DCI debut of a new Open Class corps, Battalion (there are eight Open Class performing in these two shows).
  3. It's been mentioned here on DCP and on Facebook, but here is the official statement regarding our decision to withdrawal from DCA competition for this season. Any questions or comments, please feel to email me at the address provided. The Board of Directors and administration of Shenandoah Sound Drum & Bugle Corps have the unfortunate task of announcing their withdrawal from the 2014 DCA competitive season. This means that Shenandoah Sound will not compete at any DCA shows this season. We regret the impact and disappointment to our hard working members, staff, families, fellow corps, DCA administration, and our fans. Shenandoah Sound is not folding nor is the corps disbanding. Shenandoah Sound is a stable and viable organization and the corps looks forward to competing in the future. While Shenandoah Sound will not compete this summer, the corps will still be performing! The corps will be transitioning into a Future Corps-type ensemble for their upcoming local performances. Details and schedules of performances will be available on the corps website and social media pages as they become available. Since first taking the field in DCA competition in 2003, Shenandoah Sound has continued to elevate their level of achievement with entertaining and challenging performances. The corps’ two best seasons came recently, in 2012 and 2013, when the corps earned its highest scores in DCA competition. Shenandoah Sound has become known for crowd-pleasing shows featuring recognizable melodies and the corps will continue this trend in the future. For more information about the corps, please visit www.ShenandoahSound.org or Facebook.com/ShenandoahSound. Follow the corps on Twitter @SoundDrumCorps Contact information: Anthony Fiumara (Public Relations & Drum Major) PR@ShenandoahSound.org
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