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  1. And those are some promising corps, but they have yet to come close to being anywhere near as good as MBI was just three years ago.
  2. So the other day, I heard Bluecoats mentioned as a sponsor on a local NPR station, including a blurb about their August show in Akron. The station, WKSU out of Kent State U., simulcasts on a number of frequencies in different locations, reaching something like a quarter of Ohio's counties.
  3. The former, but I don't know if he's done work for them before.
  4. I chuckled at "the bugle & drum corps". But congratulations to her on the Livingston nomination!
  5. Here's a picture from a show he worked on before, which may evoke a Bluecoats show of years past:
  6. One of my coworkers is (outside of work) helping to build their props, but he won't give me any hints.
  7. Phantom of the Opera had premiered on Broadway three years earlier. So maybe the hint means that SCV will be presenting music from a show that opened on Broadway in the past few years? There was this one 2015 show that was about as popular as Phantom was in its heyday.
  8. Well... given what they had to work with, I'd say you're right. And I don't mean the performers, who were excellent, but the technology they were using. Just take a look at the clip below from the DVD that DCI posted to Youtube last month. It features the ballad. As soon as the first soloist starts, you can clearly hear something is wrong with the sound, and you can hear it again when the second soloist comes in, and the balance in that clip generally just isn't where it was earlier in the season (whether heard live or on Flo) -- issues that many people here said they they were hearing last year repeatedly during championships, only to have some others here deny those their observations. Also, as noted by one of the Youtube commenters on the video, who was apparently a drummer in SCV, there's a mismatch between the audio and video at the end of the clip. So DCI explained in a reply comment:
  9. I mean the latter. Tell me that I'm going to listen to six random semifinalist performances from the 1980s or six random semifinalist performances from the 2010s and I'd pick the former every time.
  10. On average, drum corps used to be more musical. There are still some very musical shows! But when modern drum corps fails, a large part of the failure is that the show just isn't worth listening to.