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  1. N.E. Brigand

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    They placed fifth three times.
  2. https://www.mcall.com/news/police/mc-nws-allentown-cadets-george-hopkins-online-deny-accusations-20190111-story.html His lawyer says he discussed the post with him in advance. Get a new lawyer.
  3. Right. Whereas it would be hearsay (and this also is merely a rhetorical example) if witness Jane Smith testified: "John Doe told me he saw an invoice from 'Internet Scrubbing Corporation' to 'Crossmen, Attn: Fred Morrison' which said 'for cleaning sex offender's online record.'" Thank you for making that point.
  4. Vanity. If they were wrong to either write that rule or enforce it as they did (and yes I know opinions differ on those points), then credibility needs to take a back seat to justice.
  5. Proposed: the non-disparagement rule is a bad rule that never should have been on the books in the first place.
  6. Yes, based on the evidence we've seen, this feels to me like going to jail for 30 days for jaywalking.
  7. "once he saw it" So basically a rookie mistake?
  8. Thanks for the directness and clarity of this reply.
  9. Ah, so it would be wrong to say "the buck stops with everybody". I agree!
  10. In Stu's world, any responsible corps or prospective corps will raise enough (non-refundable) money in advance of any activity that there's never any danger of them folding during the season.
  11. I like this interpretation of his message. He felt it was necessary to acknowledge the obvious to prospective members and parents: he knows they've been let down before, and he wants to reassure them that he won't do the same.
  12. Key words: "as they see fit". And their judgment call may (or may not) have been the wrong one. Just because you have the right to make a certain decision doesn't mean you should.
  13. I'm not on Twitter, but I read a lot of Twitter posts. This guy, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney now in private practice, posts a lot of helpful information for novices on legal intricacies, which are much in the news of late, including defamation and SLAPP and RICO (but it's never RICO): https://twitter.com/Popehat
  14. Facebook is worse, but mostly because more people use it and more people reveal personal information on it, both of which make it more valuable to bad actors. But that's not important right now.