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  1. Sure, although you have to wonder if deep down those corps believe they were never good enough to win against all Open Class corps.
  2. Presumably the other members of the "brain trust" deliberately left this point for you to make.
  3. In no other field are fans expected to say, "The experts have spoken and therefore I must keep my mouth shut."
  4. That is weird. But is anyone from DCA reading your question? Better to write them directly, I'd guess.
  5. So I've just been watching video of BDB from a week ago. Unless they added something since then, they just won the west coast open class championships, and scored at a level that would put them 16th in world class, with no props and no tarps.
  6. Speaking of which, tonight was the last show of the season for BDB and SCVC (and BDC and Incognito). These were the score at that show: 1 Blue Devils B 76.550 2 Vanguard Cadets 75.500 3 Gold 73.050 4 Golden Empire 68.150 5 The Battalion 67.750 6 Vessel 64.500 7 Watchmen 61.350 8 Impulse 57.800 9 Incognito 54.550 10 Blue Devils C 53.500
  7. Today for a while viewers who had selected high cam were actually shown multi-cam. I mentioned it at the time.
  8. Cheers to the brass, percussion, and guard judges in particular for shaking things up.
  9. BDB won. SCVC was second. Neither of them is going to Open Class championships this year. Gold was third and 2.45 behind SCVC. Golden Empire was about five points back of Gold. They're both traveling to the Midwest.
  10. Well, tonight Gold scored 73.050, which is a full point ahead of Spartans.
  11. A very good film and a great performance. But for best film of 1982, I gotta go with E.T.. (I think historians would say that year's top film was Yol, from Turkey, with Blade Runner close behind.)
  12. Stick to your guns, even if the judges disagree. In no other adjudicated art are the decisions of the judges considered binding on popular opinion. It's not like people who love Pulp Fiction or The Shawshank Redemption say, "The Oscar voters picked Forrest Gump as the best film of 1994, and they're trained professionals, so I must be wrong." (Besides, the best film of 1994 was Nobody's Fool, starring Paul Newman.)