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  1. Are you envisioning a system in which, say, Blue Devils B loses some of its best players mid-season when they're "called up" to Blue Devils?
  2. At DCA Prelims, the mother of a Carolina Gold member sitting behind me kept referring to the groups as "bands". But she was quite enthusiastic about the activity, so I didn't bother correcting her.
  3. Fun! Except for the spotlights on the drum majors which also shine right into the audience's eyes.
  4. From the little I've heard, that's not my impression. And why on earth pay for a consulting firm (they aren't cheap!) if you're just going to ignore their report?
  5. Yes, but that doesn't mean there's no value in making distinctions. All drum corps are marching bands. All marching bands are not drum corps.
  6. I think "forward progression" is a loaded phrase. It's very possible for art to "progress' backwards, or to progress to a dead end.
  7. This plan being floated by Major League Baseball reminded me a little of the G7 plan in DCI nine years ago: MLB Proposal Would Eliminate 42 Minor League Teams.
  8. Do all English schools divide the school year into Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity terms or is that only an Oxford thing?
  9. Also, this was just before I started following drum corps again: when was it determined that the 2008 championships would not be held in Lucas Oil because that venue wasn't ready? Did Blue Devils, who are usually considered to be the most prepared corps, design "Constantly Risking Absurdity" thinking they would be performing it indoors? Did "Spartacus" win because of the change to an outdoor setting?
  10. How easy was that to do prior to 2009, when the end venue was changing every year?
  11. It's a bit like the end of Fahrenheit 451. If you want to preserve something, you need to do it yourself. We all should be copying all the content so that it's not destroyed on someone's whim.
  12. Ugh. The internet is so ephemeral. Even more unfortunately the internet managed to destroy much of what existed before it.
  13. Really though I'm not sure drum corps ever recovered from the addition of contrabass bugles back in the 1960s. That's when it all started going south.
  14. Have you considered the possibility that drum corps was already bad in 2004? That was the first year that DCI allowed amplification (of pit instruments and of voice). I had not been following drum corps closely for a few years, but a friend heard about the first "Big, Loud & Live" cinema broadcast, and we attended, only to be shocked and disappointed by the amplified voice in the performances by Crown and others.
  15. I haven't kept up with BluRay, but DVDs have "regions", and in order to play a DVD here that's meant to be used in Asia, you need an Asian DVD player -- or a "region free" player.