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  1. 1989 is my favorite year of drum corps.
  2. Here's hoping DCI is able to hire these people back by the fall.
  3. Think about what you're saying: if those 45 people didn't get it from someone in that group of 60, that's actually worse for the community where they live, because it means the disease was so prevalent in a bunch of other places they separately visited.
  4. It's very unforunate new for the staff who were let go (I had to deliver the very same bad news to some people on staff where I work), but presumably if DCI had not done so, then the organization's demise would be assured. Cutting costs gives them a chance to survive.
  5. COVID19 is definitely going to kill more Americans than died in either the 9/11 or Pearl Harbor attacks, and very probably more than both combined. According to Hockey Dad's source above, the number of Americans who die from COVID19 by July will be more than 15 times the number of Americans who died on 9/11. And H.D. notes that could be very good news, relative to some earlier predictions. But do go on.
  6. 75% of the people who attended that rehearsal got sick (and half of them have tested positive for COVID19), and you think that's just a coincidence. OK then.
  7. Here's some more good news: the United Nations is donating 250,000 masks to the U.S.
  8. Not sure about woodwinds, but the skeleton sitting in the cart full of skulls is playing a hurdy-gurdy. (I don't think anyone plays a hurdy-gurdy in "Hurdy Gurdy Man".)
  9. Something I learned today: apparently those round things on the poles in the background on the right are "breaking wheels", which were used both to beat the condemned to death and as a variation on crucifixion.
  10. Is it this one? https://www.mcall.com/coronavirus/mc-nws-coronavirus-drum-bugle-20200327-r5a3fid3ojgyzhcxw4upywli4i-story.html
  11. Jeff is referring to something DCA's president said two or three years ago in his remarks before the awards ceremony at Finals.