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  1. Ah, but will the guard also play cymbals?
  2. N.E. Brigand

    Crossmen 2019

    I wasn't following drum corps closely then. I was under the impression that it was mainly an economic decision.
  3. N.E. Brigand

    Crossmen 2019

    Rarely in orchestras are cymbals used as they are in drum corps and marching bands. However, by that logic, corps would eliminate their batteries entirely, since there's nothing like that in most orchestral writing either.
  4. N.E. Brigand

    Crossmen 2019

    Comments like this make me wonder how monolithic are the opinions on the artistic side of drum corps? Are there pro-cymbal and anti-cymbal camps?
  5. N.E. Brigand

    Sunrisers suspended

    For other reasons, I today was thinking about the 1974 event. (Not that I was there; I was only two and wouldn't even hear of drum corps for another 15 years!) More on that in six months or so.
  6. N.E. Brigand

    Sunrisers suspended

    We've seen corps in bad spots turn around. MBI took this year off but has announced plans to field a corps next year. Bushwackers were on the verge of shutting down just five or six years ago, with a judgement allowing a creditor to seize their instruments if they didn't pay a debt, and this year they managed to place fifth. So it ought to be possible for Sunrisers to make this right.
  7. N.E. Brigand

    Question About DCA Culture

    I have no experience, but in an interview in 2014 or 2015, I think the then-director of the Buccaneers said that their oldest member is 53. Whether that person was marching on the field, I'm not sure, and I look forward to comments from others about your dream. In approximately that year, I remember Kamarag posting here mid-season that if Fusion Core needed to fill a baritone slot, he was open to joining them. And he's somewhere in his 40s, I believe. (We've never met, although we realized after the fact that we had seen each other, as I was sitting immediately behind him at the 2012 Finals.) Personally, I think if you're serious enough about it, you should follow that dream!
  8. N.E. Brigand

    Sunrisers suspended

    Ah, I wondered about the reference in DCA's statement to their plans to work with the "new" Sunrisers administration.
  9. N.E. Brigand

    Sunrisers suspended

    That statement appears to indicate that Sunrisers didn't pay their hotel bill.
  10. N.E. Brigand

    Crossmen 2019

    J.R.R. Tolkien's friend George Sayer, speaking seven years after Tolkien's death: "I've gone for one or two walks with Tolkien, and he did talk to me about natural scenes he visited. One of the things I noticed, which surprised me from the start, was the way in which he regarded certain natural scenes as evil. This came up most strongly after he'd been examining in order -- that is to say classifying students in an Irish University according to their achievements in the English language and literature. He described Ireland as a country naturally evil. He said he could feel evil coming from the earth, from the peat bogs, from the clumps of trees, even from the cliffs, and this evil was only held in check by the great devotion of the southern Irish to their religion. This was a very strange view, and was not one I could even have guessed." Anyway, maybe Crossmen will use the symbol to express more than one meaning. Maybe they'll be deliberately ambiguous!
  11. Yours is an understandable and reasonable response. However, better that he admits and corrects his own errors than that he doubles down on such mistakes when they are brought to his attention.
  12. N.E. Brigand

    17 years later, 9/11/2018

    Think about this: there are now drum corps members who weren't even born on that day. As a youth of the 1980s, for whom the most memorable national events were Reagan getting shot and the Challenger exploding, it is astonishing to me that we are now almost as far in time from 9/11 as the assassination attempt on Reagan was from JFK's death. (By next year, there likely will be young men and women serving in Afghanistan who weren't born when the Towers fell.)
  13. N.E. Brigand

    DCA Recordings wanted

    This is not a DCA recording, but as you're a percussionist, I thought you might appreciate the video here.
  14. Since this thread started with a comparison to baseball, I thought we could extend the conversation with a nod to yet another essay about how to rescue a game that may not need it: Go Deep! A Simple Plan to Rescue Major League Baseball And what is the proposed fix? Make the fields bigger! Make it harder for players to hit home runs, and harder for fielders to defend. Following a drum corps season in which there was much discussion about the winning ensemble's field coverage, this seems like a particularly apt twist!
  15. N.E. Brigand

    Best Reprise Closer?

    I was just popping in to mention this one! That collapsing Y was awesome.