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  1. _______________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE http://www.city-sound.org Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: nlewis@city-sound.org “Andy Cross” ACCEPTS 2014 POSITION AS COLORGUARD INSTRUCTOR WITH CITY SOUND Andy attended Bernardo Yorba M.S. and Esperanza H.S. playing flute & bassoon and performing in orchestra, wind ensemble, marching band, & as drum major. After graduation, he studied Dance at Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa), Mt. San Antonio College (Pomona), Grossmont College (El Cajon, CA), with the Gloria Newman Dance Theater (Orange County), & with Shirley Jenkins at the University of Washington (Seattle). In 1989 Andy joined the Seattle Men’s Chorus (SMC) singing on their first CD, appearing on PBS specials, and performing at Boston Symphony Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City. He shared the stage with SMC’s special guests Natalie Cole, Bobby McFerrin, Dianne Schurr, Harvey Fierstein, & Maya Angelou. Andy has performed with the Seattle “R.O.T.C.” Colorguard (1987-1997) in SMC Concerts, in New York City’s Central Park, and at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas. He celebrates over 30 years of performing at “R.O.T.C.” events in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Long Beach, and Seattle. More recently, Andy has been in San Diego where he attended Dance classes at CoSA – Coronado School of the Arts (through Southwestern College), as well as performing a self-written Dance/CG solo with Rifles (at one point juggling 2) in the 2012 CoSA Spring Dance Concert. That Autumn he attended Grossmont College where he studied Dance and performed in both the Student-choreographed and the Faculty-choreographed Dance Concerts. In 2014 City Sound is ecstatic to have Andy as part of their staff all the while creating one of the most exciting color guards in Southern California. Andy’s massive professional dance experience and WGI teaching experience, will definitely give City Sound the visible projection need to be a sound contender this 2014 season. We are proud to let everyone know that Andy Cross is coming to City Sound as the new color guard instructor. Sincerely Nathaniel W. Lewis, Executive Director City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps http://www.City-Sound.org
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE http://www.city-sound.org Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: nlewis@city-sound.org CHARLIE GROH ACCEPTS VISUAL MANAGER POSITION WITH CITY SOUND Born to itinerant beet farmers from North Dakota during the dust-bowl of the 1930's, Charles Nelson Groh has been a creative force since shortly after his birth. As the 10th (and last-born) of the Groh siblings, much of young Charles' formative years were spent in the care of his older brothers and sisters - as his parents sought work to sustain their large family. Left to doodle on his own and blessed with a vivid imagination, Charles was creating pencil and crayon sketches before the age of 4. By the time he was 10 and entered the 9th grade, he was an accomplished photographer - with photos published in the Fargo Chronicle and Bismark Times. Some referred to him as a prodigy. Now, recognized as the 'Zen Master' of the marching arts, Charlie has been a student, performer, instructor, designer, and director of marching bands and drum corps. As a member of the original DCI World Champion Anaheim Kingsmen in the early 1970s, and recently returned as the visual instructor and marching member for the Alumni Corps, The Kingsmen made their debut return at the Drum Corps International World Championships in 2007. Over 200 former members, now in their 40's thru 60's, returned to the field to perform and amaze audiences. Currently, Charlie has again taken his highly sought after marching expertise to the field with City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps From Los Angeles, CA. as Visual Manager for the corps. Everyone here at City Sound thinks Charlie Groh is exactly what the corps needs to take that next evolutionary step to a higher level of the marching arts. We are extremely excited and proud to have charlie Groh on our staff as the new Visual Manager! Sincerely Nathaniel W. Lewis, Executive Director City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps http://www.City-Sound.org
  3. *****OFFICIAL SUN DEVILS PRESS RELEASE***** 2014 Staff Announcement Sun Devils Drum and Bugle Corps Florida’s DCA A Class Finalist Sun Devils Drum and Bugle Corps have announced the instructional and design staff for the corp’s 2014 campaign. “This team of instructors and the creative team is a great family already. We are all looking forward to working with our membership to put a high energy and engaging drum corps product in 2014”, said second year Corps Director Robb Van Eck. The 2014 design team will be under the leadership of Brandon Lesando who moves over from the Brass Caption take the role of Program Coordinator; his job will include supervision of the creative show elements from design to implementation. Anthony Parisi will continue as Drill Writer has the new role of Staff Coordinator. New to the team is Brass Arranger Adam Freeman, who comes to the Sun Devils with a strong background with DCA ties to the Hawthorne Caballeros and Reading Buccaneers, as well as DCI experience with The Cadets and Jersey Surf. Also assisting the corps, David Bolzman with his years of pageantry arts experience and his time with Marching Show Concepts will be returning as a program consultant. Assisting Robb will be Lindsey Brown in the new role of Assistant Director bringing her extensive arts management knowledge and experience with Spirit of Atlanta, Nebraska University “Cornhusker Band”, and area high school groups. Jeff Dixon will continue as Percussion Caption Head and arranger, bringing back his team from the 2013 season. Oscar Escobar is stepping into the role of Brass Caption Head, taking the team that he has inherited from Brandon and Robb. Thomas Baker will be taking the position of Visual Caption Head; he will be building a new team of visual instructors for the 2014 campaign. Sun Devils are currently going through the search process for a Color Guard Caption Head, seeking a team focused individual from outside the organization with a strong Florida-based network of performers and teachers to fill out the ranks in that caption. Full Bios for the staff can be found at http://sundevilsdrumcorps.org
  4. http://www.arizonaacademy.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=452:announcing-the-2014-design-team&catid=37:news&Itemid=94 Anybody take a look at their staff this year? Their design team alone is already killer. Crown's main designer and their music arranger, and one of the Blue Devils drill writers. That alone is a great start. They have a great visual staff coming in, brass staff is almost identical to previous years so the technique should be the same. Most of the perc staff is coming back, which means Ike is returning for his 3rd year, should be AWESOME! And the new guard staff looks very promising. I really hope they can bounce back from this previous season, the main excuse for the scores last year was the design, looks like the problem should be solved now. How do you guys think they will do in 2014?
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