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  1. Hello drum corps family! My name is Kayla Cavano and I'm a Junior Music Education/French horn performance major at Miami University in OH. I have recently been contracted to march with The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps and am looking for sponsors. With paying for school, rent, and many other expenses a typical college student has to pay, an additional $3,400 plus about $1,000 in flights to CA is too great an expense to bear alone. Marching with The Blue Devils has been my dream ever since I saw my first drum corps show in 2008. However, I can't do it by myself so I'm asking for your help.
  2. Does anyone have any tuba exercises that would help me increase my technique on tuba?
  3. I thought this video was pretty cool and different so i want to share it with ya'll
  4. Reading and listening to podcast now. 9 Proposals here---> 1 - Clarifying Use of Electronic Equipment and Amplification 2 - Allow Use of Metronome and Speaker in Warm-up 3 - Perc 1 Sheet Modification 4 - Perc 2 Modification 5 - Convert Perc 2 to Music Analysis 2 6 - Relocate Perc 2 to Front Sideline 7 - Relocate all Field Judges to Front Sideline 8 - Allow half tenths (.5) for judges 9 - Two Caption-Oriented Music Ensemble judges
  5. I'm not one to be blown away by trailer music, but the last Star Wars TFA Trailer has been blowing my mind. With BD doing a Star Wars Duel of the Fates back 1999, why not this one. Perhaps Crown or BD could play an arrangement in the lot. I think I might arrange this myself, anyways Could you see these or other corps playing an arrangement of the this?
  6. I'm lookong for Slightly used Setof G Bugles, Anyone in here who can help me please. Thanks -Suprano -Mellophone -Baritone -Euphonium -Grande Contrabass/ Magnum Bore Contrabass here's my email: or you can chat me thru facebook:
  7. So... I have finally come out of the wilderness and decided to march again... I've only taken a 23 year break, so not too long away from the game. I am marching 2016 with Kidsgrove Scouts. I played bari in Jr corps but these days I am playing tuba... which brings me to my point.... That ###### horn is the spawn of a demon. Any advice for a relative newbie to marching contra (tuba) with regards to particular excercises and also how to find the sweet spot on my shoulder for that bad boy to sit?
  8. 2016 Sunrisers Brass Team Announcement Visit: The Sunrisers announce the 2016 Brass Team! The Sunrisers are pleased to announce that Joseph Sitler continues as Brass Caption Head for the 2016 season. Joe is no stranger to the Sunrisers. He served as a Visual Staff Member for the Sunrisers (1994-1996) and as a Brass Technician from 1997-1998. In 2007, he was part of the brass staff that helped the Sunrisers win the DCA Class A Championship. Joe was the Program and Staff Coordinator for the Sunrisers from 2009-2012. He has b
  9. FUSION would like to announce a new Brass Team to lead the Core Brass in 2016. The 2016 Educational Team will be a mix of returning and new staff, all under the direction of our new caption head Brian Wilkie. Fusion has put together a team that will facilitate growth and development in each individual player. The staff is dedicated to focusing on refining member skills while nurturing the Fusion philosophy of entertainment and achievement. The 2016 brass staff has various backgrounds consisting of DCA, DCI, scholastic band programs, and formal education. We are confident that these will
  10. The Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps have announced their 2016 Production, “Corner of the Sky”. Skyliners’ Opening Statement is “Corner of the Sky” as performed by the Jackson 5 on their 1973 album, Skywriter. The song was written by Stephen Schwartz as part of the musical, Pippin. When Pippin first hit Broadway in the 1970s, everyone was humming this iconic song, including Michael Jackson. The 1970’s pop style engaged audience, while the meaningful lyrics, such as the words, “Every man has his daydreams; Every man has his goal”, featured Pippin singing about how he wants to find where
  11. September 28, 2015. The Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps announce the appointment of the following 2016 Creative Management and Design Staff. CREATIVE DIRECTOR - David Bruni and PROGRAM COORDINATOR - George D Mattis III. BRASS ARRANGER - Joey Pero; BATTERY ARRANGER - Teddy Mascari; PIT ARRANGER - Ryan Reed; and VISUAL DESIGNER - Thomas Sparling. Creative Director David Bruni was Empire Statemen’s Assistant Director, drum major and Show Coordinator from 1983 to 2013. Under David’s leadership, from 1988 through 2013, the Empire Statesmen never finished below 4th (except 6th in 2012).
  12. I'm a filmmaker. I communicate in video form. Thanks to Minnesota Brass for the access and hang time all last week! Let the Madd circus begin! Their closer features some of Queen's "The Show Must Go On" and I thought it the perfect track for a DCA team who spends most of the season all alone in MN. ;)
  13. Lots of DCI fans have really enjoyed the Sacramento Mandarins in 2015. Some see a bright future for the corps, possibly contending for a finalist spot in the next few years. How have you enjoyed the Mandarins this year? Field Pass Podcast: Mandarins have 'The Edge' in 2015 Link to Field Pass:
  14. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are looking for a Marching Woodwind and Brass Section Coordinator (Christian preferred) full-time or part-time. This is a paying position and opportunity for year-round position. Our season is year-round for practices, shows/performance events, parades, and competitions. Must have College or BOA or WGI or Drum and Bugle Corps or DCI or DCA experience Practice is Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please call Ron Thorpe at 423-462-2059. Please send resume to deepimpactdrumlin
  15. Alliance Drum and Bugle Corps has declared to compete in Class A for the 2015 season! The decision to compete in Class A this year was not taken lightly, but the staff and administration are excited about the move and potential it brings to the drum corps. We just completed our "Super Camp" (four day camp) and it concluded with the performance of nearly 8 minutes worth of the show. This is a first for Alliance and we are very excited about the possibilities that this opens up for our corps as the season unfolds. We are very excited to be on track with doing our first full-run next weekend