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  1. Present Arms, it amps any section traveling in front of the mics. They use it to good effect in a couple of spots in the show, specifically during one of the percussion features. They placed each battery section in front of a mic to improve clarity. It worked for some parts of the show, but still needs some tweaking in most of the show.
  2. Does anybody know where the corps is staying Wednesday June 28? I can't find anything on their website. I saw the show Friday night at Clovis and it was hands down my favorite show of the night, something I have never really said about the Blue Knights. The hornline sounds great, especially the middle voices. The show itself is visually and musically stunning. Far more interesting than the over-amped noise coming from the other blue team. What can I say, I'm a new BK fan! I want to catch them once more before they leave California.
  3. Does anybody know the time slots for Friday? All I can find is that the first corps steps off at 2pm. I can guess given 17 minutes per corps, but I have no idea where breaks and intermissions happen. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I have for sale a complete set of Tama Silver Armor drum carriers with only one fall and one easy winter's worth of use. They are essentially new. They are NOT specific to Tama drums. I use Pearl drums, so these all have J bars for the snare and tenors, and inverted bars and hooks for bass drum. The set includes 3 snare carriers CSASDM, 2 tenor carriers CSATNM, and 4 bass carriers CSABDM. I'm hoping to sell the complete line in one sale, but I will consider breaking up the lot if it doesn't sell complete. Price is $1600 plus $100 for shipping. If you're in California, I'm happy to arrange pi
  5. Is this for drums only? Are there any carriers or cases included?
  6. My school district has given me some money to buy some instruments, so I'm gradually trying to convert my hornline to matching horns. They are also letting me sell the instruments we're replacing. Please note: I am selling these to match my line, NOT because they are old beat-up horns. They are all in good condition. I am taking them all for sonic cleaning and maintenance before selling them. Below is what I have to sell. Let me know what you're interested in. Prices are negotiable if you buy 2 or more horns. Delivery negotiated based on location. I can personally deliver to most of Californi
  7. Has anybody seen a list of championship week housing sites yet? If there's not already a thread going that I just haven't found, and you know where your favorite corps are staying that week, please post info here. Thanks!
  8. Anybody know of a good place to go for used flags? So far I've visited marchinglinks.com and the outlet section of Band Shoppe. I know you guys know way more places. Thanks for your help!
  9. I don't wear them, so I don't know. Tell me your thoughts on the marching shoes that are available these days. It's especially helpful if you have marched in multiple contemporary models. I'm trying to decide what my band should wear. Thanks for your input.
  10. I had every intention of posting pictures and updates, but despite the fact that I had 3 to 4 bars of LTE network, I still had no data access. I couldn't get on a web browser or the DCP app. Sucked. Oh well, instead I had to just watch the shows and enjoy them. What a drag, haha.
  11. Does anybody know where Music City is rehearsing Tuesday and Wednesday? They're not listed on DCI's site or on Music City's Facebook.
  12. I'll be there. It's raining in Chicago right now. Hopefully it goes away.
  13. Has anybody seen a time schedule for Tuesday's Finals?
  14. DCI usually posts the list at the beginning of the week. Check DCI.org Sunday or Monday.
  15. I may be in the market for a couple of used marching tubas. Tell me what you like and don't like. Also, who makes the lightest marching tubas. I'm not interested in 3/4 tubas. Only 4/4. Thanks!