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  1. I too....since the theater premiere, and moreso seeing various videos online, feel the narration in the "My Shot" is far too much, and too repetitive and overshadows the percussion when they are right there on the sidelines with judge watching! Keep in mind that the speakers are right there too on the sidelines and may distort the clarity of the notes being played, but, in fairness to Colin's book... it has some tasty things just like Bloo & Cadets, so i can't see them as far down as they are unless there are some very visible technical errors we are not seeing/hearing from the vids .
  2. I too like the ideas of the ground quaking / shaking... as well as the light shining somehow to cast a shadow when he is taken down... when he falls upon the wall impaled, maybe some splashes of red? However, one thing that just jumps out at me is the costuming of the "Goliath" character. IMHO he needs to be different than the corps proper. Perhaps that was intentional (thus far) to have him look identical in appearance as the whole corps. Perhaps maybe they could add padding - make him looked bulked out, maybe even a different breastplate, a different helmet and a HUGE sword! Curre
  3. MAN OH MAN I AM IN LOVE! That brass and drum line are doing great! HOWEVER, as an organist and very familiar w/Once upon a Castle Xanadu, BAC will hopefully (DEAR LORD PLEASE hear and answer my prayer!) use a MIDI or synth clip of the organ accompaniment from this piece, look at how effective it was w/Crown in "Inferno" - with out it, this piece is still great --- BUT with it added is SPECTACULAR! This is a pseudo triumph based show based on a biblical character. Let's remember that the bible says "Praise him with organ, strings and harp, bang the cymbal and blow the trumpet!"
  4. Okay - so I've listened to, five times thus far, and as an organist/horn player I'm curious. What is the order of the pieces they have selected this year? Anyone know yet? MOST DEFF (IMHO) the 'Once Upon a castle', Mvt IV (if that's the mvt they are really using) should be the closer -- but who the heck am I?!? An organist friend of mine premiered this piece for organ and made a CD (Naxos label) and I emailed him to see how he felt about hearing this as a drum corps performance and he is elated and wants to hear/see it somewhere on the east Coast (he teaches at Julliard & has quite the
  5. You know - re-reading my post, perhaps these are stannd still/parade/encore pieces? Hmmmm... I guess we all wait until.............. ZZZzzzzzz
  6. Hmmmm .......... from a FACEBOOK group it was mentioned that the rep is/may be: (no confirmation tis fact or rumor) : The preview show may have had: A little Tears for Fears, Maroon 5 and Hamilton. Brass ensemble needs to be (and will be) a lot tighter. Battery kicks major ###. They will advance in placements and their incredible discipline evident in ensemble performance will get them there. REALLY different from the preview video a month or so ago with the "Water glass and vibration" if this holds to be true.
  7. Agreed...SO MANY opportunities for various solos in brass AND percussion. Even the chance to use some vocals. In track #9 at min mark: 3:10 Colin McNutt and the visual crew could do wondrous things...
  8. You know - unrelated to "this Years" show and speculated theme... I've been thinking of BAC's mission statement, their 5 yr plan and "building a champion" theory and happened to pull of my CD of the "Quo Vadis" soudtrack by Miklos Rozsa.... WOW! What music that could fit so well w/BAC's strengths of late in Brass, CG & Drums... and, on a whim recalled my latin history where Quō vādis? is a Latin phrase meaning "Where are you marching?" It is also commonly translated as "Where are you going?" or, poetically, "Whither goest thou?". Hmmmmm ...... I wonder if anyone in the BAC staff has eve
  9. You know, this morning I was listening to: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Piano Concerto in C major and thought: "wow... what a great piece that Boston could try to do". The 'parts' fit nicely with the current arranging, and it is a step up from the past rep of 2016-2017. They surely have the talent base, the excellent staff and the ability to pull it off. I keyboard would be needed, but what an opener/closer or even ballad! Give it a listen.... thoughts? Whatever 2019 brings I'm sure BAC will knock it out of the park! (
  10. Well... rather than another "lost" anecdote... how about something that involves 'Forward' motion? Like the corps theme of 'Building a Champion'. How about a show titled/centered around "Moto Perpetuo" (Perpetual motion)? Gee.. some corps have done it before... but some GREAT source music here! NOT saying play the same stuff but here is a great book that BAC could use quite effectively with that greats staff across the board in Boston!! Some great music of same show title was: "Moto Perpetuo" Chains of Reaction by Key Poulan Newton's Cradle by Key Poulan Echoes of Time by Key P
  11. Ok folks --- watched the LIVE feed and I just gotta say it.... INCREDIBLE! As a bras player, the tone, quality and technical difficulty is ahead of last year, and, interweaves nicely with the percussion/ensemble. There were some rough transitions but ####!!!! For June, this was exceptional! The BAC staff has certainly gotten their groove on and you can sense it in the kids performance. I'll be on the road w/the corps 7/5 & 8/4 --- who else from DCP & BAC alums etc will be on tour those dates? WOULD LOVE to connect with you all! EAT EM' UP BOSTON!!!
  12. Hey does ANYONE know where the corps will be on June 9th & July 6th? I am volunteering and got those dates from Chris Holland but there is nothing on the 'calendar' as of yet on the website. I know in June they will be in VT - and I am hoping I am wrong as for me, being in PA, that's a drive - but, I'd probably do it! :) Just need to know where/housing so I can plan at work and driving
  13. Anyone else think that this staff will be a medal contender in 2018 - 2019? Now, granted, there will be attrition of MM's (age outs, leaving for other top 3 corps, school, money etc) but this staff assembled are top notch, and have been to the 'big show" MANY times among them. This past years show was genius, and it not only had a theme/storyline - but it had a seamless flow (almost like SCV) where once you start listening/watching -- it's over and you are like WOW! That's it? There are some awesome pieces of music out there - and (no pun intended tho it certainly fits!) they literall
  14. I KNEW I was right! JD Shaw would NEVER over mic his arrangements! He's a play it or be played kinda guy even since his early Phantom days!