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Dark Knight Productions, Inc. is looking for individuals that want to

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(I apologize for the incomplete topic title. I can't figure out how to change it. Any help here is appreciated!)

Hello again everybody!

A couple months ago, I posted about a new corps in New York. I received some responses to the post and many more PMs. Thank you to everyone that responded. I appreciated the input and advice!

Today, I am excited to say that Dark Knight Productions, Inc. is alive and very healthy. Our mission is "to financially support youth arts education, promote character and social development, and create performing arts activities. The above will be achieved through the formation of four programs: a percussion ensemble, a winter color guard, a winter brassline, and a drum & bugle corps." Since my last post, the organization has gotten official recognition from New York State as a non-profit corporation. We have created all of the organizational documents and are awaiting for to Board of Directors to be complete to adopt them and send our IRS Form 1023 for 501©3 status. These are huge strides since last talking to the drum corps community!

I would like to take this opportunity to report on what has been going on and what YOU can do to further this organization!

1. Our Board of Directors is nearly full, with the exception of an attorney. We have received many resumes and have had the good fortune of hand-picking a group of individuals that have different skill sets to best further our cause. Not everyone has marched corps nor have they all even heard of drum corps. They have three important things in common: some type of a business or non-profit background, a love for the arts, and a drive to create an opportunity for youth across the country. We are currently filling positions in the Board of Trustees and that attorney spot in the Board of Directors. Interested individuals should forward resumes to info@dkproductions.org .

2. The plan is as follows: to introduce a WGI Percussion Ensemble and Winter Color Guard in Fall 2010, a Winter Brassline in Fall 2012, and a DCI Drum & Bugle Corps in Fall 2015. No program will be eliminated with the introduction of another and no program will be added until it is certain that it can survive financially. We will be touring the area starting in Summer 2009. Look out for us at DCI/DCA/band shows and area music conventions (NYSSMA, NYSBDA, etc.)!

3. We are currently building up a volunteer database. Send me a PM, write to info@dkproductions.org, or fill out the volunteer interest form on our website (dkproductions.org/support.html) to tell us about yourself and how you can help us make our dream come true. Don't assume that you have to be in New York State to help! Anyone and everyone can help us in some way, shape, or form. As you all know, these types of organizations weren't built in a day, nor without the help of many.

4. Please watch out for the official launch of dkproductions.org in the next week. There is nothing there right now! I'll edit this post when it's up...

Thank you for your time everyone! I will try to post updates on our situation every so often. Let's hope that every time I post, we have taken a large stride as this one. Till next time!

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