PSW World Class ... Dartmouth B2B?

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So I was able to catch Dartmouth Indoor Percussions show 2 weeks ago at their Regional. After being Awwed and "Wow"ed Twice in the same day. The Question arose in my head. Wow is this really a high school? and then I asked myself...can anyone around the country seriously compete with these guys this year? They are truly on another level. Dartmouth already has 3 PSW Gold medals, and has already gone back 2 back the first two years they even competed. Are they positioned to do it again? Which makes me ask myself and anyone else involved in the PSW class....Is Dartmouth the most dominant PSW unit to ever compete? they are an astonishing 10 out of 10 for medals. They've never gone to WGI and not placed! When I saw that on wikipedia my jaw literally dropped. Unparalled. Has anyone else seen their show this year? Gimme some feedback and bring me back down to earth because I was on cloud 9 for an entire 7 minutes.


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