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A Cadets rookie trying to march

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is is Silas James and I've been playing tuba for 3 years now. I've always had a passion for music even though I'm not able to pursue it as a career at the time. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to have marched with the Cadets 2 for their inaugural season. I learned valuable life lessons during the 2012 season. Ever since the 2012 season, I've strived to be a part of a World Class DCI corps. Months of preparation has lead up to the first Cadets camp where I'm blessed to have received a spot on the tuba line. I'm not going to write a sob story of how I'm poor or how expensive college and tour fees are. I'm sure we all are or have been living a struggle at some point in our lives. I'm just asking for humble, selfless donations towards my tour fees. I've worked way to hard to let money get in my way of having a valuable life experience. My gofundme page is . If you would like to contact me, my email is Thank you everyone and have blessed day.

Silas James

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