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Hello DCP Community,

My name is Justin Wilkins I am in my fourth and age out year with the Blue Stars Color guard, The past three years that I have spent with the Blue Stars have been the most inspiring, challenging, and overall greatest years of my life. The organization means so much to me for it has not only made me a stronger performer but a stronger, well rounded person. To let you know a little more about myself I am full time and senior student at Columbia College Chicago studying Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management with a concentration in touring and producing live music. With my degree and my love for the life of living on the road my future career goal is to be a tour manager for a performing artist. Going on tour not only gives me the wonderful experience of drum corps but also experience that can help me in my future career goals. Aside from attending school full time I also a coach the Lake Park High School color guard in Roselle, Illinois. Who just finished their 2014 winter season finishing 24th in Scholastic A.

On top of school tuition and rent it is becoming very difficult for myself to make payments for my age out summer. This why I am reaching out to you for any help you could possibly offer. After 3 years of hard work, passion, and dedication I could not explain how much this corps and activity has truly left an impact on my life. Which is why I cannot simply let myself miss out on what is expected to be the most rewarding, emotional, and unforgettable summer yet. I completely understand that times are difficult for everyone but I cannot stress enough that any donation regardless of how big or small is more than appreciated. I cannot do this without your help.

Finis Coronat Opus; The end crowns the work.

I understand that my post is not a discussion topic that is typically posted on this site. I am desperate in finding any funds that I possibly can so I can march my age out summer. When I say anything is appreciated I mean ANYTHING.

If you are interested there are a couple of ways to sponsor a member.

With the chance that I receive any donations from this site in order to prevent flooding the office with invoices I have made a GoFundMe account (http://www.gofundme.com/8ay9m0). It is understandable if you don't want to donate through this site but is just an easier option for the office as well as for me to keep track of what is being donated.

1) A direct sponsorship

By sending a check to:

Blue Stars P.O. Box 2523

La Crosse, WI 54602-2523

**While writing the check please be sure to put Justin Wilkins Sponsorship in the Memo/For line. **

2) By Credit Card

Visit: http://shop.bluestars.org/member-tuition-payments/member-tuition-payment/

(Enter the amount you want donate for dues in the "Quantity" field.)

3) Via telephone

Call the office at 608-782-3219 to pay via credit card.

Thank you for your time.

Justin Wilkins

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Hi Justin,

Good luck on obtaining sponsorship for the upcoming year. If you haven't already, reach out to your local businesses - especially those that cater to educational and art fulfillment programs, the VFW, American Legion, friends, family, teachers, and community sponsors of band and theater productions.

Also, there's a sponsorboard right here on DCP. Check it out:


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