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Olathe, sorry for the mispellinhg in the thread title. Could not figure out how to change it.




So happy to have drum corps in Kansas. Thought there for a second that Dorthy's house might get taken by the storms again, but it all settled down and we saw some spectacular evening skies.

Colts Cadets: As always, they entertained. The enthusiasm was strong from the start as their fire and ice theme played out in a fairly clear way. The pacing was spot on and there is clearly some talent in all sections.

Genesis: I was not sure I would buy into the Phantom Revisted theme, but they sell it well. There is just so much good music there, and when you need only 10 minutes of it, "winner winner" as they say. Some decent brass punch at times. Some talent depth as well. Will be interesting to see how they grow over the next few years.

Legends: Celebrating their 10th year, this is the best corps they have produced. The theme is clear and brings a certain "pullyng for you" vibe to the show. They seem pretty well trained in the differnt areas of performance and the confidence level was good. The ending needs some stamina, but that will come as they get used to the summer tour.

Colts: I was such a fan of SOA's break out NOIR show (see what I did there?) that I was a skeptic about this show. It seems to have real legs to evolve into something really cool. The voice overs were hard to hear at times, but the general idea was understood. The brass were strong tonight and let you know they want to be noticed. The show is a visual treat. They are just pretty dirty now and incomplete. Once it is finished and they start to clean, this could make a run for finals. I certainly enjoyed it and look forward to seeimg it again. Brass, drill, show theme, accessibility are all strengths. They seemed pretty confident to me and I much prefered them over SOA.

SOA: Boy, that first note (trill I think) really gets your attention. The intro then ends really quickly and they are off and running to another idea. The light blue jackets and guard costumes seem to clash tonight. Though I get that they do have to match, they seemed completely unrelated to each other. I guess it is the bby blue which looks so happy next the guard which looks scary. The show is pretty much played at loud volumes most of the time. I wondered if that was part of the plan. By the time we got to the ballad, I was ready for a change. It is the best part of their show. The soloist was really wonderful. I was never quite sure what was happening or what I was supposed to be listenig for during the show. The ending is dramatic, but I am not sure of its message or intended effect in relation to the rest of the show. The brass were the best part of the corps. The guard seems to still be learning their work. The drums had a rough go of it tonight. Not what I was expecting.

Blue Stars: I really dig this show. The concept is so cool, kindda dark and creepy. The drill and guard are terrific though both have a lot I of cleaning to do. The brass are more than holding their own, though there are some trumpet issues to fix. The drum line is the real deal.

I really like the guard costume. I love how the guard is integrated into the show. The circus act stages are great and I thought really added to the theme and overall look of the show. They can still add some visual interest and of course clean. I am psyched to see where this fun show will land come August. Excited to see it again.

SCV: Wow! Just plain Wow! I can't remember the last time I saw SCV this on fire this early. The copper wrapped props and overall "Spark of Invention" theme is working, though it will need to be further developed. They are aggressive, aggressive, aggressive. I love the guard costumes and how they play on the theme. That drum line will be a continder for sure. The ending does not seem quite right yet. I am sure that like many of the upper groups, the ending will change. The new uniform is fine, but I will have to get used to it. I am not sure it is an improvement. They could be a dark horse, but there is a lot of season left and many equally talented staffs working to get it as right as possible.

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