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Congratulations to me - I called it in June (The Academy!)

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At the end of June, I wrote a review of the Sacramento Moonlight Classic (see below), which included a lot praise for The Academy. Turns out I was correct!! I remember turning to the folks I was with (BD alums) who thought the show was good, but that they wouldn't make finals because it was too "cute." They didn't mean it as a slam to The Academy, but more of a statement that Judges would score them lower. They were so happy to be wrong! :)

The Academy - Tempe, AZ
-Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night. The show connects so well with the audience, I believe it will be a fan favorite all season. Not only is the show entertaining, it looks beautiful and sounds beautiful. Unchained Melody was one of the most beautiful moments of the entire night. Huge crowd reaction! Call me crazy, but I think this show might be a dark horse to make finals.
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