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Drum Corps Hall of Famer Steve Gadd - Grammy Nomination

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Steve Gadd, legendary recording artist, former Rochester Crusaders snare and member of the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame has been nominated for a 2016 Grammy Award.

Steve has performed with everyone from Sinatra to Streisand to Paul Simon, and toured as part of James Taylor's All-Star Band this past summer. We can all celebrate this latest success of our Drum Corps brother. Here's more:


(Drum Corps folks will recognize this drum lick he customized for Chuck Mangione.)


Note: YouTube links may be disabled on DCP (for good reason). Just go there and enter Steve Gadd Hall of Fame to view these.

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Yup... Frank... deserving indeed... and yes, I marched with him... a few thousand years ago...

Last time I saw him was when he showed up at Vince Bruni's wake...

I didn't make his birthday concert last year, but my brother got to make a snare drum clock that was presented to him that night... :mellow:

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Yes I know..... been a long time since drum corps days 60-65 with either Ridge Culver Statesmen or Crusaders...

and even longer since Disney featured him on the Mickey Mouse Club in the late 50's

Once in a while videos of that turn up... he was VERY young

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