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Season 27 - DCPI Sweepstakes

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The DCPI Sweepstakes was started to give bragging rights to the corps that were consistently at the top of the standings all season long. Special Sweepstakes events (they start with "SW" before the location on your DCPI schedule) are scattered throughout the season, usually to coincide with large DCI events on Saturdays, and these Sweepstakes shows are worth extra points for the Top 6 DCPI corps on that day for all show scores combined. 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd gets 6, 3rd gets 4, then 3, 2, and 1 point for each successive placement. Ties split the points for those two positions (example: a tie for first nets EACH corps 8 points, 10 pts for 1st + 6 pts for 2nd / 2 corps).

The first three sweepstakes events are in the books, and here are the current standings:

The Knights 26
Quiksilver 15
Dallas Regiment 12
West Texas Thunder 10
Star of Jupiter 7
Tri-State Troubadors 3
#1 Corps 3
Black Sheep Squadron 1
Kosmos 1


Star of Hawaii 21
Mercury 19
Les Blanc Chevaliers 17
Valley Vanguard 5
Thunder 4
That Other Corps 3
Nastalgia 3
Falcon Regiment B 3
Texas Zephyrs 2
The Red Riders 1


Hg 30
That Other Other Corps 16
Lightning 14
Cape Cod Regiment 6
Buckeye Brass C 3
Enchantment 3
Mountain Magic 3
Cross 2
L'Etoile du Nord B 1
Nastalgia Perc Ensemble 1


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