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  1. The site should be up and ready for caption selections and tour scheduling in the next 7-10 days.
  2. Tour #2 begins in Southern California, shoots over to Texas for a Regional Championship in Fort Worth, then voyages up to the Great Lakes and northeast. From New York City the tour flies to Scotland, then journeys south to Liverpool for the DCP-I Championships 18-Jun Thu "SAN DIEGO, CA - Westview H.S." 19-Jun Fri "COSTA MESA, CA - Lebard Stadium" 20-Jun Sat "PASADENA, CA - Rose Bowl" 21-Jun Sun 22-Jun Mon "TUCSON, AZ - Catalina Foothills H.S." 23-Jun Tue "LAS CRUCES, NM - Field of Dreams" 24-Jun Wed 25-Jun Thu "SAN ANTONIO, TX - Dub Farris Athletic Complex" 26-Jun Fri "AUSTIN, TX - Ed W. Monroe Memorial Stadium" 27-Jun Sat "HOUSTON, TX - NRG Stadium" 28-Jun Sun 29-Jun Mon "LAFAYETTE, LA - Cajun Field" 30-Jun Tue "OCEAN SPRINGS, MS - Joe Barlow Stadium" 1-Jul Wed 2-Jul Thu "LONGVIEW, TX - Pirate Stadium" 3-Jul Fri "FORT WORTH, TX - Amon G. Carter Stadium Regional Prelims" 4-Jul Sat "FORT WORTH, TX - Amon G. Carter Stadium Regional Finals" 5-Jul Sun 6-Jul Mon "WAUKEE, IA - Waukee Stadium" 7-Jul Tue "CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - Kingston Stadium" 8-Jul Wed 9-Jul Thu "WHITEWATER, WI - Perkins Stadium" 10-Jul Fri "WAUWATOSA, WI - Hart Park Stadium" 11-Jul Sat "EVANSTON, IL - Ryan Field" 12-Jul Sun 13-Jul Mon "PLAINFIELD, IN - Plainfield H.S." 14-Jul Tue "MUNCIE, IN - Scheumann Stadium" 15-Jul Wed 16-Jul Thu "COLUMBUS, OH - MAPFRE Stadium" 17-Jul Fri "MASSILLON, OH - Paul Brown Tiger Stadium" 18-Jul Sat "PITTSBURGH, PA - Heinz Field" 19-Jul Sun 20-Jul Mon "DEPEW, NY - Depew H.S." 21-Jul Tue "CICERO, NY - Cicero-North Syracuse H.S." 22-Jul Wed 23-Jul Thu "BOSTON, MA - Harvard Stadium" 24-Jul Fri "CHESHIRE, CT - Cheshire H.S." 25-Jul Sat "EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - MetLife Stadium" 26-Jul Sun 27-Jul Mon "EDINBURGH, UK - Tynecastle Stadium" 28-Jul Tue "SUNDERLAND, UK - Stadium of Light" 29-Jul Wed 30-Jul Thu "HUDDERSFIELD, UK - The John Smith's Stadium" 31-Jul Fri "PRESTON, UK - Deepdale Stadium" 1-Aug Sat "MANCHESTER, UK - Manchester City Academy Stadium" 2-Aug Sun 3-Aug Mon 4-Aug Tue 5-Aug Wed DCP-I CHAMPIONSHIPS WEEK - August 6th, 7th, and 8th WORLD - "LIVERPOOL, UK - Anfield Stadium" OPEN/A - "WIDNES, UK - DCBL Stadium"
  3. TOUR #1 begins in the Pacific Northwest, and travels diagonally across the country to the Southeast, with a Regional Championship in Kansas City, MO along the way. From Atlanta, the tour flies to the south of England and travels north to Liverpool for the DCP-I Championships. 18-Jun Thu "RENTON, WA - Renton Memorial Stadium" 19-Jun Fri "HILLSBORO, OR - Hillsboro Stadium" 20-Jun Sat "CORVALLIS, OR - Reser Stadium" 21-Jun Sun 22-Jun Mon "YUBA CITY, CA - Yuba City H.S." 23-Jun Tue "FOLSOM, CA - Folsom H.S." 24-Jun Wed 25-Jun Thu "FRESNO, CA - Veterans Memorial Stadium" 26-Jun Fri "GILROY, CA - Christopher H.S." 27-Jun Sat "STANFORD, CA - Stanford Stadium" 28-Jun Sun 29-Jun Mon "ROCK SPRINGS, WY - Rock Springs H.S." 30-Jun Tue "FORT COLLINS, CO - Canvas Stadium" 1-Jul Wed 2-Jul Thu "TOPEKA, KS - Yager Stadium" 3-Jul Fri "KANSAS CITY, MO - Arrowhead Stadium Regional Prelims" 4-Jul Sat "KANSAS CITY, MO - Arrowhead Stadium Regional Finals" 5-Jul Sun 6-Jul Mon "BENTONVILLE, AR - Bentonville H.S." 7-Jul Tue "PARAGOULD, AR - Paragould H.S." 8-Jul Wed 9-Jul Thu "BELLEVILLE, IL - Belleville Township H.S. East" 10-Jul Fri "EVANSVILLE, IN - Evansville Central H.S." 11-Jul Sat "BOWLING GREEN, KY - L.T. Smith Stadium" 12-Jul Sun 13-Jul Mon "RICHMOND, KY - Madison Central H.S." 14-Jul Tue "ONA, WV - Cabell-Midland H.S." 15-Jul Wed 16-Jul Thu "BOONE, NC - Watauga H.S." 17-Jul Fri "ROCK HILL, SC - District Three Stadium" 18-Jul Sat "CONWAY, SC - Brooks Stadium" 19-Jul Sun 20-Jul Mon "JUPITER, FL - Jupiter Community H.S." 21-Jul Tue "ORLANDO, FL - Camping World Stadium" 22-Jul Wed 23-Jul Thu "FLORENCE, AL - Tom Braly Municipal Stadium" 24-Jul Fri "MURFREESBORO, TN - Johnny ""Red"" Floyd Stadium" 25-Jul Sat "ATLANTA, GA - Bobby Dodd Stadium" 26-Jul Sun 27-Jul Mon "WOKING, UK - Laithwaite Community Stadium" 28-Jul Tue "LONDON, UK - London Stadium" 29-Jul Wed 30-Jul Thu "LEICESTER, UK - King Power Stadium" 31-Jul Fri "NOTTINGHAM, UK - The City Ground" 1-Aug Sat "BIRMINGHAM, UK - Villa Park" 2-Aug Sun 3-Aug Mon 4-Aug Tue 5-Aug Wed DCP-I CHAMPIONSHIPS WEEK - August 6th, 7th, and 8th WORLD - "LIVERPOOL, UK - Anfield Stadium" OPEN/A - "WIDNES, UK - DCBL Stadium"
  4. We are still on schedule. I will post the tours today, and the site should be up and running for sign-ups in the next 7-10 days. The season's first shows will be on Thursday, June 18th and there will be shows every Mon, Tue, Thr, Fri, and Sat. Wednesdays and Sundays will always be off days/travel days.
  5. I was there too in 2016, and definitely rooting for the Coats to win. They certainly had the crowd engagement aspect locked up. Perhaps this is one of those instances where audio/video recordings can only convey so much. But the more I watch/listen to and review the 2016 shows, the better Crown's show seems to me.
  6. 96 and 00 I can only go by video, but I was there in 99 and Vanguard absolutely brought it in Finals. Devils had a strong opener but then kind of a lackluster run after that. The effect gulf was 1. Vanguard, 2. Scouts, and then everyone else way, way, way behind them.
  7. Phantom should have won outright in 1996. SCV should have won outright in 1999. Cadets should have won outright in 2000. 1993 is the only year I look at and think, yeah, that probably should have been a tie.
  8. Full agreement on all of these points. However the list I could make of changes to the Top 3 would be it's own thread, so I will exhibit some rare self-control and (mostly) only focus on corps 4th and below that should have gotten medals. 1994 Cavaliers, bronze - Here's a weird one: Phantom was better visually but Cavaliers were better musically. I love Phantom's super-original show (the only DCI show ever to not have any color) but the Cavies had a great show too, and got hosed by the effect judges. 1995 Blue Devils, gold - I know what I just said, but this is still the most egregious screw job I've seen in DCI 1995 Madison Scouts, bronze - Should have taken Musical Effect by at least half a point over every other corps that year. Apologies if any of them are reading this, but 1995 Finals judges: you were on crack. 1999 Cadets, bronze - they were flat out better than the Cavaliers in every area except percussion performance. 2007 Phantom Regiment, bronze - The exact reverse of 1994. As sloppy as Phantom was visually, they were that much better musically than the Cavaliers. Cavaliers should have been 7th musically at Finals. But, it's DCI. Visual accomplishment is always credited better than Musical accomplishment. 2015 Cadets, bronze - Yeah, I know, I'm a Shostakovich homer. Maybe I'm being sentimental because this was the last great Cadets show. 2016 Carolina Crown, gold - *whispers* Relentless was the best show of 2016, sorry not sorry 2019 Carolina Crown, bronze - come on, now. Doesn't music matter AT ALL any more? 5th highest music score OF THE DECADE (and arguably should have been higher).
  9. I reserve the right to cancel the season if not enough people sign up. That said, I have half the schedule mapped out already. My goal is to have everything up and running for sign-ups the week after Memorial Day.
  10. Back on topic, you will never, ever convince me that the Blue Devils shouldn't have won in 1995. They were undefeated all season until Championships week, when judges started "finding" issues that weren't there the prior week. Cavaliers' brass was horrendous (they received a ridiculously generous Finals score) and their show had very little musical GE (great two-minute opener, great two minute closer, seven minute snorefest in the middle). Cadets were a visual mess and had a fifth place worthy show design. When I auditioned for BD in 1998 there were several vets who were STILL grumpy about 1995. You ask any Devil who marched in the mid-to-late 90s and I'm sure they will say they are certain they should have had a four-peat from 94-97. Also from NorCal that year, Vanguard had a show that took me a long time to warm up to, but is now one of my all-time favorite Vanguard shows and one of their most under-rated. Loved Dave Carico's arrangements folding Shostakovich's Symphony No. 11 (and others) into a very dark take on The Nutcracker. 1995 is my all-time favorite DCI year. I know all 12 Finalist shows by heart, even 25 years later. Crossmen wearing shakos and doing dark symphonic music (not their style but a great show nonetheless). Crown's debut with sloppy-but-massive-GE "Stormworks" show. Phantom playing all-Rachmaninoff. Scouts with maybe the best show in corps' history (and certainly setting DCI records for baby-throwing).
  11. Pretty sure I have every year from 1987-2002 on VHS. Let me do some digging.
  12. Please help spread the word. I can start planning in May and get things set up in early June, but the season will be canceled if we don't get enough participants.
  13. 2016 Carolina Crown - "Relentless" 2017 Santa Clara Vanguard - "Ourobouros" 2018 Santa Clara Vanguard - "Babylon"
  14. With the cancellation of the 2020 DCI season, do we still want to run a DCPI season this summer? It would operate like the prior "off-seasons" we used to do: several years' worth of prior DCI seasons would be available for caption selection, and scores would be randomly generated based off of those.
  15. We should be willing to suffer only modest and acceptable civilian casualties in order to keep Applebee's open.