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  1. I use the same Google everyone else does. But really, it's just basic arithmetic. Every show from the 70s/80s/90s that didn't have licenses during creation will need to have licenses obtained before DCI can legally stream them. Arrangement licenses, synchronization licenses, or at the very least a broadcast license for streaming. Several years ago, Tresona was recommending bands budget $250-$300 PER SONG for the necessary licensing. I would not be surprised if that amount has increased. We'll assume everything in the past twelve years or so is already covered/current on licensing. So we've got 35 years of DCI. How many corps do you want per year? Top 25? Any D2 or D3 (or A-90 or A-60, etc.) corps? Let's go real basic: just Finalists. Let's also conservatively estimate four songs per corps per year. At $250 per license. 35 x 12 x 4 x $250 = $420,000 Sure, this is just a ballpark guess. But when you add in the hundreds upon hundreds of man-hours it would take to apply for and pursue all these licenses, I seriously doubt DCI is willing or able to toss half a million dollars chasing the appropriate copyright licensing necessary to stream old shows.
  2. Your entire argument is derailed by a total lack of understanding of the true amount of money involved here, and also by forgetting that revenue does not equal profit. 2018 Revenue $ 15,790,000,000 - Netflix (139M subscribers) $ 1,700,000,000 - Amazon Prime Video (75M subscribers) $ 1,500,000,000 - Hulu (25M subscribers) $ 5,000,000 - FloSports (estimated revenue; subscriber numbers not released) FloSports' estimated revenue for 2018 was $5 million. That's it. For the whole company. FloSports is still surviving on venture capitalist investments: they just scored $47 million in funding last month, which is HUGE. And they recently signed a seven-figure deal with the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) to air their sports. I can assure you, DCI's deal with FloMarching AND the revenue FloMarching is pulling in from subscribers is nowhere close to seven figures. Obtaining the rights retroactively for all of the songs in the DCI archives going back decades would cost a fortune, even with savvy negotiation. I know we are all passionate about this activity, but we need to strongly remember that DCI is a tiny, tiny, tiny fish in a huge ocean. Having ANY streaming service AT ALL interested in carrying the activity is a huge win.
  3. Projected Championship Week Scores 98.264 Bluecoats 97.994 Blue Devils 97.360 Santa Clara Vanguard 95.696 Carolina Crown 94.980 Boston Crusaders 94.009 Cavaliers 91.662 Blue Knights 91.635 Blue Stars 90.586 Cadets 89.095 Crossmen 88.824 Mandarins 86.944 Phantom Regiment 84.811 Spirit of Atlanta 83.831 Academy 82.784 Colts 81.338 Pacific Crest 79.770 Madison Scouts 78.602 Troopers 77.450 Gold 76.432 Spartans 75.392 Music City 74.872 Genesis 74.703 Legends 72.703 Jersey Surf 72.153 Golden Empire 70.459 Louisiana Stars 69.946 Southwind 69.784 Cascades 67.892 7th Regiment 67.730 River City Rhythm 65.595 Guardians 63.595 Shadow 60.324 Heat Wave 60.000 Colt Cadets 57.541 Raiders 53.946 Les Stentors
  4. DCP-I SWEERPSTAKES STANDINGS THROUGH 07/20/2019 WORLD CLASS 29.5 Quiksilver 22.0 Kosmos 14.0 Star of Jupiter 12.0 Bellbrook Eagles 11.0 The Knights 10.0 Knights of Power 9.5 Texas United 7.5 L'Etoile du Nord 6.0 Anthem Resound 6.0 Cobalt Guard 1.5 #1 Corps 1.0 Violet Knights OPEN CLASS 32.5 Tokyo Brass 25.5 Mercury 19.0 Les Blanc Chevaliers 16.0 Star of Hawaii 14.0 Knights of Sound 11.0 Nastalgia 11.0 Sparrow Regiment 1.0 Texas Zephyrs CLASS A 36.0 Dragon Corps 33.0 Cape Cod Regiment 20.0 Hg 19.0 Cross 10.0 Knights of Note 5.0 L'Etoile du Nord B 4.0 Chicken Scouts 3.0 Nastalgia Percussion Ensemble
  5. Ah yes, the heady days of the 60s and 70s where every corps recycled the same ten tunes over and over and over again, often times many years in a row. Here's your trophy for the worst idea expressed on DCP this summer. The competition was fierce, but you outdid them all. It's a tremendous honor.
  6. Since this forum becomes a ghost town as soon as DCI Finals end, I have opened up the Rules Congress now. Please check the rules congress sub-forum for new posts.
  7. Submit changes or tweaks you would like to see in this thread. Proposal #1 - Reduce DCPI to two classes. In order to match DCI, we would eliminate Class A and just have World and Open. HOWEVER, since I know many of you are quite fond of your A corps, I would allow all current players to be grandfathered in and move their A corps up to Open Class. Thus, each legacy player would be able to have 1 World and 2 Open class corps. This would of course be optional, not mandatory.
  8. Please post your bids/ideas for Finals locations for next season in this thread. The last ten sites are ineligible. The ineligible locations are: Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Eugene, OR Lexington, KY Minneapolis, MN New York, NY Philadelphia, PA San Diego, CA Seattle, WA
  9. Congratulations to the winners of tonight's FANFARE Championships in Wauwatosa, WI!
  10. Everything was thrown into that show except the kitchen sink. Wait... was there a sink and I just missed it? Biggest crowd reaction for a 10th place show in DCI history.
  11. So it's been over since 1992 Finals, is what you're saying? 🤔
  12. * Bluecoats - man, this is a really well-designed show. Especially the visual book. But it screams out to me "I will peak in the first week of August and then fade!" I'll be honest: I see them in 3rd at Finals. * Vanguard - show still doesn't click, but it's also the show with the most room for growth. They just added their tarps. What's next? Can they adorn enough bells and whistles to take them to the title? Something amazing to think about: Cadets 84-85 and Cavaliers 00-02 are the only non-BD corps in the modern era to repeat as champions. I think they'll pass Coats, but not... * Blue Devils - I'm a music guy, not a visual guy. And while, musically, the Top 5 corps (add in Boston and Crown) are all really, really close in quality, IMO the Devils and Bluecoats are lapping the field in terms of visual design this year. I haven't fallen in love with this show yet, but... well, you're a fool to bet against the Blue Devils. Ever. 2004-2006 was the last time Concord didn't win the championship two seasons in a row.
  13. Look, if you're going to talk about me right in front of my face, the least you could do is to extend the common courtesy of tagging me in the post.
  14. Much like the bowl of petunias falling from a great height, the netizens of DCP see the another Hostrauser Power Rankings thread and think, "oh no, not again." Take these with a grain of salt, and remember the cardinal rule of my rankings: if you disagree with me you're wrong and your corps is actually very bad. Projected score estimates for DCI Prelims (8/8/19) 97.978 Bluecoats 97.739 Blue Devils 97.486 Santa Clara Vanguard 96.643 Carolina Crown 95.651 Boston Crusaders 93.315 Cavaliers 90.716 Blue Knights 90.623 Blue Stars 89.817 Cadets 88.736 Mandarins 88.469 Crossmen 88.048 Phantom Regiment 86.283 Spirit of Atlanta 84.293 Colts 83.483 Academy 81.390 Pacific Crest 81.053 Madison Scouts 79.312 Troopers 78.553 Music City 75.281 Jersey Surf 74.944 Gold 74.059 Spartans 73.970 Legends 72.570 Genesis 69.888 Golden Empire 69.663 Louisiana Stars 69.087 Cascades 68.820 River City Rhythm 68.413 Southwind 68.329 7th Regiment 65.098 Shadow 64.658 Guardians 61.601 Colt Cadets 58.778 Raiders 58.310 Heat Wave 54.199 Les Stentors