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  1. Fascinating. USBands had become popular and runs most shows in Idaho, but hasn't gotten much of a foothold elsewhere in the West. I remember USBands trying a few southern California shows here and there that received minimal attendance. BDPA took over the WBA (Western Band Association) which then took over MBOS (Marching Band Open Series), and those two circuits cover most of the top flight bands across California and southern Nevada. WBA gets most of the top bands in California and is the only statewide circuit, but still only claims about a quarter of the total number of competin
  2. George Hopkins will be pleading guilty to two counts of felony sexual assault, according to court paperwork. Link to Docket Sheet
  3. What was the last major caption head change at BD? Scott Johnson coming aboard in 94? The gradual transition from Wayne Downey to John Meehan? (Would that even count since they're both still on board?)
  4. Follow-up: This sounds like an abhorrent company, and a much, much bigger fish than those DCI usually swims with. Maybe it all turns out okay. But it really feels like DCI just sold off Soundsport. I really hope Varsity's interference remains limited to Soundsport and not DCI proper.
  5. This page says Aston Township, PA, which appears to be Sun Valley H.S. "This is exactly the sort of pedantry up with which I will not put!" --Winston Churchill
  6. Citation needed. There are over 165 different vaccines for COVID currently being researched around the world. It is simply inaccurate to refer to "a COVID vaccine" in a generalization. Many side effects can be predicted. Others will be discovered in Phase 3 trials (human volunteer testing). The recent Russian vaccine did not perform a Phase 3 trial and is therefore very suspect. Any vaccine that is approved for use in Europe or North America will have completed and passed a Phase 3 trial. I will take any COVID vaccine with proven efficacy and a completed Phase 3 trial as soon as it is ava
  7. In order to keep this a reasonable length, I will focus on only one or two aspects of each show. 1. Cavaliers - People talk about their visual program, but man that brass was a revelation. The tone quality and intonation the Cavies put out in 2002 was simply unmatched in DCI history up to that point. Their 19.7 brass score at Finals seems laughably low in retrospect. No, it's not the hardest brass book of all time, but it sure is one of the cleanest. 2. Blue Devils - Their drumline was the weak link all season (not that anyone was catching the Cavaliers), but the bass drum runs in th
  8. I think it may have been mainly a North and Central California thing, but I know the Maytime Band Review in San Diego was a big thing for many years. I'm pretty sure there were a couple of others, but I'd have to check with others who were marching/directing back in the 60s/70s. When I marched in the early 90s in NorCal there were spring competitions in Alameda, Fairfield, Stockton, Tracy, Ukiah, Vallejo and even then Spring band reviews were "dying out."
  9. Maybe I'm a cynic, but my view of the vast majority of the movers and shakers in this activity is that they are concerned with what is best for their corps/organization first, and the drum corps community as a whole second (or third or forty-seventh). DCI needs widespread organizational humility to affect all of its member corps for the tour to return to even some semblance of its pre-COVID self. Maybe that will happen. I've certainly been wrong plenty of times before.
  10. For a long time that was the norm in California, I don't know if it was ever common in the rest of the country. There was a Fall season AND a Spring season, band reviews, concerts, and field shows. The field shows started being dropped from Spring events in the 80s, IIRC, as DCI got more and more popular. Spring band reviews continued in the 90s and early 2000s, especially in NorCal. Now they are pretty much all gone, only one or two left.
  11. 2003 Carolina Crown They missed Finals in 2002 and (IIRC) were super, super young in 2003. The brass line was very weak but they had good percussion and a GREAT guard and overall visual program.