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    Todd Ryan cut me from the Blue Devils at my first tryout because I'm the worst marcher the world has ever seen.
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  1. hostrauser

    Rules Proposal #2 - Open Class DCI Corps Addition

    Yes, I am having thoughts. Not sure if this will be implemented, or if I'll just move on without them. TBD.
  2. Some well-known skeletons falling out of the closet now.
  3. Many (some in the distant past, some more recent). I won't go as far as Garfield to say ALL, but he's not far off. George Hopkins was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are at least two or three more "big shoes" poised to drop, but I don't know if they will, or when. The problem is... I don't think they could ever get anyone to go on record about it. That will also be a recurring theme as we talk about this. There are a lot more stories and rumors out there, but if the victims don't want to go on record you're doing a tightrope walk on the libel and slander wires and most organizations won't risk that.
  4. I can't fault you for defending a corps you love, but at some point you have to acknowledge you are being massively outnumbered. There are a lot of people on Facebook right now (not the anonymity of Reddit) putting their names to claims. No one is blaming you for not seeing everything that ever happened, but at what point do you set your doubt aside and start believing the victims?
  5. Mother of god... "In talking to NWAPA/OCI women and alumni, I now know of 9 member-on-member cases of rape or assault."
  6. hostrauser

    So I just joined(I think)

    Hello! Unfortunately the season is over. I won't be setting up new corps until the new season. We will try to have a winter season that starts in January, otherwise it won't be until next June. Unfortunately this is not a year-round game: it would be too much work and we just don't have the participation for it.
  7. hostrauser

    Blue Devils 2019

    And I initially posted this in the other thread, but it fits better in this thread... Talk to any Blue Devils A corps veteran and I think you will get the same response every time: "Winning is definitely cool, but it's not my best memory of marching Blue Devils." Growing up in NorCal, I have personally talked to dozens, if not hundreds, of Blue Devils age-outs and got that response or some variation almost every time. It's one of the main reasons I chose to try out with the Blue Devils lo' those many moons ago.
  8. Of the four contacts I have DM'd in the past half-hour about this, two have said "it's financial" and two have said "it's not financial." Man I'm glad I never became a journalist.
  9. hostrauser

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    There is active discussion and speculation going on in the Open Class forum.
  10. You have more (and probably better) sources than I do, so...
  11. hostrauser

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    Not a rumor. Both SCV and BD have posted announcements on their websites that SCV Cadets and Blue Devils B will be touring only in California in 2019.
  12. hostrauser

    Blue Devils 2019

    BDB staying in California with SCVC next year:
  13. Fiedler joined SCV in 2008. So... maybe. I think it's purely financial, and also some scope creep. World Class drum corps, winter guard programs, winter percussion programs, local concert and instructional programs, Open Class drum corps... even with two organizations as fiscally healthy as BD and SCV, putting TWO full-sized drum corps on the road for a national tour every year eats up a TON of money. From the sounds of it, BD staff and SCV staff were talking about this most of the summer, just wondering if they were REALLY spending their money in the most advisable fashion.
  14. hostrauser

    Blue Devils B to Remain on West Coast

    The news about BDB is in the SCVC press release on Vanguard's page.