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  1. Bands of America recently released their 2021 schedule. They are planning for Fall of 2021 to be "back to (new) normal."
  2. RIP Michael Boo. Thank you for all that you contributed.
  3. Oh, I know. The Republican legislature here in Wisconsin passed a law stating they couldn't even start counting absentee ballots until election day. I think Pennsylvania and Arizona are struggling under the same ridiculous restrictions.
  4. The election is playing a part in this, I'm sure. Sure sounds like some states could use some qualified tabulators.
  5. Was recently introduced to Lucas Richman's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth" which is an utterly fantastic works that holds the influence of Gershwin and Bernstein without being derivative of either. A lot of stuff that would translate well to drum corps, particularly the bombastic finale to the 2nd movement. Mvt. I - "To One's Self" : (first link does not allow embedding, sorry) Mvt. II - "To One's World" : Mvt. III - "To One's Spirit" :
  6. Maybe not $25 million, but Texas has a K-12 focus on music education that no other state can match. It goes far beyond marching band (after all, it is *IMPOSSIBLE* to have a great marching band without a great concert program). And many of these fancy stadiums get frequently used for band shows, not just football games. I think one thing that really works in Texas' favor is that the same organization (UIL) runs both football and the state music contests, and they really don't play favorites. I remember just a couple of years ago a PLAYOFF football game in Texas got moved because a certain
  7. Mililani had a very impressive showing at Grand Nationals (Semifinalist in 2017), and Maui is also very good.
  8. Are we looking at skill level or just participation? It seems like almost every school in Iowa has a marching band, though only a few would even have a remote chance at BOA GN Semifinals. I also disagree with the person that says California has hardly any marching bands. At last count, California had over 500 active competitive marching bands, which is absolutely AMAZING considering the level of support California music programs receive from school districts (virtually nil). Most states are carried by a small handful of powerhouse bands: Rosemount and Eden Prairie in Minnesota, Tarpon Spr
  9. Something I've been pondering: will we see any current World Class corps voluntarily move to Open Class for a season to reduce expenses and get back onto more stable financial footing?
  10. Go away isn't probably the right term. But it WILL change. It WILL eventually change into a format that is less harmful to humans. There might be many, many more deaths this winter before that happens. But COVID-19 will eventually burn out, vaccines or no. It won't stay with us forever, unchanging. That's not how viruses work.
  11. We have a good idea: they evolve/mutate their way out of relevancy. The problem is there are so many strains and they mutate so quickly it can be hard to determine in real-time whether ALL strains are gone, or just, say, 75% of them. This stuff is easier to determine years down the road, in review.
  12. Their intonation was horrid and they earned their (relatively) low marks in brass... but I really, really liked Vanguard's book in 2005. Terrific arrangements of Shostakovich's 12th Symphony and Russian Christmas Music.
  13. Please remember that the H1N1 "Spanish" Influenza of 1918-19 was not the only respiratory pandemic of the 20th Century. There was the H2N2 "Asian" Influenza of 1957-58, the H3N2 "Hong Kong" Influenza of 1968-1970, the H1N1 "Soviet" Influenza of 1977-78, and the H5N1 "Bird" Influenza of 2003-2004. But perhaps the closest reference point for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 would be the the SARS-CoV-1 outbreak from November 16th, 2002 to May 19th, 2004. The last severe coronavirus pandemic lasted 18 months and 3 days. No pandemic lasts forever.
  14. Pandemics in the 20th Century burned out after 12-18 months, with or without a vaccine. The Coronavirus pandemic truly began in Wuhan, China in January 2020. So, vaccine or no, the virus will likely have run its course sometime no later than June 2021, and will disappear for the time being. The question is: how quickly will things return to a rough semblance of normal? Considering half of the country doesn't even think there's a problem after 200,000 Americans have died, I would wager that America will learn absolutely nothing and snap back to old habits virtually immediately. With caref
  15. In Utah the marching band season is continuing per normal. This past Saturday, the first competition of the season (Wasatch Front Invitational in Herriman, UT) had 36 bands in attendance. 09/26/2020 - Wasatch Front Invitational - Herriman, UT CLASS 3A Open 60.663 Delta (Mus, Vis, Prc, Aux) 56.375 Grantsville 56.100 Carbon CLASS 4A Scholastic 68.563 Ridgeline (Vis, Aux) 68.038 Sky View (Mus, Prc) 64.200 Stansbury 64.125 Tooele 61.375 Uintah 60.650 Ogden CLASS 4A Open 82.463 Green Canyon (Mus, Vis, Prc, Aux) 71.300 Cedar Valley 65.000 Mountain Crest