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  1. The last woodwind proposal I'm aware of was introduced by a member of DCI's Board of Directors, Kathy Black. It passed the initial voting caucus 19-12 before being defeated in the final vote. Woodwinds in drum corps is an inevitability. DCI wants it, and multiple member corps do, also. It's only a matter of time.
  2. I was introduced to drum corps in the early 90s, and I still love the way the music books were arranged in that decade. But man, I go back and listen to the CDs from that decade and all of the horn lines, even the best of the best, sound AWFUL. Those G bugles were just an abomination. Moving to Bb brass was the best move DCI ever made. It was immediately apparent by 2002, when the Cavaliers horn line that year (with its wonderful intonation) sounded 1,000 times better than any previous horn line in DCI history. And brass has just gotten better and better ever since. More on that in a minute.
  3. We're already long past that point. Candice Lee of the Blue Devils suffered a severe spinal injury in 2014 (after falling from one of the ladder props, wasn't it?) and temporarily had no movement from the neck down. She spent almost a week in the ICU and had several months rehabilitation, but I believe she was able to walk onto the field with the corps at Finals that year.
  4. Sun Prairie has a fantastic newer stadium, just be aware that it's off of Main Street and not actually at Sun Prairie H.S. Cedarburg has a decent smaller stadium, but as others have said you'll be in direct sun the entire time. Cedarburg is actually a nice little touristy town for such a close suburb. Lots of boutiques and cafes on Washington Avenue. As I live closer to Cedarburg, that's probably where I will go. But if I had to travel from a distance to either site I would choose Sun Prairie.
  5. Lotta great memories in that video. 2:16-2:24 remains my all-time favorite DCI drill move, any corps. Looks like the uniform mock-up is at 2:44 of the video.
  6. Not sure why I didn't get notified of this post. No, there will not be an off-season. DCP-I may be dead for good. We'll see how many people sign up for next Summer assuming a (mostly normal) live touring season in DCI.
  7. That truly is a puzzler. No drum corps has ever made an on-field murder a central part of their shows for numerous years in a row.
  8. Bands of America recently released their 2021 schedule. They are planning for Fall of 2021 to be "back to (new) normal."
  9. RIP Michael Boo. Thank you for all that you contributed.
  10. Oh, I know. The Republican legislature here in Wisconsin passed a law stating they couldn't even start counting absentee ballots until election day. I think Pennsylvania and Arizona are struggling under the same ridiculous restrictions.
  11. The election is playing a part in this, I'm sure. Sure sounds like some states could use some qualified tabulators.
  12. Was recently introduced to Lucas Richman's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth" which is an utterly fantastic works that holds the influence of Gershwin and Bernstein without being derivative of either. A lot of stuff that would translate well to drum corps, particularly the bombastic finale to the 2nd movement. Mvt. I - "To One's Self" : (first link does not allow embedding, sorry) Mvt. II - "To One's World" : Mvt. III - "To One's Spirit" :