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Inside the Arc – Horns, Drums, and Gratitude

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It’s just barely visible and you can miss it even after you know it’s there. Still, if you’ve ever seen one, it’s unmistakable… How old can he be, that young man with the far-away expression, standing near the doorway of the DC-3, sometime around midnight on that fateful evening? Surely he could still qualify to […]

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I discovered these details after we "went to press", courtesy of Jari Villanueva's website, :

The Paratrooper is PFC Don Ross, 3rd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  PFC Ross, a rifleman, was also the company bugler, and jumped  with his CO.  Shortly after this photo was taken, Ross landed outside the intended drop zone, right next to a German HQ, and was immediately captured.

According to a quote from the book Tonight We Die As Men: The Untold Story of 3rd Battalion 506 Parachute Regiment,

" He was with a small group of prisoners and the Germans were saying 'Shoot the Americans.' They rounded the guys up and were about to shoot them when a German officer stepped in and stopped them. His brother had been captured by the Allies and he wanted to make sure the Geneva convention was followed."


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