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New Caption (Sorta) Award Proposal

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With the availability of various You Tube videos available soon after performances, and the different perspectives they provide as compared to official broadcasts, it seems like the perception of how a show should be judged is highly influenced by the perspective of the viewer. Reading some of the comments about the tour premiere, you get the sense that the same performance elicited vastly different opinions depending on if the viewer was in a theater or watching the show live. In the broadcast, you are so much at the mercy of the director calling for the cuts that your experience may be significantly different than the live viewer.


But insta-media seems here to stay. And organizations even have media departments now offering their curated experience to the viewer. I wouldn't mind seeing an award at the end of the season to the best depiction of the show as edited together by the organization itself. That is, each corps gets to edit together the show however it likes and present a visual package made available to the judges that represents how they feel media best presents their show. And an award for the best such presentation. Sort of like the Grammys have the awards for liner notes / packaging, etc.


From a perspective of pure selfishness, I as a viewer would enjoy such a product. It would be the corps' respective visions of their own programs, calling the shots on how the remote viewer should see it (rather than making suggestions of cuts / focus of shot / etc. to the broadcaster). Assuming they own the visual media, that is.

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