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  1. All I have to work with is 1) it will be accessible and 2) it will have a great studio recording... Bloo is doing "Centerfold: The Myth and Majesty of the J. Geils Band 1981-1985?"
  2. Bluecoats sequel to Session 44: The Recording Studio - music from the engineer's perspective (reverses, interesting mixing, experimentation with volume and tone)
  3. This is a really great profile of Bloo snare Yuuka. I imagine it would be very inspiring to those just starting out in DCI:
  4. I feel like learning about innovation cannot be done by simply watching a show. Reading thoughts from show designers and composers tends to reveal the innovation for me. My ears are not good enough to hear innovative techniques without having some backstory first. Someone may have played, say, a reverse chord (like those fabricated by music engineers, the band Yes used a lot of these) on the field but my ears may not pick up on it unless it was told to me it was happening. It would be innovative, but not from a purely observational perspective.
  5. No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments. 1Timothy5:23
  6. Ha! I have uttered the phrase "last chair in the pre school band" more than once in my life...
  7. Was watching old YouTube videos from early 1990s concerts I attended (Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails) and in the comments people are awestruck at how much fun people seem to be having at concerts then compared to now. Dancing, mosh pits, etc. Someone commented on how now, everyone stands in the audience with their phones up recording the thing rather than enjoying the event.
  8. Take up a collection, I will contribute to your power needs!
  9. I think God Bless the Child may have been her 44th session? And she did 44 sessions for the Columbia label?
  10. I think 44 is referenced many places for them this year (someone should do a compilation).
  11. Bluecoats posted on Twitter that today is anniversary of the death of Billie Holiday at age 44.
  12. CLOSER: Tour bus on field. Horn players emerge in fear as Bloo percussion chew them out with I’m up there workin’ my balls off tryin’ to do somebody a favor and you m****s are suckin’ all over this joint. What kind of trumpet section do you call this tonight? And mellos! You gotta f*****’ be kiddin’ me! a la Buddy Rich rants Gotta get those perc scores up! GE for days!