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  1. Has anyone considered polling the marchers? Do they have a forum to have their say regarding the general direction of DCI?
  2. Just a small irk, but this kind of reminds me of the controversy about saying things like "female scientist" or "female astronaut." It kind of strikes me as this is expected to be a rare and unusual thing. I get that the base rate probability is lower in females of being a drummer, but it sends a little bit of a message that I don't like. I remember getting so angry at my bandmates in college for telling their friends, incredulously, how cool that she's a good drummer and she's a girl? Like, she's just a good drummer. Signed, a female drummer.
  3. I don't know why I feel like the Cavaliers would do it best, but a Rolling Stones show with "Angie" as the ballad would be pretty hot.
  4. The evolution of marching, using all styles across the generations.
  5. A fantastic 2019. Will be expressing my audience appreciation by increasing my $$$ donation. Now how much do I have to donate for them to agree to start taking massive time penalties and play well past the allotted time next year?
  6. Maybe John Lennon shouted "There! Stop it there!" as he purportedly did for the abrupt finish of She's So Heavy.
  7. Ha! If they add a lick from Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy" then I will know they were committed to the concept.
  8. To me, the Bluecoats show could go on for 40 minutes and I could probably stay engaged. So any revisions they add, I hope they maximize the usage of time allowed.
  9. Any idea what it times out at? How much time left to fill?
  10. Stadium Rock or Classical Gas / Taste of Honey / Lonely Bull / Gish by Smashing Pumpkins finale
  11. If they had the rights, I would have liked for the ending a very low and in the background rumbling of the "Hey Jude" chorus eventually bringing to a crescendo over the "The End" chord. I just want to be able to sing that chorus with everyone at the end!
  12. I Want You / She's So Heavy extended outro with a-blaring trumpets is easily my favorite part of this show.
  13. What is that shot of the strings in the teaser? Cannot wait to see this tonight. Looking forward to what they do with tempo (especially in Come Together) and how they "George Martin" it up. I think I wrote last year how this crew are the ones to do a show that demonstrates how innovative studio engineering can be translated on the field.
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