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Fran, it was good to hear you again.   Nice job, as always.

Just a couple of comments on the show from one who enjoys listening but doesn't know anything technical!!

The alumni programs made me realize that I should start attending (and supporting) these corps.   The combined years of "experience" of these groups is mind-boggling, and listening to them perform brought back a lot of fond memories.   But best of all, you could tell they were just having FUN.   I was amazed at how far the Belvederes have come in such a short time;  the Reilly Raiders seemed to have a slightly smaller corps than last year, but quantity was never a match for quality--and they've still got it.   I think this might have been the first time I've been blessed to hear Blessed Sacrament, and I hope it won't be the last.  Their performance brought back memories of '70s drum corps:  cool stuff.   And the Skyliners Alum were, well, the Skyliners Alum: big, loud, and very entertaining. 

Admittedly, I'm a Bucs "homer," so I was anxiously awaiting the Senior Bucs.  The numbers were up and there was a lot more depth than I can remember in a long while.   The Bucs always promoted themselves as the "Balance in Blue," but hearing the harmonies and various tones left no doubt about who you were listening to.   An updated look and some new music surrounding "Beyond the Sea" is all a old fan could ask for.  And seeing the Bucs' competition corps lined up around the outside of the auditorium in support of the Alumni kinda puts a smile on this old guy's face.

And then came the main event!   I've always admired the way the educational aspect of the Bucs' Mission Statement emphasized musical excellence, but there were times when I thought the music was a a little dark and unrecognizable (remember, I know nothing about anything technical)......it wasn't always fun.   And then there's this year's DANS MA CHAMBRE (In My Room.)  Between my wife and me, I can't tell you how many times the words, "Wow," "unreal," "holy crap," and "goosebumps galore" were used.   The show opens  with Ruslan & Ludmilla Overture and sucks you in with a really nice French Horn solo before all the horns let loose (I think I counted 58 horns, but there may have been 59).  Then 2 'bones opened What A Feeling in a moderated tempo of the Flashdance song which just went nuts from there.  My head was flipping back and forth as if I was mid-court at a tennis match as the horns on each side of the auditorium were competing with alternating notes.  I can't wait to see how this translates to the field show.   And then there was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  Just freakin' amazing.  If each of us admits it, we have that CD with one special track which we play over and over and over again.  This will be that track!!   What a perfect song for drum corps.    In Benedictus, the pit and French Horn had some interesting interaction before everything started to break loose again only to have the program finish the same way it started--with the French Horn pulling at your emotions.   Musically, it was an incredible show, somewhat reminiscent of the way Empire's selections brought the crowds to their feet.  Bucs' fans know that we'll be in the hunt again.  

I'm in Atlanta for the next few weeks and would like to drop by a CV practice just to get another "fix" of drum corps.   CV will be at Landisville and should be a match up that could give some insight as to how all the corps will stack up at Finals.   Get your tickets NOW. 




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Thank you for your review.  The Alumni corps all appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing you at all our events.  It's great playing for people who truly love Drum Corps and support every part of the activity. (By the way mark your calendar for Music In The Mountains April 18, 2020 - we're featuring several Alumni Corps AND Al Chez & the Brothers of Funk.  It will be an amazing night!)

The Bucs Alumni have been working hard over the past few years to upgrade our overall image and we think we're on the right track.  Thank you for noticing and letting others know.  Being part of the BLUE Family is a great honor and comes with certain expectations that we are doing our best to maintain.  We can't tell you how great Saturday night's show felt from the performers stand point and it seems to have been felt loud and clear by the crowd.  

Hope to see you in Landisville, or maybe Friends & Family in June.

Thank you for your review of the show.


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Arrr, thanks for the kind words!  And I thank show chairman Bill Powers and the Buccaneers for once again giving me the opportunity to work this show.

It was indeed a good night in Elverson. The Bucs Alumni... IMO this is their best corps in recent memory. I caught their stage rehearsal (during the show I'm backstage and don't get to see much)... and at that rehearsal the horn line had several true "Balance in Blue" moments. Keep up the good work, guys!!!

And the Bucs competition corps... insane. Saw them at their outdoor rehearsal....and they are unbelievably well-prepared, with such a high level of performance for so early in the season. Their French horn soloist is incredible. Great player.

From my limited vantage point, it sounded as if all the corps had good performances.

And the pre-show turkey dinner, as always, was excellent! :thumbup:


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