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    Sacred Heart Crusaders (Manville, NJ) 1971-1976; Long Island Sunrisers 1977-1982; Westshoremen Alumni 2005-07, 2012-16. PA announcer at various drum corps and band shows, including DCA Championships, since 1983.
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    1977. A magical year for the Sunrisers. The corps' first DCA title.
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  1. Almost sounds like a protest chant. "Shut down DCI Weekend!!! NOW!!!"
  2. I believe last year's did. Not sure about the all caps, though. LOL
  3. My two older brothers joined a Garden State Circuit corps... the Raiders of 88 from Highland Park, NJ, next town over from where we lived... in 1967. The corps disbanded after that '67 season.... but I remember going to some shows that summer to see them. That was my first exposure to drum corps that I recall. Longer story shorter.... one of my brothers ended up with an Eastern States Circuit junior corps... Sacred Heart Crusaders from Manville, NJ, starting with the 1969 season. My other brother joined a somewhat larger organization called the U.S. Air Force. I then joined the Crusaders for 1971. Six seasons there, then the Long Island Sunrisers DCA corps for six more, starting with 1977. (My one brother and several other people I had marched with in Manville had moved on to the Sunrisers.) My last season on the field was 1982, at age 24. Started announcing shows in 1983. The rest, I suppose, is history. LOL.
  4. As a member of a NJ junior corps who got our butts kicked on numerous occasions by the Bon-Bons and St. Ignatius, I second this comment! LOL
  5. Great musician... a signature sound. May he rest in peace.
  6. Well... as long as they refer to themselves as just "Cadets" and not "Corps of Cadets".... they might be able to co-exist. However, the Cadets' staff might want to stay out of the bars at City Dock, especially during Army-Navy Week.
  7. As long as no one named Boris takes over at Cadets.
  8. ***Cough cough***Annapolis***cough cough***
  9. Speaking of the Cadets 2020 and 1980...LOL... I just realized that this year is the 40-year anniversary of "the year that saved the Cadets"... when the corps was on the brink of going under before the season started, then rallied and made it back into Finals.
  10. I'll add 1980 to that list. Great top 12 that year!
  11. I saw only one DCI show that summer (was working three media gigs so I barely had time to breathe...LOL)... but I picked a good one. A NJ show with Cadets, SCV, and what turned out to be the best 12th-place show I've ever seen (Sky Ryders).
  12. Yep, that had to be the year. I agree, great guard!!!
  13. I don't know.... I think Root Boy might be way beyond Deep Tracks.
  14. My music geekdom is for "back in the day" groups like The Fugs and Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band. LOL Now... I would love for a drum corps to tackle some Root Boy.
  15. I'll stick with YouTube TV, thank you.