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Mid-Season Rewrites Option?

A one-day, all-caption change on Sunday 7/14?  

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  1. 1. Allow a one-time, "mid-season rewrites" caption change day?

    • Yes
    • No

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DCP-I Rule 7a states: The day after the Regionals is designated as a “caption reset day”. On this day, for a period of 24 hours, directors will be able to make unlimited caption changes. This is meant to simulate major mid-season rewrites that occur in real life. After this 24-hour period expires, the normal caption change limits will be reinstated (see Rule 7 above).

I had forgotten about this and did not enact it this past weekend. Should we have this "free reset" day this upcoming weekend? The unlimited captions would like be turned on in the evening/night of Saturday, and shut off Sunday evening.

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Still a day and a half to vote, but the "Yes" option has a huge lead. Expect to have unlimited caption changes for roughly 24 hours starting sometime Saturday evening (probably between 7pm-9pm Central).

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We have a friend's BBQ to attend tonight, so the unlimited caption changes will not be activated until between 9-11pm Central tonight.

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Thank you for the new rule enforcement, I was honestly just curious if it was still in effect but I feel like this will be a great change to the game!!

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It's actually an old rule, I think it just dropped off the radar the past couple of seasons. The membership seems very much in favor of it, though, so I'll make a note to include it going forward.

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