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History of Percussion Caption Heads: Part 2

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Hello! Over the past half year I have been trying to compile a list of all the percussion caption heads throughout DCI, for what years they taught, and their corps they were with. Corps write "caption head" titles in different ways and these titles have meant different things throughout DCI history. For the purposes of this project, by percussion "caption head" I mean the head of the percussion section (think top honcho). EX. Colin McNutt: Boston Crusaders: 2017 - 2020


I've posted multiple forums like these over the internet, one here, and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project. A special thanks to corps who have responded to my email requests and took the time to ensure that the information that I have is correct. The previous forum can be found here.


Saying that, I have made a more organized google sheets file that is easier to use.

Click this link to be taken to the google sheets file.


If you want to contribute : Please leave a comment with the relevant info and a source if you can find one (not necessary).


Here is the same post in "Historical Junior Corps Discussions."

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1999 Crossmen, Thom Hannum is listed as caption head, but he really just wrote the book (I do not know if he was part of camps as I joined the corps during spring training) Colin McNutt ran the day to day on tour and he also ran the majority of ensemble rehearsals. 


If you want to add Magic of Orlando, I know John Campese was there at least 92-95 and quite possibly more (He might have been there for their whole first run from 90-99). He was also Caption Head in 2002. Colin McNutt was Caption Head in 2003

I wonder if there is a similar project for Brass Caption Heads. 

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I think we need to add a column for percussion arranger. Case in point, Dave Glyde writes the book and ScoJo is the Perc Cap Head for BD. Tom Rarick is the Perc arranger and Roger Carter is the Cap Head. Same for Brett Kuhn and Mike McIntosh for the Cavies in the early 2000's

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