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  1. Crown won Div II in their 4th season and made top 12, 2 years later only missing finals once since. You are comparing apples to oranges.
  2. Top 6 (in no particular order. I think any one of these corps can win) 1. Bluecoats - Should have won last year. Could be another good show then a push to win in 2021 if we are following the Tilt, Kinetic Noise, Downside Up pattern. They will most likely be top GE and top 3 Brass. If they can up their percussion and guard game, then they have a chance. 2. Blue Devils - Will be strong across the board. Believe it or not even though I thought Coats should have won, I liked BDs show (one of only 2 I genuinely liked since 2008). 3. SCV - Will fight it out with BD out west. They wi
  3. I am late to this conversation, but besides Yamaha and maybe Jupiter, what other manufacturers make a full line of woodwind instruments? Would this make Conn-Selmer a player? Or would you have to have separate contracts with Pearl and Buffet?
  4. so I will rephrase F*** NO lol. They already solved the safety problem by restricting field judges to the sideline, but reducing the number of judges, there is a danger that those judges that have a perception of bias will have more control over the outcome.
  5. Ok I understand now. 6 judges all from the booth.......I am going to pass on that.
  6. wait, the scoring overhaul reduces everything to a 6 judge panel?
  7. 1999 Crossmen, Thom Hannum is listed as caption head, but he really just wrote the book (I do not know if he was part of camps as I joined the corps during spring training) Colin McNutt ran the day to day on tour and he also ran the majority of ensemble rehearsals. If you want to add Magic of Orlando, I know John Campese was there at least 92-95 and quite possibly more (He might have been there for their whole first run from 90-99). He was also Caption Head in 2002. Colin McNutt was Caption Head in 2003 I wonder if there is a similar project for Brass Caption Heads.
  8. I should run for congress on a platform of fixing these #### copyright issues.
  9. How does the content score change from night to night when the book doesn't change?
  10. Are the male guard members marching with a horn in the first half of the opener?