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  1. It seems to be you will live to a ripe old age and never be right about that. I have resigned myself to the fact that Drum Corps will die before BD loses again.
  2. I have already resigned myself to the fact that BD is never going to lose again and if DCI and the other member corps dont care about the perceived bias of one corps winning 10 out of 15 seasons even though the top 4 or 5 are relatively equal in talent and performance level, why should I? I promise you will hear less BD hate from me this year, other than an a quip about yet another season being over after Broken Arrow. However I do not believe I am saying the same things and my position has evolved. @saxfreq1128 has moved me on a couple of points such as I no longer find their subject matter to be obtuse, but rather educational. I am actually going to like the themes of this years show more than most as well because I think we in an era of post modern transcendentalism and the idea of "The Romantics" might reflect that in some way. I also think that the current discussions have been respectful in both directions. I think a growing number of BD homers are starting to see why a perceived bias can be a problem and can empathize with those of us experiencing BD fatigue. Like it or not, if BD keeps winning, people are not going to be happy and a stronger and stronger anti-fandom will emerge. I believe most people understand my position and can acknowledge it in good faith even if they do not agree with it, and those who reject my position out of hand are not worth the energy to argue with. With that I bow to my new overlords.
  3. While I appreciate your perspective, I believe there is a lot of copium going on here. You are simultaneously redefining what is perceived as difficult and ignoring the fact that the other top tier corps are integrating the same type of body integration and HIIT into their shows. My overarching point is not to isolate BD and analyze what is perceived as difficult, but rather to compare them to corps in their competitive tier and try to get some sort of objective analysis on why they dominate the visual caption. I simply do not see why. As to your point on why what BD does is difficult, the best analogy I can use is doing a 30 second long tone. Any brass player will tell you that there is physical demand that is not easily seen and mental demand to keep the tone consistency intonation. However, compare that to triple tounging in the upper register. We all know that is difficult as well, but which one is more virtuosic? Which one is an audience going to notice more? I understand your point that people should recognize the subtitle difficulty of BD and respect the long tone, but my point is that other corps provide that same subtitle difficulty on top the virtuosity of the connected 200 page drill book. PS the hornline in 2009 BD simultaneously marches and plays for around 2 minutes the entire show.
  4. It is not saying the same thing at all. The rebuttal of the line "BDs drill and visual program is too easy" is always rebutted with, "well they are so good, they make the hard stuff look easy", and I just do not accept that premise and I personally hate that line of reasoning. The difference is knowing what makes things hard. I can watch Scott Leger on Instagram scream high Fs on French Horn without breaking a sweat, but being a horn player, I know how difficult it is to achieve playing that note with quality and clarity. This is why I believe that Scott is on another level when playing the horn. The people who are saying BDs programs are easier are usually those who marched before and can tell the difference between something like Crown 2012 (the hardest drill IMO ever written) and BD 2009 (which is one of the shows that caused the park and bark criticism). BD may be clean, but there is no awe in seeing what they achieved compared to the other top tier corps. I am not going to say there are not moments, (i.e. the super pinwheel from 2022) but when I compare them as a whole to a Jeff Sacktig or Leon May drill book, IMO there is no comparison in the level of difficulty. My goal is not to dissuade you from loving BDs style. If their visual style is what made you fall in love with them, then I am happy for that. My entire premise is that BD is relatively equal to the other top 4 or 5 corps, so I am skeptical of the domination in that caption and their domination overall.
  5. I disagree 1000%. I dont believe you can make something hard appear easy. You can make something hard look flawless, but you are aware of what it took to achieve that. Ease is not an illusion. Easy is easy, Hard is hard. I wouldnt call what BD does easier per se, but I would call it less athletic and easier to clean compared to other corps of their caliber. But we are talking in matters of inches, not miles comparatively. I still stand strongly behind the premise that the level of the top 4 or 5 corps is extremely close, which is why 10 wins in 15 seasons bothers me so much.
  6. Thats funny because the visual caption is where the largest subjective disagreements lay. Nobody on the BD fatigue side has a bad thing to say about their horn line and drum line, but the park and blow meme is not totally unfounded, especially from 2007-2017. And whether it is deserved or not, the prevailing meme is that BD shows are less athletic and easier visually than other top tier corps. But maybe you are right. BD has a completely different way of designing and teaching their visual program to the point they do not use drill charts and dot books and maybe that is to their advantage. Other corps have already moved towards breaking up the show into staging blocks without connected transitions. It may not be what I prefer, but it seems to be where the activity is heading.
  7. That brings up an interesting question. One of the biggest reasons for the Patriots dominance is they played in the weakest division in football during that era. This gave them a better chance at a first round bye and guaranteed them at least one home playoff game. They had no control over that advantage, but it was there, and I think outcomes would have been different if they played in the AFC north and had to face Baltimore and Pittsburg 2 times a year. Applying this to BD, what natural advantages do they have? Being out west may be one. Since 2008 the only time BD lost when no east coast corps traveled out west was 2018 when another west coast corps won. Could simply location be a natural advantage?
  8. I never said they never deserved to win. However I did list 4 shows from the past 10 wins that maybe could have gone another way. That is where the perception of bias comes from and that is why there is so much BD fatigue.
  9. And yet that is not objective either because I have not loved a single BD show since 2006. The problem is that in a subjective sport, there are no objective measurements since there are no required elements.
  10. I dont like using sports as an analogy, because at least the final score is an objective component, and DCI is judged subjectively. I would also point out that the NBA hardly grew at all in the 1960's when Boston won 10 years in a row. Playoff games were on tape delay into the 90s and it took a player, not a team to be the face of the league for it to become a major sport.
  11. The last thing I want to do this summer is complain about BD over and over again, so I will just get this out there and then shut up about BD. Lets zoom out a little. If you look at those who march today, the last time BD was lower than 2nd place, the age outs were in diapers. The have won 11 out of the past 20 competitive seasons and 10 out the past 15. Its been almost 20 years since they lost in consecutive seasons. The statement that BD always wins, is very much not overstated. The reason why I have BD fatigue is because I strongly believe the talent level and show difficulty of the top 4 or 5 corps is relatively equal, so when you win 75% of the time in a generation in a subjectively scored sport, the only explanation that makes sense to me is bias. There is no objective measurement that makes BD that much better than the rest of the top 4 or 5 corps. But as I said before, if DCI and the other member corps are okay with that, then I have to be as well and just accept the fact that 3 out of 4 times, BD will win and there is nothing that appears to make think that will change, regardless of the quality of the other corps. Because If you would have asked me in 2012, 2015, 2019 and 2022, I would have picked another corps to win, but they did not. So I accept BD as my overlord and lower my expectations so I will not be disappointed when the inevitable happens again.
  12. Why fight it? I’m just going to let what is going to happen, happen. If DCI and the other members corps don’t see a problem with 1 corps winning 80% of time in a subjectively judged sport then why should I?
  13. I would bet otherwise. If recent history is an example, BD will never lose again
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