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  1. How does the content score change from night to night when the book doesn't change?
  2. Are the male guard members marching with a horn in the first half of the opener?
  3. Am I the only one who is a ball of nerves watching this show? Somebody is going to trip.
  4. Why would anyone choose to play such god awful instruments?
  5. I love everything about that BD show except the sousaphone.
  6. That young lady and the soloist from Academy are my favorites this year
  7. Genesis is really impressing me. There are a bunch of little touches that are very smart and the multi level wall of sound in the ballad is really cool. If I were a younger person looking for a first corps, I would want to march there.
  8. I think they took a good idea in the wrong direction. They breadth of what they could done with sacred geometry is huge. I don't think they took advantage of the idea.
  9. It really isn't. I can see why you would say that, but they have gone away from many of those troupes. How can you not love their props, the ballad and the tap dancing section. I have been a BD hater, but this show has changed my least for this year